380MM ROCKET | STURMTIGER Heavy Assault Tank (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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380MM ROCKET | Heavy Assault Tank ( Gameplay)


  1. *Happy New YEAR! I’m back and excited to be back, thanks for everything last year here’s to another year 🙂 Also 2017 Recap video will be out tomorrow!*

    • Actually, they’re not actually rockets. they’re converted 380mm depthcharges, dues to the weapom they wanted to use not being available. so yeah, rocket propelled depth charge launcher.

    • Fadhlih C. Widharto

      PhlyDaily i think the sturmtiger used in stationary position because no way reload that 380 mm rocket while moving

    • actualy entire top of the tank was taken of for loading ammo

    • can you play more navy field 2 please?

    • PhlyDaily only 18 sturmtiger where ever build and on the only reliably sourced I found it said that the sturmtiger knocked out 3 shermans and then, besides the luck the crew had that they actually hit near the shermans, had to reload about 5-7 minutes

  2. I believe the rocket was reloaded using a winch system. The average reload time was between 5-7 minutes. The maximum ammo capacity is 14 rounds. The rocket itself was either one stage or two stage, thus propelling itself. It fired HE or HEAT, the HEAT being able to penetrate 8 feet of concrete. One guy from the Bulge said he saw one of these destroy three M4 Shermans at once, so this gameplay you see here is completely true and realistic, just not the reload rate.

  3. Puppet B-17 master

    You vs P-1000?


  5. Fly the SBD dive bomber we the kv2

  6. They remove the roof and use the crane to reload it

  7. Imagine this getting ammo racked

  8. jose eduardo magadan

    Warhammer level of Standered tanks

  9. There is an amazing custom model of an xf5u available in the community creations. I would love to see you’re take on it. Flying flapjacks prevail!!!!!!

  10. When war thunder fan realizes the model is just modified WOT sturmtiger easteregg model…

  11. A good crew could reload a round each minute circa!

  12. T-64A mod 1971 and PO-2 comrade gang bang manurverability atleast one kill in PO-2

  13. That tank must be a premium. Trolly guns like the obj120 and brummbar.

  14. The crane on the top of the Sturmtiger was used to reload the rocket propelled rounds. The tank would come to a stop and all crew members would get out and assist in reloading the round, the crane would hoist the next piece of ammunition in through the hatch directly above the breech. The holes on the front of the cannon are for the exhaust gasses to escape. Reload of the shell depends on the skill of the crew and the physical abilities of them, but on average can take from 30-60 seconds, which is remarkably quick considering the shell ( there were a few different sorts) weighed in at 376 Kg. I hope this answered some of your questions, keep making quality videos.

  15. Its not a stormtiger its a stürmtiger but oh well ur not german and i suppose saying the english version aint so bad

  16. No more RUSIAN BIAS Again

  17. Yep they open the top of the tank to reload the gun.

  18. “I look like bunker” hahaha

  19. nazi bias………its perfect bias

  20. Actually, on some game like Company of Heroes 2, after you shoot that rocket, the crews MUST get out from tank to load the rocket again. That’s why, in that time SturmTiger is really vulnerable to any attack, even infantry. If you want, check some videos about SturmTiger on CoH 2 games. They really make the animation when they reload it….

  21. next patch confirmed : Karl Gerat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  22. Blackwood Security

    They should make artillery nation/map specific.
    I’d totally sacrifice accuracy and volley length/size to be able to call in a nebelwerfer strike, or a katyusha barrage.
    US should totally get 105mm spam.

  23. ok if they add sturmpanzer they must add 2B1 OKA

  24. Did it take u 5 days to do this if so Fuck u

  25. Ιωάννης Χρήστου

    Now someone has to model the Karl-Gerät. Damn that’s gonna be scary.

  26. you can actually fit in that gun

  27. This is a Sturmtiger

    It sturms tigers

  28. I hace a chalange 4 u grab a po 2 and is 6… God luck


  30. Kim jong whatever (nort korean leader) is gonna launch a nuke out that ting

  31. The explosion sound should be a bit more thunderous considering how large that rocket is :p

  32. here a wargaming video about the sturmtiger for the interested!https://youtu.be/1ZNZCTNGtlI

  33. Mary Babe Batulan

    they use a small crane inside the tank

  34. Should’ve demonstrated against the Deathstar.

  35. It was used to destroy bunkers and fortresses

  36. Thanks Phly for all your high quality and fun content!
    Im just back in from over a year not playing warthunder, i just stumbled over your videos, and right now im trying to watch all of them. 😉

  37. Even tho it got armor, you could still shoot the rocket in the barrel…

  38. reload was done from the outside about 30 min if trained well the one in the red army tank museum is pretty cool

  39. [Warsaw uprising abates]

  40. Christian Gunawan

    CoH2 has a good representation of how a Sturmtiger reloads.

  41. Mikhail Gorbachev

    Everyday it’s a-gettin’ closer
    Going faster than a roller coaster
    Surely, game, you’d gift me with this tank
    A-Hey A-Hey hey

  42. Can’t wait to hit an IS-2 UFP with these rounds and make the driver port turn orange

  43. *R E A L S H I T ?*

  44. thats no tank….

  45. You might want to take a look at this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZNZCTNGtlI

  46. sitting duck challenge: Take out the Hs 129B-3, land it on the battlefield and try to get at least 1 kill while on the ground!

  47. if you thing this shit is op
    wait until you see the Karl (600mm)

  48. Does anyone know how to purchase the strum tiger

  49. #v igru

  50. does anyone know how to puchase the strum tiger

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