40k Subscriber Contest Time! Davids vs Goliaths

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SIGN UPS – Don’t sign up for a tank that you don’t have! Don’t double sign up(select 1 quantity)! Double sign ups will be deleted entirely(sadly)!

TheRiisingSun Forum

Locastan’s Mod Pack

GME(Generic Mod Enabler)

Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sound mod


  1. First omg. I am such a bad ass

  2. Second so what?well nice idea anyway xD

  3. Third, who cares? Nobody!
    Interesting contest. Maybe I will participate.

  4. Ohhh my KV-2 can’t wait to shoot all of those light tanks :D

  5. Awesome video and the contest!

  6. It says 1 pm, but 1 pm what? Gmt?

  7. What time zone are you having the event? It says 1 PM, but is that EST,
    CST, MST, PST or whichever one?

  8. Its fun! but i cant join anymore because I left EU =(

  9. What if you don’t pass the line? Then you’ll win. Do you have to pass the

  10. My only question is, which server is this going to be on? EU?

  11. EU only?

  12. a fourth of the places are gone

  13. the best option for this are probably the chaffee, pz 1c, elc, luchs,
    cruiser 4, bt-7, t-15, t2 light, locust and the t67 or the alecto if
    they’re allowed.

  14. So u can use amx40?? XD

  15. Is it EU server or NA??

  16. 0:01 Anybody knows the name of that song?

  17. Seems like an interesting contest. I have to skip though as I don’t know if
    I’ll be available at the contest time. Good luck to all the herp derps and
    speedsters that manage to get in!

  18. what day and time
    liek? GMT or CET????

  19. So this is a one side dodge ball game 😀 

  20. Must I Use the 152 mm cannon or can i use the 107 mm cannon on it?

  21. Goddamn it. I’m on thr wrong server! Great!

  22. What if I am an idiot and I did’t write my WoT name in there?

  23. My ELC has 3 MoE.

  24. Splashdiving Freising

    and i wanna be a scout ((elc)) but kv2 is ok too (t49 actually)

  25. I’ve already found and deleted several double, triple and even a quad sign
    ups. No mercy with the deletion of these as I was pretty clear, right above
    the sign up link. More room for other guys 😀
    I will keep checking for faulty sign ups, so if there’s no room the moment
    you check, check again later and see if I’ve freed up space :)

  26. Thank you for letting me help with the video, the derpiness was awesome in
    the training room
    -TrojanTanks :)

  27. Is teamspeak required?

  28. You used my jump, YAY!!!!!!! (pz IC)

  29. Frédéric PIERARD

    Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no slots available for my lovely Pz1C !!!
    Dude, for the love of all that is loud and heavy, create more slots
    pleaaaaaase =)

  30. Пешко Бешко

    So yeah cant sign up :/

  31. Пешко Бешко

    Can you make an reserve squad with people who arent in any team just if
    someone doesnt show up ?

  32. I don’t have a KV-2, and all the light tank slots are taken…. So it’s a
    contest where I don’t get to take part in because 45 people signed up
    before me. Now I’m disappointed.

  33. Yaaaay! Secured my spot! Got greet craw in mah K VEE-TWAH. Got that fast
    aimin’ thingy slapped on mah gun. Got dat gun rammer. Got a big ass
    ventilator in da back. Got enough vodka for my crew. Good tog (o). :PPP

  34. Which EU cluster is it gonna be on? EU1 or EU2?

  35. Is it Eu 1 or Eu 2 server??????

  36. Are you going to livestream this? and …How we will contact you in that
    day if we made it into the sign-up contest?

  37. 1 pm CET ? = 1 pm in germany 😀 ?

  38. The sing up Link dosent work 4me

  39. From The Best Advices about WoT of entire Youtube, you reached the worst
    trollness by now. A good old school hunting session… how sad an idea. I
    hope this “contest” will drive some of your boredom away.

  40. So I take it you would not recommend bringing an amx40? ;)

  41. whether the kv 2us will have a 15 tank that will do the spoting? :)

  42. Are light tanks allowed to shoot back at the KV-2s and is there a special
    price for actually killing one of them? :D

  43. I hope your rig works again by then +TheRiisingSun

    Also you said T49’s count as KV-2 right? I remember reading that

  44. #TheRiisingSun is bulldog alowed? 


  46. Panzerselbstfahrlafette V L/61 Sturer Emil

    What a shame I can’t join the event and show off my 5 skills KV-2 cause I
    have to travel to Zurich with my High School :(.
    Will you do it more times for the ones who couldn’t join ?

  47. I wanted to join with a couple off friends but no spots left To Bad!
    Best luck to the lucky ones who got a spot!

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