380mm STURMTIGER is Coming, Cheaters Going and 1.9.1 | World of Tanks Update 1.9.1 Review

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Source: DezGamez

The Sturmtiger Special Tank in World of Tanks. World of Tanks Cheaters, Hacks, Mods and Bans. 1.9.1 Patch Review. World of Tanks TVP T50/ Gameplay.

It is Friday and this weekend comes to you with couple very hot topics and juicy news pieces. First of all let's talk about Sturmtiger which found its way to World of Tanks, then let's see which server has the most cheaters and illegal mods users + 1.9.1 is finally released!

Enjoy the show!


  1. asia have around 14-18k online at night
    in weekend it could reach 17-21k
    2.5% ish cheater
    i dont think its that small…. wg might not detect some mods yet 🙁

  2. @ALIAS 5833 sry we cant understand shit
    pls fix ur english first lol

  3. Yessss, another Karl event. They can’t fool us.

  4. I hope they ban people using insta-repairs… it is like you do not even detract them.

  5. Gutted: thought we were getting sturmtiger in game.

  6. I think 7 days ban would be ok if it would be quicker. I mean today you are using cheats tommorow you have one week ban. It would be ok, because it would ruin your progress in marathon or other event. Also you would know that it is monitored, and hopefully don’t do it again. Penalty that is somewhere in the far future is not so scarry as penalty just behind your back.

  7. What is thing about the special battle pass commanders?

  8. There is a BIG problem in this anticheat, it ignores paying players. My friend who bought some golds and t8 premiums downloaded some (aimbot, penetration models, redball, lasers, falling mod and some more) he told my another friend and me to download it. I refused, my friend didn’t. He downloaded the same mods from same sites and didn’t even download all of them. He got banned after 1 day. The other one who paid to wg is playing with it 2 months by now and still no ban or warning

    • De prin trafic adunate

      It is just what I was saying a little bit above. WG loves bots (he has a lot of them) and cheaters but not all, but only paying cheaters. If you pay some good money, you are alowed to do everything you want to in this game. Even to spit the others who are telling you you are cheating and reported you for that. A good paying cheater knows WG does not give a damn about reports as long you are paying good money.

  9. @earl collins yep, 3d styles mods are not prohibited but they cannot show you armor, weakspots, modules and other things

  10. more gold tanks ? when it will become a full pay to play

  11. 50% of active players using illegal modz … crazzy

  12. 9:00 instead of making skin mod packs seperate to the game wargaming just add it to ingame store which can be bought with real money or by means of gold credits..and also total removing of mod packs which hiding some cheats..like laser pointer and auto aim..because i saw on some videos here in youtube about cheating in the game..

  13. like on other game with anti-cheat system or game guards with game masters also are still infested with hackers or cheaters because they are really challenge for them to infiltrate the security of the game..that’s why thet keep making cheats until the game and server will closed..

  14. Sturmi for event? Event only? I’m highly disappointed. Again…

  15. Angela “Angel” Venus de Milo-tova and Damon “Demon” Kill more

  16. Nothing on Concept 1b, that is in the game already? 😀

  17. why aren’t those mods in the game ??

  18. on berlin map im hiding on that triangle bushes on the right part near the pillbox on the center..you cannot easily detected even you’re using Skorpion G much better on TD or LT with high concealment..

  19. I shame me for the EU Server guys…

  20. New fair play rules? What a joke. Tell that to all the autoaiming retards out there ruining the game

  21. Download mods from their website, you will get banned anyway, because modpack has also illegal mods. They are just clowns, like 200 cheaters is worse than full server of clickers that ruin game every day

  22. Xvm is legit right?

  23. Bf5 flashbacks

  24. The Sturmtiger event sure does look interesting and as for the Fair Play business, i don’t ever see that being true until XVM where stats are shown in Battle are removed because that too should be considered as a cheat, it’s something that does not have a place in the game and just promotes so much negativity and toxicity.

  25. I have a place for Angela Milotova and it ain’t no tank.

  26. Garrulous Skeptic

    on the topic of cheating – WG are far from transparent, the articles say effectively nothing – only that banwaves are occurring. What I want to know is what cheats are being employed – regularly I face players who insta engine fire snap shot me, or some highly suspicious ‘blind shots’. I usually call out so my team is aware of the possibility, but always feel like Im donning the tinfoil skullcap. As a player with over 30 premium vehicles and over 100 tech tree vehicles – it still baffles me that there are unimplemented garage mods that take this into consideration. Of course WG’s rolling micropatch strategy makes problems for cheaters, it also impacts people who have financed the game since its inception. Great content as usual D-man thanks again.

  27. not gonna lie, I’d be fine with a Sturmtiger as a tier X.

  28. Why WG doesn’t ban every 46% WR thing? Shooting once every 3 battles is not fair play, it’s not playing at all. The game is still full of idiots with 500 WN8 after trying to left click for 20 000 times but failing. If WG really cared about the game, they’d start banning these non-players. Anyone too stupid to learn to left click to shoot should not be allowed to join a game where the goal is to left click to shoot.

  29. 1 shot 2 kill or more…

  30. Dez, if You hear about Trade-In when will be in the EU server?

  31. scrue the JE100, I want this STURMTIGER to be t10 german TD!

  32. Anyone caught cheating should be banned for 7 days and have penalties added to their accounts in future. Their crew can only reach 50% skill all tanks stats are reduced this is the main reason they cheat to be unicorns etc also highlight their tanks so we can see them in game or better still only let cheaters play with other cheaters. It might also be helpful to have an in game report button which states cheater as its very obvious who is

  33. At least i respect their job when banning cheater from this game, in LoL you could get banned just from cursing your teammate and the opponent. I am the victim of that and of course, i will never get back to play this game anymore. And the reason why i have to swear at my team and my opponent while playing, it’s because of the existence of this ban system.

  34. From my info there are still between 10 to 12 k prohibited mods users on the eu still unbanned, becouse the mods that they use, and have paid for, are really good.
    I still do not know the reason tho.

  35. Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki

    ah ok they are coming in a special mode and not in the normal battles……too bad

  36. dinosaurs: Oh shit! Runnn…!!

  37. Let me guess. Premium ?

  38. If all the mofd from wgmods are legal, I’m fine

  39. thank you for another fine show, i would pay real money to play this game without cheater’s in it. Baron AutoMatic…i use aslains.

  40. Great update Dezgamez and your stance on cheating is spot on but why have mods at all ? There’s almost an encouragement to use them when they are ‘approved’ and a very fine line before they are classed as ‘cheating.

  41. Dez must have been under a rock… Russia cheating??? No way they just happened to be banned from Olympic games like last few years for using PED… So consider aimbot as performance enhancing drug…

  42. I would like that WG would stop beating around the bush and stopping this clown fiesta adding things to take the attention of glaring flaws in game balance.

  43. want that TVP but I KNOW it will be behind some super grindey play wall.


  45. I’m not able to download the new update. Anyone else have same problem? I have no clue why it’s not working.

  46. I could swear that at the beginning of the Sturmtiger clip that sounds just like my voice. XD

  47. What a bunch of crap Dez. You know they did not ‘ban’ that many on any of the servers as they are the ones that spend the money on this game. Just look at the mod, ‘Warpack”. It is a creation from Wargaming programmers and ignored by wargaming for a portion of Warpacks so much per month membership fee, so, if you pay you can cheat and play and to hell with the rest of the players that are trying to do it the honest and honorable way. IF Wargaming opens their mouth they are lying!!!

  48. Wicked Productions

    if this is a game mode WG messed up… also… when the map popped up I was really exited thinking they were gonna add the map as well, but WG doesnt listen to their audience I forgot :p

  49. i’ve been watching your channel for 6 months now and noticed I wasn’t even subscribed xD

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