400 PREMIUM HOLIDAY OPS BOXES feat. Circon! | World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2021 Loot Boxes

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Holiday Ops Box Opening – 400 Premium Loot Boxes – Are Holiday Ops Boxes Worth it? World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2021 Loot Boxes Holiday Ops 2021. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2021 Loot Boxes Tanks – Bisonte C45, GSOR 1008, Bat.-Chatillon and ISU-152K in Loot Boxes. World of Tanks Update 1.11.

3 days ago I opened 135 boxes on Russian server which I bought for my own money. This time I am going to open 200 boxes together with Circon, so you see 400 boxes opening in one video… Seems like they really lowered the chances for tanks this year….

What do you think?


  1. love you long time Dezzie <3

  2. This is such bullshit. I opened 150 boxes and got 60k gold. You opened slightly more boxes but dicked over my gold so much … Wtf WG!!!

  3. Wow, apparently I was INSANELY lucky. Got myself 75 Boxes, got every Premium and every style and still 30k gold. Plus a few mil credits and some of those boosters.

  4. Thank you both for the vid . I will not be getting any boxes . I dont have that kind of money for the boxes .

  5. Johan Bonden Nysveen

    Man, I feel quite lucky. Bought 25 boxes just for fun and ended up getting ISU-152k after 13 boxes. In addition i got four of the lower tiered tankses

  6. This year boxes what a scam wtf. Got myself 2 tier 8’s out of 75 so im counting myself lucky i guesd, gsor and isu btw

  7. I had mixed results. First 25 boxes 2 T8 tanks (no Bisonte 🙁 ) and the M4A1 FL10 and 1 Skin. Next 25 boxes only 1 T-15 and low amount of days (like 10 days maybe) and minimal gold.

  8. Bought 75 for main and 6 for kids account. Got the Italian heavy and bourrasque, M4 FL10, 3-4 other premium tanks, 29k of gold, 59 days of prem and various low tier . Got the M4fl10, 7500 gold, 19 days prem for $12.00. Not bad IMHO. I also bought these in the early morning they went on sale.

  9. In order to let these gambleings be legal: the should post the exact formulas how different stuff gets randomized so one can see the exact chanses to get a certain thing.

  10. Blackhorse Engineer

    Two of the best CC’s having fun, good deal

  11. Well dez, my boxes were even worse than yours 🙁

  12. wwow truly shit boxes

  13. Dezzie

  14. I did one pack of 25 boxes and one of 11 boxes: GSOR, Bisonte, and the 2x SU-152k. And 180 days of premium.

  15. Man I just realized, wg are pretty insane, last year the 75 boxes bundle had a $66 price tag here in my country, this year, they made it $110, almost twice and prices even looked nerfed this year, I was thinking in buying some boxes but I’m definitely not buying any, fuck you wg

  16. i was looking forward for the gold but i really feel like this year Wargaming really drop the ball with the costumers. I get it, not everyone can get the tank, and if you buy the boxes does not guarantee a tank…but gold? this is the only reason why i like the holiday ops. I dont care about the Italian heavy tank……

  17. another giveyourallmoney to get a trrash styles and tanks :/

  18. Am I watching a gambling addiction? 😀

  19. The boxes do drop a lot of junk, but every bunch I have purchased has given me well above the cash value for the items I received.

  20. I got all the tier8s except the bosq which I already have, a ton of locust, matildaBPs and t5s, all the styles I think in 120 boxes.

  21. I wish you could sell off garages for credits. I have a million of them..was a time in this game I had to sell off tanks just to buy a new one because of not enough garage space.

  22. I bought 25 boxes and later bought 11. I got jack shit, no tier 8 tanks, only the Maus 3D style and the Matilda BP. Such bullshit.

  23. Dez still got better luck than I. I opened 75 boxes only got 1 Bisonte C45 and 0 3D styles. AND guess what, I bought boxes because I was attracted by the 3D styles.

  24. sry but the 3d styles aint worth a shit to me

  25. ok and the total of gold was…?

  26. Dud i have opend 11 boxes on eu server and got bisonte, gsor and borask. 3000gold and 1000000silver. Best invesment ever for 20 eur….Have a good day

  27. i bought 28, waiste of money not doing it next year…

  28. Ready?? Aaaaaaaand……. BOOM

  29. So dez, I take it you’re planning to review the pz t15 then since you have so many of them?

  30. I have bought 150 boxes and I mainly do it for the gold and premium time so honestly its good value for me. I only got the GSOR in those 150 boxes. So my advice only buy these if you are after the gold otherwise wait these T8’s will eventually be sold as a separate item.

  31. I opned 75 boxes and didnt get a single T8, don’t wase ur money if u do it just for the tansk :/

  32. Username: unuloctium
    Server: Eu
    Merry Xmas

  33. Cool. I’ve putted 1000 like )

  34. Username:miroslavkr
    Server: Eu
    pozdrav iz srbije

  35. Guys I play wot in many times, this only one favourite game ever since. If you have full of heart to donates for the Christmas on me thank you a lot because I can buy a large boxes I don’t have money to aford…. I am always to watch this video and I happy to see the gift a premium tanks… for me I thanks it’s for the play wot
    Wot name: NOOOBNOOOB_PRO21

  36. Last year i got 4-5 premium t8 tanks with 40 boxes. This year only1tier6 .

  37. 36 boxes and nothing except matilda and last year 22 boxes and 3 t8 and 2 t6

  38. to me looks the same as last year . The only diference is I got GSOR and I bought a lot less boxes(75 ,25). In those 75 boxes I didn’t get a single tier 8

  39. I got 75 boxes and box 50, 54, 62 and 71 where the new heavy

  40. Too bad we don’t hear the hello darknest I put

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