400 Alpha 122 TM for Free? | Lunar Challenge 2021 | World of Tanks 122 TM Marathon 2021

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World of Tanks 122 TM, New Premium Medium Tank. World of Tanks 122 TM Lunar Marathon for a Free Tier 8 Premium Tank. World of Tanks Marathon 2021.

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– https://.eu/en/news/general-news/lunar-challenge/

Time to take out our grinding pants and into action, because yet another marathon is here! This time we are fighting for quite a juicy 400 alpha damage premium medium tank from China, The 122 TM.

What do you think?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :


  1. So, where are you aiming at with this marathon?
    Experience wise, seems to be kinda in the middle of all of them.

    • Play what I can and if I reach 60-70%, then I’ll most likely buy it.

    • @shuen dude this HE are to broken, over 1700 damage with one shot or 800 damage if you angle it on a super heavy tank, finally they decided to nerf HE shells and arties

    • @Marco Bugai I think HE shouldn’t be nerfed. Imagine beeing f2p and meeting chief of 279 r. you can’t pen them at all by any means so you aim at lower spots at turret with HE and you have a chance to hurt it. while it is reworked there is no way to do so. OFC they should rework it, but I would not do fixed dmg but area dmg (you hit 50cm squared – you do 50 times the area dmg – but reduced with armor and distance) I know it would be able to do some really sadistic dmg to certain tanks, but still I think it would be better

    • @Karel Pompi i know but tanks like fv 4005, fv 215b 183, t 49, sheridan, kv 2 O-I with HE shells are to broken, i think arties shouldn’t exist in this game, they are more toxic than HE shells

    • Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

      Nowhere actually. I did not go for the CS-52 LIS either but got 80% which I did not use and will not buy this one either since I do neither play high tier polish medium tanks (stop at the BUGI and never go further) and have never played any chinese medium tank either and will never do.
      After having said that, there is no point in having either polish nor chinese tier 8 medium premium tanks for me.

  2. Why do i smell new giveaway now there is a 3D-Style you can buy for gold 😅

  3. the most ugly tank ever


  5. Mad_TOGII_Jax noob_tetris_player

    Adjust your sound, the creepy quiet and dull sound lately!

  6. to get this tank i would have to play at 95% my best (950xp) for 35 games a day… assuming Im going for XP only and playing my best every game over the 10 days. or roughly 350 games in 10days

  7. what is BBQ tank ? 😯

  8. Pretty cool looking design. I think I still like the style of the wz-111 qilin on the console WoT more though. Something about black and gold that just looks so classy.

  9. I’d probably only do the missions for credits and boosters

  10. Does anyone now when will the black market happens?

  11. So, a marathon I dont wanna waste time on 😛
    That ridiculous reload though…

  12. i might try to get it, if i put a crew in that has a couple skills it could end up being decent with a gun rammer, coated optics and stuff

  13. ugly tank and too much exp to play….but wot need money again ..lol…. why don’t they sometimes make it less exp … and easier for the players

  14. Retropaintball clips

    3d styles just goes uglier and uglier!

  15. That 3d style reminds me of counter strike / CoD knockoff games that have crazy skins, that make the game look even more ridiculous xD

  16. Who the fuck makes these skins? Is it a contest to choose the ugliest skin possible? The thing looks ridiculous…

  17. I’m preparing myself mentally for this

  18. You can buy this tank for ingame gold right? or only the special Ox style?

  19. OMG this tank has worse dpm than the British lights.

  20. this video is so boring i could not stand to watch it what a waste of anyones time to play this rubbish

  21. That tank, besides of DPM, looks like a tier 9 lmao. really exited about that

  22. Weird things by WG, should raise the total XP needed by15-20% because of the quarantine status in EU 😛 😛 (just kidding….)

  23. Free tank if you want lose all sanity:):)1400 Base DPM:):)

  24. Hey dez in which country do you live?

  25. I realy ask myself wich idiot at WG makes these events, Sandbox is up and then they make this event… ofc no one will play Sandbox because most of ppl will grind this

  26. It’s starting to look like I’m the only one who likes that 3D style

  27. 1371 DPM? IN 2021? No Thanks!

  28. Illbegoodinthefuture

    This is hands down the ugliest 3d sytle in this game so far XD

  29. the dpm is killing this tank ,it’s gonna be frustrating when all your targets will find cover before you can reload no thx i’ll pass even for discounts

  30. Judging it on the other chinese tanks, it’s gun handling will be bad.

    The only thing this medium has is it’s armor. If WG were to buff it’s reload to 12-11 seconds then it’d be a lot better.

  31. Fuck WG. i dont spend any more money, or waste time for grinding tanks “for free”. Its not free. You pay with time, witch is more important to me than waste for another premium tank. I deleted the game 2 month ago. and will not come back any soon.

  32. When start the Event ?

  33. Hey Dez. Another fantastic video, thank you for that! One question: earlier you had a video extending the spotting time as much as you could. If i remember well you pushed it as far as 18 sec what is impressive. BUT with a spotter it is only a useful thing i think if your teammates can see the tank for that 18s as well. So my question is: when you have that 18s spotting time setup on your tank and you are spotting somebody, does your team can see the spotted tanks for 18s as well or only you, who sits in the spotter?
    Thanks your help in advance, have a great time, stay safe, stay sexy! 😉

    • Ummm if a tank is spotted than everyone can see him… only condition is that distance is within render range (you have to be within the biggest circle on minimap)

    • @Big Bad Wolf thanks for you comment. I would like to see somebody prove it because i think its worth to test it.

  34. You know it’s bad when a medium tank has worse dpm than the T34 lol.

    And apparently it has pretty bad gun handling soft stats, so yeah…

  35. Imagine getting baited into a discountathon in 2021…..

  36. Eh, I’ll pass.

  37. 1600 dpm is trash, the tank looks unique though cant deny that, the 3D skin can die in a hole its absolutely horrific.

  38. Looks better with out the extra details. The bull gun is just BS. Just like the one on the Lancen.

  39. Seems to be a hybrid medium heavy with that armour and low DPM

  40. i will sell my account 25 premiums, with 2 rares: T77, and Bourrasque, even90. 34,000,000 credits. 6310 gold

  41. How the F do you know every time that we are naked? 😉

    btw. most ugly 3d skin… but still better then the kranvagns style

  42. WG please take my money, btw I’m a T8 collector.

  43. Just going to try my best go with the flow i get good i dont oh well,, awards will do 😉

  44. these devs are disgusting, 16 and a half second reload for 400 dmg, when a tier TD can do 440 with less then 8 seconds, and like a lansen C can do 320 every 7 seconds i’m not even going to bother with this, i got burned on the 274a, and this is gonna be the same usless pile of shit like that one is, you wont be able to play it in battles, thats why no one plays the 274a anymore either. disgusting

  45. I would pay money to NOT SEE let alone EQUIP this ugly style.

  46. can i get that premium tank with my kv-2 ? if i get the xp

  47. That tank looks s**t

  48. With this skin it looks like Gypsy tech tree will be introduced next…

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