400mm PEN HEAT (War Thunder)

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400mm PEN HEAT (War Thunder)



  1. Cursed meat ball deletes jumbos

  2. Alexandros grivas

    we have a lot of no armor high pen vehicles in the game right now and more are added every patch i would love to see more medium or heavy tanks in the game

  3. Why’d you change ur decal again

  4. Patrick Sandici

    7:27 what the hell was that sound😂😂😂

  5. Good day to you all.. Thank you for the call out.. Hope everyone enjoys your week end and Phy it would be nice to chat with you some time.. Thank you again and take care..

  6. spoony spoonicus

    Heat shells are so broken at the moment. I get penetrating shots on ammo and crew all the time and it does nothing, i penetrate Russian tanks all the time and all it does it turn crew yellow. I also get bounces on flat armour and ghost shells none stop, especially with heat. Hesh is also completely broken. The entire play style of the game has also been ruined by the new vehicles. Things like the Jagdtiger and Ferdinand are now pointless vehicles because you are either killed by heat from a nation/vehicle it shouldn’t even be fighting or flanked by a stupid overly quick speedy boy vehicle that the maps are far too small for. Not to mention the constant fact that all the Br`s are stupid and you fight way more modern vehicles nearly always. Its a shame because war thunder has so much potential but has terrible developers with no interest in improving the game. I feel like there are more new players than old playing at the moment due to all the issues and nothing is being fixed.

  7. It’s almost as if Ply doesn’t know Swedish people speak Swedish, not English.

  8. Me after the intro: I’ve seen enough! I’m satisfied!

  9. Stereotypical Gamers

    Phly, I’m not gunna lie, I like playing TDs in urban close maps. The Jagpanzer 38(T) is my favorite to do this with.

  10. ‘and we can uTiLisE it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah tiger’ -PhlyDaily, 2020

  11. ZeGermanAdmiral

    Attempt #531 pleas play the KV85 and ZUT 37 use the bucket force phly ^^

  12. Phly, are you still doing mix tank and plane BR matches, always miss those. Always awsome to see your vids. Be safe bro.

  13. Ferdinand player, top BR for match: oh boy can’t wait to sit and snipe and use my thick AF armour to bounce everything

    This thing: Phuck your armour

  14. hey phly how do you set the firing range while aiming??

  15. 3:50 is that Bullying?

  16. Can we all agree Gaijin is nuts? I believe any other dev team could fix this game and make it perfect. The maps are broken and then we get this thing at 5.7 with 400mm pen.

  17. Still amazes me how good this man is at this game

  18. Maximilian John

    Have a new challenge for you, in the vietnam war the only air win of a A-4 skyhawk was done with a Zuni, downing a Mig-17 from the air.

    You could try it, just pack the Zunis in a A-4 and try to get the MiG-17 (doesn’t matter if there are german, soviet or chinese tech tree).

    Good Luck!

  19. thx for the compliment

  20. The firdis back, look at that

  21. HEATFS in 5.7 ok

  22. It is me or when a new nation is added they buff the Fuk out of all their stuff to drive people to it.

  23. Armor means nothing in this game… whats the point of heavy armored vehicles, just trash.

  24. Um it has zero armor.

  25. Sherman firefly attempt 16

  26. Sherman firefly attempt 17

  27. Sherman firefly attempt 18

  28. Ok I had enough so I don’t care anymore but pls it’s been 4YEARS since the last Sherman firefly video

  29. Another reason not to play the ferdi …. sigh

  30. Titan Mechanism

    If a vehicle has to be tweaked from it’s realistic performance, it should either be a lower/higher tier or not added at all.

  31. No wonder why, another Swedish OP vehicle. 400mm at 5.7 means you can penetrate anything unless it’s a really REALLY bad shot.

  32. Swedish Soft Shelled Doom Turtle

  33. RandomGamingChannel

    The meta is milk truck spam, cant get penned if there is nothing to pen.

  34. 1:24 I’m gonna use this as the puma engine sound

  35. Shock and Waffles

    Attempt# 45: can you phly the xp50

  36. request, attempt #32
    b18b with the m/49a and the m/40 setup because i think its nuts and any tank, maybe the mad max truck WITNESS MEEE

  37. Hay phly play the strv 74 a also do you think it actually looks kinda cool. Do you think swedish tanks are meant to go hull down on a hill because they have lots of depression

  38. hm i wonder why is my recommendation filled with anime?

  39. I think the edge catching would have rotated the round downward. So Pen.

  40. I have 4x more kills in Tiger II H Sla 16 than any other tank but I don’t even play WT anymore, the grind and the balance was always painful since the very beginning when planes were barely in this game. (before anyone says “git gud” I’m the one who sits at the top of the team’s kill count)

  41. Italy, China, France and Sweden were an error
    Change my mind

  42. I’m swedish and i find it so damn funny that you get “nästa mål” which means “next target!” to “Mister Moon!”

  43. The entire Swedish tech tree can be summarised with a single Thanos meme

    Gaijin: Release the tree
    Testers: But sire, the game balance
    Gaijin: Just do it!

  44. “Don’t get through my hole” well well well

  45. Play the r3 and the t28/t95 with friends

  46. Frikkin’ amazing. No wonder I get beat like a drum by the Swedish vehicles!

  47. At this point Gaijin should add a REALISTIC mode, not that “Realistic” mode where you can find these 400mm pen CheatFS tanks while you drive your ferdinand, where you can play against tanks that truly are from ww2 and whatnot, or maybe tanks that are just a bit past ww2, like the T-54 and whatnot, but not these 1980s tanks that make the game unbalanced. Oh and i know Gaijin could just balance this tank, but it’s not only this one, it’s multiple others that just break the game and that, at this point, you’d have to change lots of BRs or, as Gaijin would do, change the repair costs (Even i’d say that these tanks should be removed, but it’s too late for that, and Gaijin wouldn’t do that.)

    Anyways this is an opinion, if you think there’s something wrong or you want to give me another opinion, feel free to tell me

  48. My poor dude GatoChileno, died both times at 4:40 and 6:50, he’s probably Chilean guessing his name, just like me.

    si es que ves esto hmno, te deseo suerte brou

  49. Phly, u sticker changed on WT? what is that about?

  50. Why did u change your logo? I mean ingame decal… its so ugly…

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