4 Sherman Tanks Playing In The Snow (Hell Let Loose Tank Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

Boys and I lock down the map in this Convoy

Phellas In the tank crew-

4 Sherman Tanks Playing In The Snow (Hell Let Loose )


  1. Do more of this

  2. Bring back Beethoven’s 3rd softly playing in the background

  3. Band of brothers theme made the intro even better

  4. くら ゆめあさ

    that band of brothers intro.. it so good~

  5. and WT still with their ulq

  6. This was epic. Period. MORE PLZ

  7. Loving the unloved Play the fv402 attempt #1

  8. Getting kind of tired of these WW2 games all depicting the conflict on the Western Front. There has not been a single game released to western audiences that covers the conflict in Asia, despite China seeing some of the fiercest fighting of the war. As a Korean, I feel the extent to which Japan ravaged Asia has been overlooked and forgotten by too many.

  9. Great video phly. Wish I had a PC to play games like this.

  10. OH that intro. now i need to go watch the series again

  11. Why don’t yo do anymore Post Scriptum stuff? They’ve had a bunch of updates and new maps in the past few months… With a New theater coming after the Engine update/upgrade. So why no more Post Scriptum Videos?

  12. Phlydaily is Kdjdhdii ek

  13. 13:00 – ZOMG – dat guy…

  14. William Harper III

    More please

  15. Mate that was intense! Enjoyed that alot

    You can pick any tank you want, BUT you can carry only 1 shell at a time!
    AND – get at least 6 kills ??
    That means – you start with one shell of your choice, but when you use it, you have to reload that on a base.

    Attempt #6

  17. Bro I was in this game! I was amazed seeing the enemy tanks working so well together.

  18. I can only imagine how nuts this would be if Phly was on a centurion AVRE and thought the forest looked like it had some infantary.

  19. That MG is so goddamn loud. Its hard to hear people when its firing

  20. Nice play but boy is it confusing as it is in reality…Gave me chills!!!!..Well played…..

  21. Tbh, this kind of game is only fun for the player. It’s horrifyingly boring for the audience.

  22. Phly ive something for you.

    Use the ki 44 otsu to destroy the ships with its 2 derp 40mm cannons DO ITTTT

  23. We need more of this! This is awesome!

  24. Alexandre Soares


  25. This game looks solid, despite being a work in progress… EA, Bethesda, pay attention! :DDD

  26. If you watch this on ur phone it looks real

  27. Attempt 59
    Challenge play either an armored car or a mbt of your choice using your thrustmaster setup

  28. Kommander Phly, pls play the VFW into 10.0.
    (Side skirts down, get 5 kills and no APCR)
    Attempt No 24.

  29. almost like fury but it’s in snow

  30. Got 32 kill streak in a Sherman yesterday. HLL is gr8

  31. Play the H.39 cambronne with 40 mm of phront armour at 1.0. Nothing can penetrate it.

  32. Me and the boys playing as shermans in hell let loose

  33. Phly please play the iar 81 c the only true Romanian vehicle in warthunder

  34. What a game is it?

  35. Brady Witherspoon

    can you make a new video on the xp 55 in war thunder please

  36. Domonkos Kováts

    Last time I saw thoose hay bales was in Call of Duty: United Offensive

  37. 4:00 the comment on the top left corner lol

  38. Play war thunder sea hawk mk100

  39. Play the unloved M10

  40. That was awesome! That’s good content 😀

  41. Fury joined the chat

  42. The Germans didn’t know they were dealing with the saltiest of war thunder comrades

  43. Radio guy/Commander would be cool 🙂

  44. i cant wait to see more of this

  45. Phly trying to shoot infantry with AP shells… GG

  46. DA_KING-_-COBRA _

    Attempt #78
    Phly the p38 g/e

  47. Okay I’m new to this game if this is a game mode what Is it??? Someone let me know!

  48. You know this is a good video when he plays the band of Brothers song at the beginning

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