4 Second Easy Bake Oven | Lorraine 40t Drum Auto-loader (War Thunder)

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4 Second Easy Bake Oven | Lorraine 40t Drum Auto-loader (War Thunder)


  1. i bet you to recreate the longest tank 2 tank kill ever

  2. Great Vid Phly!

  3. I like waht i see

    Just wonder how many times the Trump guy got spotted due to his giant american flag


  5. Phly.. when you repair on your capped point the repair is decreased to a half

  6. Oh~~~~thank u ~~~~for taking the cartridge for me !

  7. Anybody else notice that he’s using a different account?

  8. Now can you reload the drum before firing all the rounds down range at targets? Like with the M1 Garand, knowing you have 2 rounds left and before pushing ahead forward, you pop your En bloc and drop a full fresh one in (in case you find yourself with 3+ targets with only 2 rounds in the rifle)..

  9. .Phly.phly Add Automatic YouTube Translation For All Upcoming videos

  10. Please play girl under panzer really good game

  11. Perfect tank for fast *retreat* tactic

  12. Fv4005 in 9.0?

  13. He got trump on there by covering most of the German pick ist trumpf decal

  14. Phly panzer 8 muas vs M1 Abrams

  15. Hey just wondering if you have checked out crossout recently some new content. Would love to see another video or two on it.

  16. *Cue French Cafe music

  17. Sick gameplay Phil always has the skillz but, this tank blows in arcade and arcade assault

  18. Hey Phly, after the big patch I noticed a lot less damage from my French tanks. I got very few one shot kills and actually noticed lots of zero damage pen shots. Am I missing something or did the patch have a change to the AP rounds that the French use?

  19. CoolCat474 Gaming

    It’s more of a fighting vehicle with a good gun

  20. CoolCat474 Gaming

    France should always be on the Americans side considering a large portion of their air and ground units are American

  21. i really get the feeling everyone forgot about the Chi-Ri ii…has 3.3 but ok XD guess 4.0 is faster lol

  22. stupid question.. how do you do that ‘xray’ vision?

  23. attempt #8 please play the Typhoon MkIa for Tea bias


  25. M8 Scott reload is less than 4 seconds

  26. i stop play WOT because this tanks and now i need to stop WT come on how this tank is same BR like King Tiger…. tank from ww2

  27. Speaking of Z Maus………..phly

    I need a good laugh

  28. Wtf why didn’t you show the Maus match???

  29. Imo they should implement overheating system for autoloaders. For BALANCE!!

  30. I’m pretty sure it reloads after a shot if you don’t shoot another round for a few seconds. This tank is my favorite right now

  31. Ths think is a bad asshole tank. it survived a 10,5 Tiger shell direkt hit into his turret and killed me with a one shot. it is one of the best tanks at the moment. i think.

  32. RETREAT!!!!!


  34. [Insert Name Here]

    Bullshit french tank at 6.7

  35. MN Gaming & Tutorials

    That momment when yoy see maus MAUUSS RUN

  36. Yeah, the Lorraine 40t is op af…. and it’s just not fun to play against, especially if you’re playing Panther/King Tiger Germany vs Allies and those things.
    I think it’s time that War Thunder applies a “after WW2” matchmaking and kinda it’s own gamemode, so that WW2 tanks fight against each other and post war tanks against each other, otherwise it’s just roflstomping and not fun for those that are stuck “in between”.

  37. The “grab em’ by the pussy” was hilarious.

  38. When playing the french tanks
    We recomended you to use white camo

  39. The Chi-Ri 2 now has a set reload of 4.29 (top 3.3) seconds. Please check it out now it is actually a good tank now thanks to this

  40. He got “Trump” there by covering up the other part that is a decal for Luftwaffe.

  41. this at 6.7 panther 2 at 7.0 mannn those Devs are genius

  42. When you empty that drum , it reloads faster then my t-44-100 …

  43. Hey, Phly, just letting you know that the newest season of panzer and girls has came out, the first round was against the B.C freedom high school, you should go check it out!

  44. BAUS!!! MAUS!!! xD

  45. Oh good… Now french tanks will be nerfed… Thanks for that…

  46. LoL irl lorraine’s auto loader broke after firing first clip and sometimes jammed in first shot

  47. i love the sound of this 100mm

  48. Play the jpz 4 5 please!Bring the german TD back!!

  49. The french actually switched sides when French is dominated

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