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  1. Oh how I’ve missed the silly, but equally entertaining, Phly videos. Well done old boy!

  2. When phly does something that no player would do, we know hes back

  3. That gun is 26mm smaller than an IOWA CLASS BATTLESHIP AND IT CANT PEN AN MBT?!?! BULL

  4. So based entirely off the Bismarks 38cm shells that only had 69kg explosive filler(as opposed to 135kg). Lets take the hits on the hood for actual real world effect. The first detonating shell hit on the hood melted and deformed the turret armour and barbette armour of the primary armament. it made a near wave like shape leaving almost only structural steal and a thin layer of the actual plate. That was between 300 and 380 MM of armour deformed ALONG the plate by the explosion…. That cannon barrel would of been turned into molten slag and thrown across the battlefield like one of my GI joe toys when I was 12 and checking a tantrum. Thats best case scenario. In all likely “hood”, it would be broken down into such small pieces that they wouldnt even hold much thermal potentail and be turned into a wave of sharp shrapnel being sprayed everywhere. You wouldn’t of just killed an abrams gun but mostly likely yourself and all your brothers in arms in the near area.

    On a side note about old school super weapons: Large kinetic weapons weren’t discontinued because they didn’t have potential, they were shelved for many years(see the resurgence of 155mm) because they were expensive and a technical kill could be achieved with alot less by using clever modern design. The bismarks cannons and other 380/381mm cannonade would still be just as devestating today as they were back then. Not much aside from a lucky extremely fortified bunker would of been able to withstand even a single close hit from such a gun right up until maybe the 2015’s when the composite armour of tanks reached a theoretical absurd level of thermal resistance but this still hasn’t been tested in real world or well documented situations and is still very top secret.

  5. The madness never stops! BTW, after your well deserved leave of absence, you have to get the band back together, and take the Sturm Tiger out with Odd, Benny and Jean. After all, if one Sturm Tiger can’t do the job..bring more.

  6. I was waiting for this to happen…

  7. catfish of the seven styles of beating your ass

    day one of asking phly for an ai gunner only video

  8. Yeah how dare them do this thing an unservice.

  9. come on, it doesnt matter where you get hit with 130kgs of tnt is kaboom every single time…

  10. i ate a challenger 2F shot with the sturmtiger somehow

  11. @6:10. is phly cursed in this map? phly took out an IS 3 in this map and Ostwind killed him in pretty much the same way that 2S6 killed his leopard. The round bounced off the turret and into the hull.

  12. the rocket is almost a 250kg bomb even bigger by a little bit so realistically nothing can survive a direct hit by that rocket anywhere

  13. The Scotish Clone Trooper Echoe-22-537

    Gajin give it HEAT

  14. some one you might knew

    0:34 that sound gives me goosebumps

  15. “He definitely, maybe not, knows we’re coming”

  16. Such a goofy ahh video

  17. We need Phace cams on the bounces

  18. so glad ole Phly is back

  19. Intro music is Particle House MAI TAI Instrumental

  20. They removed the white rock fortress map 🙁

  21. Top tier looks so boring and miserable

  22. Did they fix the issue where the shell can be blown up even if it’s not reloaded yet?

  23. That intro, bro. I almost fell out of my chair screaming CLOAKER!!!

  24. Александр Тарасов

    Use the platoon mark, it only aims at a point on the ground. Set the range and poke in the direction of the target looking at the minimap. So you can hit a lone tank with one hit.

  25. Day 3 asking for the Buccaneer S.1

  26. 15:33 hahahaha phly in the chat

  27. Yeah that’s bs

  28. The weird thing is your basically shooting a 250kg bomb but it just doesnt have the same splash damage

  29. i wonder if content creator bias is a thing. once u on the gaijin special list u get extra armor and dumber enemies! xD

  30. Man I missed the enjoyment of your videos. Glad to see ya back bud!

  31. Surely the shockwave of 135kg of TNT landing even vaguely near a tank would just turn the crew into jam right?

  32. みんなが愛に包まれますように

    If you use the Protection analysis on the poor Type 93, against the Sturmtiger it looks funny and disturbing 🙂

  33. 15:30 look at the chat

  34. oh yes another strumtiger video give more pls

  35. 15:53 I see that chat!

  36. Day 204: Phly, you should play the Hampden TB Mk I. High-yield low-tier bomber goodness

  37. Day 6 or asking can you play the M1A2 sep because it just came into the game

  38. The Chad pictures in the corner were absolutely my favorite part of this video. Beautiful. 15:40

  39. Boooooom, ha ha ha ha… you’re dead!

  40. Did nobody see chat at 15:30

  41. Artillery like that would be so amazing in War Thunder. Well, as long as they would actually give us more options to acquire targets, lol.

  42. Why_Did_I_Make_This Chanel

    This is 11.0 Tank-Light Tank for 11.0, and it has the best no armor 11.0 armor.

  43. the 380mm is my new favorite tank its kinda op and useless at the same time. ppl can ammo rack you buy shooting down your barrel even while you are reloading

  44. nice mexico filter

  45. Plz try the SU-122p

  46. The damage you see in the thing at 2:31 should be shown when hitting a tank instead of a default death like it does right now

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