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Thumbnail by Abinavski!


  1. naww “Im cool with one gun” using recoil to climb a hill lmaaoooo

  2. Jen Clyde Lemosnero

    PLSS do bf110 G4

  3. when ostwind get lower br?

  4. SvenandBex Ericksen

    Yeah well done Gaijin – love to see the statistician’s brain cells that thought this was a good idea. So if it rips against 4.0 Germany what will it do in full down tier?

  5. mine says 5.0 battle rating i dont understand that same tank is it a difference in the console and pc cause i play on xbox

  6. BornOnTheBattleFront

    (day 10) (late) Hey Phly!
    You should check out the Italian C13 T90, it’s phast and phun!
    It was the vehicle that got me my phirst nuke, and I’d like to see it and the ABUL/74 on the channel!

  7. Day 288: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  8. War Thunder, Void of Sadness

  9. Day 94 asking for the best 5.7 fighter, the American spitfire!

  10. imagine making a vehicle to destroy air targets and not giving the bar minimum armor for the crew , even the soviets SPAA have some armor plates , if the enemy pilot shots this thing with a pistol out of the cock pit window and drop a hand grenade he can destroy the vehicle

  11. I got 2-3 God Mode with the M19. It’s super effective again German tanks

  12. 7:25 yes just fucked up armours

  13. I got this thing like. 3 weeks ago and like. Wtf do you do with this thing? The ROF is so shit you cant hit any planes. The m16 is a better AAA. The pen is so shit you cant reliably pen any vehicles. I cant even imagine wtf you do with the one after this onthe bulldog chassis at… its like 6.0 i think?

  14. lol i litteraly wanted to buy that tank, test drived it like 69 times and then i saw this. Now i know what to do.

  15. Thank You for entertaining me while DL2 is getting downloaded <3

  16. When i fly a plane its like a round cirkel and it so hard does anyone know how to take away it?

  17. nice vid, whats your opinion about the repair costs decrease and increase of some vehicles?

  18. Berg Sifaw Berg Sifaw

    peter reaload!
    but hans im ded
    I said REALOAD!

  19. I love 4.0 br

  20. Wirbelwind US edition

  21. Warthunder AA vehicles are stupid. 🙂

  22. Day 79 : Phly out the VG33 and Dewoitine 520 to show em the strenght of the wine powered Hispano Suiza V12 👀🇨🇵❤

  23. Day 13: phly will you play the American b18 at 1.3 with 2000 lb bomb I want to see tanks be thrown (I think m19 is fine where it’s at)

  24. well this thing looks ridiculous

  25. Remember when Oddbawz said he’d go back to daily uploads last week? I do

  26. Time to play the kv1b after this video

  27. MxR Plays just got banned from YT. …excuse me, WTF? Like this comment if you hate YT. =^x^=

  28. Favorite tank destroyer lol.

  29. another cheater: – 46AK – Nico_Cac1u
    level 60 player in highest BR with aimbots and radar killed from 2500 meters every tank without chance to aim or to see target with a Dardo!! took not a scratch damahe after several hits from other players with Leopard

  30. this is like pt-76-57 at 4.0 very fun for you unfun for you enemies.

  31. Can you ask the scumbag devs to stop raising repair cost to fill their greedy ass pockets

  32. Only Phly could pull something like this off…

  33. “Healin up”
    *Sees Whirblewind*
    “oo Oooooooohoohohho”

  34. Its INSTANT GRATIFICATION thats what drugs do so shooting the enemy is the process of setting up and getting it ready and killing them is the rush (using it). 😃 “Low tier Fun Tier”

  35. ” Hope you enjoy this episode” ??? Lately I have been watching +100 and there is not a single one that I did not enjoy… Of gameplay that is..

  36. that thumbnail would be 10x better if the guy was t-poseing

  37. 0:40 when emo kids don’t get attention

  38. That drunk moment when you want to give phlydaddy love but are 22 hours behind his vodeo drop and have to sleep before the next work shift and will probably miss his next bombshell video drop but still want to let him know that you love him because you know he reads the comments but maybe not the day old ones so you’ll still give him the OOMPH on the next vid

  39. In the beginning; *Megalovania starts playing.*

  40. Martin Pritiskáč

    Hey Phloppy Whoppy I am not sure if anyone told you already but when you are scaling slope go with E on 1 CC1 like let the AI pedal. Chesus english. Just press E once for that automatic throttle up slope. Try it, works a lot for me. Have a nice continuous day/evening.

  41. …yea this does’t work soo well ;[

  42. Comin……………. On your face…. had me so off guard 😂🤙

  43. I was in this video on white rock fortress and for the longest time I had no clue where you were while you were going on a massacre on my teammates, (I was the StuG 3f in the intro)

  44. Nice Phly! 6tank and one plane kill that’s a good Player!

  45. Its basically just the crusader aa with an extra gun at .3 br higher

  46. “that was the quietest aircraft I’ve ever seen”

    very much engrish good awesome engrish nice

  47. Day 268: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  48. **raises hand**
    Hay Phellas?
    Is… that hexagonal (octa?) thing in the hull, sitting right behind the heads of the driver and “other guy ™️”… a friggen _RADAR DISH??_ lmao

    If not, my bad…
    If so, I hope those guys were given microwave reflecting mesh fatigues and helmets 🥴 (and a “hazard pay” bonus heh)

  49. Both the M19 and M42 got moved down because the Ammo was easily detonated by planes and Arty, more so than a lot of other AA. Plus people find the 40mm hard to use compared to the Wirble or the M16

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