4,000 DAMAGE IN 60 SECONDS?!? QuickyBaby Best Moments #3

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks.



  1. Need more!!!

  2. Eduardo Rodriguez sosa

    OMG!!! This was awesome and fun, like to see that I’m not the only one who gets mad. XD


  4. Can’t wait for the next vid! Keep it up!

  5. this is easily my favorite series from QB keep it up!

  6. LOL, my son when he was about 2 or 3 fed a sandwich to our vcr and then hit play. There was no saving it.

  7. you just make me laugh till it hurts!!! keep the videos rolling you can change a gloomy day to a better experience just by watching you. LOL

  8. Lol You are complaining about not hitting anything with the kv2. You see. Aiming is for capitalists. Just aim in the general directions of capitalists and the cold hand of Stalin will rise from the depths of hell and guide your shot. It simply works. Do not question it. That is illegal.

  9. 4:25 the guy that he shot at be like damnnnnmmnnnnnn

  10. As a gymnastics judge I give that flip and hit a “10”.

  11. Llathrum Marine Mechanic

    Arty needs a buff not another nerf

  12. Youd think the increase accuracy for spgs would mean better ap hits than before the stun mechanics

  13. Best part for me, 5:10 .

  14. Love the edits and this series, please keep it going!

  15. And, I thought I did good with 3,000 damage in under 3 MINUTES of a game starting, with artillery.

  16. the best moments videos are good

  17. The Tank Commander

    Break dancing MT-25. That reaction with the jet overhead was awesome.

  18. QB: Please make a video top 10 best tanks for F2P tanks and best tech tree for F2P heavy, medium, light and SPG.

  19. Greatest video series ever in the history of ever.

  20. 12:35 that’s how hitler felt – best moment of video is 12:45 tho

  21. With fv183 almost 6000 in 50 seconds

  22. Funny moments makes me laff. Fanx QB

  23. Quicky baby : YEEET

  24. Lol great video 👍

  25. Inawana Industries

    That awkward moment when Quickybaby goes red

  26. 9:15 what a way to start a day with bounce sound effect xD

  27. I love it QB

  28. You should make a documentary for Netflix You moviestar. Thank you for terrible content

  29. These are the best, we can see QB miss, an it shows even good players get bad RNG sometimes.

  30. zeroweevil 74953

    Keep it up 😁

  31. Love these videos keep em coming

  32. another QB’s reaction! love it!

  33. We need more of this comedic gold

  34. Αποστόλης Κράτσας

    What’s the program for tracking where the shells hit?

  35. Cancer thumbnails dissuade me from watching videos.

  36. I like this new format a lot. Funnybaby compilation ☺️👍

  37. Nothing tastes as good as shot-gunning an EBR with arty.

  38. More!!! MORE! MOOORREE

  39. more please

  40. Jetson Reginald Baltan

    Okay this is my first time liking ur video. I really enjoyed it. Keep it up sir.

  41. love these

  42. QB where’d you get your ich bin ein t-Shirt?

  43. QB: Doing shananigans with the 704
    M40/43: I’m About to end this man’s whole career

  44. Exploringtheisle

    Mate, i aint playing this game since 2014 but i am watching ya videos!

  45. What is this the mode that our beloved quickybaby uses to see where the shoot came from?

  46. 1:52 happens to me almost every game

  47. Nobody:

    Youtubers in thumbnails: :O

  48. I haven’t laughed so hard in a quite some time…

  49. Good stuff

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