31KG TEABAG LAUNCHER | Centurion AVRE British Bias Confirmed (War Thunder Tanks)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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31KG TEABAG LAUNCHER | Centurion AVRE Bias Confirmed (War Thunder Tanks)


  1. Do a review on the mach 3 American premium tank. please

  2. TANKDAILY!!!!!!

  3. The chieftain mk10 and challenger are so lacking. Years of progress 🙁

  4. mr. plow thats my name, that name again is mr. plow.

  5. Still no match for Maus

  6. Since AVRE vehicles were assault tanks, I think the dozer would have been for breaking/building roadblocks and barriers

  7. Don’t ship out Phly, we want a TANKDAILY!

  8. Well since tanks are back why not try out the happiest depression free tank the mKPZ and get 5 kills

  9. Take out the bf-109z


    31 kg shell loaded with our most dangerous shell loaded with the earl grey tea,the Russians don’t stand a chance against our earl gray launcher!

    Great vid phly! Love your vids

  11. How about you can play tanks BUT you have to get in a plane atleast once (when you die) so you still remain fly daily

  12. No wastey time in test polydolly.

  13. That puma got nuked do the rbt 5 next that doest do enough damage to the brains of the enemy

  14. What happened to it sounding like a grenade launcher?

  15. Why you need artillery when you already artillery tank?

  16. Phly you should host a custom battle on a Friday stream of a Battle of the Derps since very country has one now. Americans: M4A3 or Sheridan (w/o atgms) Russia: KV-2 Germany: Sturmpanzer 2 Britian: FV4005 or Centurian AVRE and the French: Lorraine 40T thing.

  17. Uses the blood of your enemies to make tea….

  18. in world war 3 we have to use this tank

  19. Poor Puma hsa been obliterated

  20. You talk about the projectile not shrapneling enough but this is HESH, HESH is designed to break off big slabs of metal on the inside of the tank

  21. Is loving the unloved coming back? If so, can you play the PBJ please?


    Killed at least 3 of these AVRE’s with my Coelian since the last update.

  23. The gun on the AVRE was intended for destroying fortifications, so one would expect varying results against armour.

  24. I had just listened to “turkey in the straw” (google it for references) then heard the start of this video? 🙂

  25. That intro song is haunting me
    Because one of the youtube’s ads

  26. The queen is now happy.

  27. tanks are better than planes

  28. Wheres phly daily ): he never plays plenz anymoar

  29. Oi Phly, use that new Bf-110 G-2 with the 37mm cannon for some tank boops

  30. Of course we all are missing tank daily of course that kind of stuff and things like gameplay and all the jokes trolls cheeki breekie and the wrong ness with ur armour and penetrating capabilities

  31. What is the next Russian bias top heavy MBT I’m guessing not another t64 but maybe t72 or t80

  32. @Phlydaily I see you haven’t posted one video of the F4U-4 or the F4U-4B on the channel. Why is that?

  33. Highground sucker Neplex


  34. AVRE = Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers. In case you wanted to know. 😀

  35. get your tea first before watching

  36. We’re flying tanks today, don’t worry.

  37. ERA, Armor, 7.0, artillery, fast reload for that cal. , fighting king tigers (H) and (P) that struggle shooting through him because of ERA that denies WWII ammo… nice -_-

  38. Rambo_Lambo_Bear

    yeah but you didn’t even get shot once

  39. Please fly the S.O.8000 Narval attempt 5. Good video btw

  40. Not P2W at all.

  41. One more time, all of us can see, how weak is Panther II on battle rating 7.0. Big hull, bad armor, bad penetration. Feed for post-War tanks.

  42. Play the m47 buldog, you don’t play It since 2015! Attempt n.11

  43. How is this 7.0?

  44. Fv215b 183 : Is That My cousin over there

    Fv215b 183 : *Sees Centurion AVRE* Damn

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