4 SECOND LEOPARD | FASTEST Leopard Yet (PT-16/T14 mod.)

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4 SECOND LEOPARD | FASTEST Leopard Yet (PT-16/T14 mod.)
– ES_Possible Outcome – Experia
– ES_Saving Grace – Experia


  1. Abrams video please

  2. the enternal-void 15

    Day 2 of asking phly to please play the german Horton again

  3. FFS Gaijin, stop turning into Wargaming with their pay-2-win meta tanks!!!

  4. The Sea Meteor Wants To Know Your Location

    After the Leos… I want all the sherman variants

  5. I see what gaijin does ….. They add new tanks, under BR them to keep us interested then up BR it to where it should be later on.

  6. You are really player ubshown hidden gems and yay pitch up down all say gd good new on the baby hopeu hand your fiance or in realistic ground RB how u doo the I see ubsit choose to monitor

  7. And then German players complain about 1 more abrams

  8. Yet another proof of german bias

  9. Phly you should play the FlaRakRad the german SPAA with a long name, been having fun with it “kinda”

  10. B-but Germany suffers!

  11. Long time lurker first time posting you should try to skip the bombs on the water from a plane and try and sink a ship

  12. “Mf speaking enchantment tables” – The in-game Chat

  13. Phly: “you just run around with your head cut off, and then the game is over”
    The mere mortal player: ” wow this new game War Thunder looks really fun I think I’ll spawn in this Zo…..aaaaand Im dead”

  14. Try use the sea hurricane its damn good cas for its br

  15. What is everyone’s favourite rank

  16. day 1 of telling phly to use the kabb

  17. Softwash North Queensland

    another power creep to make everything else redundant

  18. Attempt #5
    Phly i have a challenge for you…
    Invert you mouse and keyboard controls and mirror your monitor
    The challenge is getting atleast 7 kills, gound rb.
    Good luck .

  19. This Prototype was build to test the pro’s and con’s of auto loaders. The french were using it on the Leclerc but the brits not on the Challenger MK2. And the Leopard 2 was a co-project with the americans called something like “future tank project” where they came off with the Leopard 2 and the M1 Abrams. That’s why they both share so much similarities. Like the same Cannon in the Leo2 A4 and M1A1, or same components in their highly effective composite armor.
    In the end they tested out that a well trained loader will reload faster and more flexible than an autoloader, in the cruicial first moments of a fire fight. They didn’t expected any hour long fire exchanges in massive tank battles anymore, so they let the autoloader drop and get the price of the Leo2 more reasonable.

  20. I just got recommended your 7 year old shaving video BRING BACK MUTTONCHOPSDAILY

  21. Phly do a G91 formation vid

  22. this game and it’s terrible events such p2w

  23. Fun fact : The PT-16 is a Polish tank, based on components of the PT-91 (local T-72) and the Leopard 2 tanks. I do hope that the M-84 and M-84AS2 also become a part of the USSR tech tree, due to the M-84 being based off of the T-72 while the M-84AS2 is a vastly modernized and upgraded version of it.

    Also 4 second reload go *brrrrrrrrt*

  24. Phly: “i hope there’s no anti air”. Anti air: “Think Phly, Think!”

  25. I swear, as soon as I get this fucking leopard I will stop playing war thunder for at least three months

  26. The enemy team is a bunch of mouth breathing toddlers, I would have been killed 50 different times with the exact position and skill.

  27. 14:50 Prooph that Stephen has no shame.

  28. As if germany wasnt op enough

  29. Soooo…. Yeah, I won’t be getting that.

  30. Again with the hand-holding E-Z mode for German/Russian tech trees.

  31. gaijin:Here grind your life away or open the wallet for this brand new undertiered leo2 with autoloader

    me: swedish tractor goes hurrrrrr

  32. Sprocket?

  33. Alleric 'Ulti' Enslin

    Counting isn’t Phly’s strong suit

  34. Aint gonna grind it gonna wait when event is over and price goes low in store

  35. Most biased Leopard yet and Gaijin is still not done yet with the German bias.

  36. Sir Illuminar The Valiant

    Phly single handedly raises german win rate

  37. 14.00 “MF speaking enchantment table” lol

  38. 4 sek 120mm this is going to be ridiculous. Type90/90B are we a joke to you?

  39. “Huge Pawn protection on this map”
    Well noone even checks map so, no difference.

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