32 POUNDER – Challenger Buffs!

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Source: Circonflexes

The test server to the challenger are pretty great! 😀
Upload your replays here: http://circon.wot-record.com/ !


  1. love the vids man keeping us entertained:)

  2. I’ve nearly got the challenger and I wasn’t looking forward to having a 17pdr as the top gun at tier 7!! But now it’s getting a 32pdr!?

  3. Its looking like a realy dope tank now. completely outclasses the t 25/2

  4. It is so incredibly good, fun and amazing with the 32 pdr…wg please don’t nerf it, tho i know you will…

  5. Is this the same gun that goes to the Caernarvon with 280 alpha?

  6. every time i see a video of circon he is always eating something

  7. I have already almost 2K DPG on my explosive Space Shuttle. What will happen if I will mount this bloody gun instead of the peashooter? 😉

  8. That shot on the move from the AMX…wtballs!?

  9. snowisthebestweather

    Figures, I just sold mine.

  10. 5:20 woah…..woah…. – 5:42 wat?

  11. Only took them 3-4 years to finally buff the British mediums and this damn tank

  12. I guess you could say a new challenger approaches….

  13. Because f*ck balance

  14. it’s the gun of the caernarvon i think

  15. what is new alpha and xenon challenger

  16. Three mark Churchill GC

  17. If the planned buffs for the British turreted TD line goes thru, it will be a very interesting line to play.
    Gun buffs, gun depression buffs, mobility buffs, nice.
    So…………….what a bout the other British TD line, the AT series?
    High time they get some tlc as well.

  18. I have not watched Circonflexes for very long, but does he never stop eating and drinking?

  19. The mini tog ??

  20. I average 2800 with this gun. This tank went from… Good only on paper to god-like

  21. Life has come full circle. Got a WOT ad before this video…

  22. I honestly liked the Challenger even with its current gun! It was a casual 3 mark during the grind 🙂

  23. That second shot on the 1390…lordy.

    Always wanted to go for this tank, but found it xp expensive compared to other tds in the tier. Guess I’ll have to grind it now.

  24. I’ve already got and kept the Charioteer while grinding Conway atm. Does the Challenger seem worth going back to?

  25. After six battles I sold it before the buff, now I might buy it back

  26. One does not simply get a tier 9 match on a test server

  27. i played this tank with pain finnaly got the tier 8 and 1 month later its getting a 32 pounder… fack you wargaming

  28. I wanted to play that british TD line anyway just for the charioteer.
    Looks like it’s going to be a blast now!

  29. Hmmm lets just add super to every buffed british tank on this patch

  30. looks like the hellcat before the nerf :3

  31. Dirty kill stealing dutchman

  32. 3:50 *bell ringing* “Tea time, gentlemen!”

  33. This line is really dope now.. finally since I’ve played it through they buff it to oblivion

  34. Very nicely played sir, and yes!, that 1390 shot on the move was, well remarkable lucky on his part!

  35. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    Challenger has already been a great tank. Tanks tho.

  36. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    The British become more desirable than ever.

  37. I’m glad I’m being the play-tester for all these tanks that suck so that when I’m done grinding them they get better.
    Thanks WG for being so attentive…

  38. I 3 marked it with almost 2k average after 101 games as it was before, I don’t see why it was hated so much (I’m only 2,3k wn8 player) what was so awful about this tank before??

  39. The new gun looks amazing. I might buy this thing back to play around with it to see how it feels. Is it worth the loss of a full turret?

  40. Well, patch 9.20.1 has great timing as I just acquired this tank destroyer last week. I found the current top gun serviceable, but this gun will be a welcome upgrade!

  41. :43 What happens when you drink and drive! Historically the British derived this from an AA gun (just like the German 88mm) but dropped development after WW II.

  42. Wow surprise of the century the challenger is still shit and anyone who thinks otherwise is a cum sucking bitch (I’m referring to you Andy)

  43. Again.. Making one of the worse tanks in the game look good how DOES he do it folks??

  44. Why he has the default crew voices?

  45. the Tier 6 British TD the Churchill GC has pretty much the same gun, only it’s not a “mark II” variant. Challenger’s is better by a fair margin though.

  46. I loved this TD even with the pew pew gun.

  47. I recently had the “pleasure” to grind through the Challenger on the live server (Did a review, video on my channel) and while I did pretty good in it the main issues I had were the gun but moreover the camo. This TD has medium tank levels of camo on a TD, it’s retarded. You get spotted *everywhere* as soon as you fire regardless of the distance. It makes the thing completely not competitive and while I had a 60%+ wr on it playing solo, it’s just not a good TD and not a good medium.

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