40MM AUTO-CANNON From HELL | Stridsfordon 90C (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

40 AUTO-CANNON From HELL | Stridsfordon 90C (War Thunder)



  1. *Enjoy the double upload phellas! And thanks for spending some of your time on the channel o7*

  2. Is this dude still using low graphics

  3. Phly: stridsforden..
    Me: raised Dane.. Pretty good

  4. War Thunder WorldWide

    I thought the camo was ahegao camo or hentai camo

  5. Ply what’s your favorite tank to play like absolutely love playing and then what tank fo you absolutely hate playing

  6. Centauro MGS next? It looks so sleek now idk why

  7. I feel like this is WT during quarantine, for all the people that don’t play all the time there is no tactics only push into spawn.

  8. He actually didn’t pronounce stridsfordon 90 that bad. I’ve heard much worse.

  9. 3:49 if only everyone was like Phly

  10. Hey Phlee, the Phrogs just got a crusader mkii but this one has an APHE round. Suffer a little at low tier?

  11. yuri Borges Ribeiro

    Top tier = no fun tier

  12. it like you have an m1 garand ,and the the bad guy have a kar98k


    Nice shell eject

  14. Imagine if we had fuel consumption and Engine temperatures in WT

  15. Now I need a puma for my German lineup gaijin reeeeeeeeeeeee

  16. Close, but no ^^ this tank was my dream for military service as a kid ^^

  17. Dont shoot i’m friendly, Dummkopf😅

  18. 0:25 it’s a German 2 a5 that’s why you can’t blast it German engineering wishes from Germany 🇩🇪

  19. The last few words of many War thunder players “now let’s spawn camp is that a bomb nooo”

  20. I’ve been WAITING FOR THIS

  21. RIP martin. 7:51 to 9:54

  22. Personified Soviet

    Hey phly, I totally recommend playing the Swedish Ikv 72, it’s a great 1.7 TD, and I think you’ll have a blast in it like I have. o7

  23. Go with BMP-2 please.

  24. Man how do you get so good and get all these tanks planes and boats

  25. Is that supposed to be an anti air tank

  26. How did they manage to fuck up the camo?!

  27. I installed computers in one of these when I was conscripted in the Swedish army. Its cramped to work in, nice otherwise.

  28. This thing is like the polar opposite of that PoS Fisher-Price “My First SPAA” Sgt. Bork joke toy…

  29. i love how the shells eject

  30. phly forgot to turn graphics back up from tryhard mode in the first match it was weird af without shadows and grass XD

  31. 0:12 in real life that leopard would be long dead by now :))

  32. to be honsets that name on tha tank is wired

  33. 00:10 yotobi ahahaha

  34. low graphic

  35. Just blast anything tbh

  36. Hey phly can javelin do a cobra ?

  37. It’s amusing that the shell casings launch straight out the top of the vehicle.

  38. as a swede, not bad. only screwed up on the second to last letter, you pronoucned it with an E instead of an O.

  39. me sad me only get watch wehn it 14/15 hours aftr uplod ;( but me lik ur vidoes

  40. When will the infantry come to game 😏

  41. i love you so much phly

  42. Sooo BMP-3 is DOOM Slayer ?

  43. the starting of this video should be in a funny wins and fails video

  44. Love your videos phly. I got a question, how do i look around without turning my turret? Been playing for 6 years btw…im slow

  45. yo phly ! the swedish army needs you to phly the pyoremmyrsky! attempt 4


    It’s a good anti-air cannon No !!!!!

  47. lol at the beginning when the dial up tones started going my internet quit and the vid went black, my interweb decided to quit right then, i waited way to long for a joke i thought was coming

  48. 1k abos ohne Viedeo

    Hanuta war da lol

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