420MM ROCKET TANK! RBT-5 RARE TANK! (War Thunder Gameplay)

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  1. First commmmms biatch !

  2. 2nd comment

  3. Not first!

  4. hey phly start adding more gun shooting vids please

  5. +albert pita yeah


  7. some reason the warthunder servers are down I really need to get on

  8. Larry Ilyushin (LarryIlyushinTV)

    Da fak they look like nukes


  10. u loaned igotchatbanneds account? lol u can both get permabanned for that u

  11. “Hey Ivan!” drinks vodka
    “Yeah, Vladimir?” drinks vodka
    “You know torpedo like great Soviet Navy have?”
    “Of course Vladimir, torpedo what makes Soviet Navy great.” finishes off
    “Well tank like ship, but on ground” grabs another bottle of vodka
    “Yes Vladimir, Soviet Red Army is great too.”
    “Ivan, I have idea to give to Comrade Stalin.” drinks more vodka “We put
    great Soviet torpedo on mighty BT-5 tank.”
    “That is great idea Vladimir, we call it Tank Torpedo” grabs vodka bottle
    from Vladimir
    “Yes Ivan, we go now to Comrade Stalin! We make Soviet Russia great!”
    finishes off another bottle of vodka and proceeds to wrestle a bear

  12. why dont you do a custom battle, Rocket vehicles vs planes.

  13. i would love to but PS4 PLAYERS CANT GET IT!!!!!!

  14. Is this the first time we’ve ever seen this vehicle?

  15. Basically a race car with 2 Fatman launchers on the side.

  16. Anyone honorable will play these at a tier they SHOULD be placed at. Then
    again, people don’t play russians to be honorable…

  17. Now THIS is a tactical fucking nuke

  18. Lol my dogs started barking when u were yelling beep beep

  19. can u play more of simple planes

  20. rtb-5 vs. E-100


  22. i was gonna ask what BR this has. if it has any less then 5 its OP

  23. RBT, not RTB even if … yeah i guess you need to rtb every 2min

  24. Phly you put RTB instead of RBT

  25. Your laugh is so good xD

  26. Wtf when i saw this it first time…

  27. Wtf is that….

  28. HAhaha was gigling like a lil bitch the whole time you were sneaking up on
    em … but wyf is that thing? You call that rocket luncher? i call it grown
    man slingshot . Good job Phly that video really cracked me up. cheers!

  29. Only Russia comes up with stuff like this

  30. I almost died when phly said “Oh don’t mind me, I’m just a poor little boy
    with tumors on my head.”

  31. this gives a whole new meaning to 420 blaze it

  32. Total sellout

  33. This tank looks so funny 😀
    I cant w8 to unlock it

  34. Croatian Pranksters

    lol the m19 guy on kursk- i know him….not a bad chap actualy

  35. I Wanna have a tank with nuke rkts :v

  36. um fly its 250 NOT 420. I know americans are stupid but i thought they
    would be able to read.

  37. Looks like something from Fallout 4

  38. You tell me now that Russia is not biased af.

  39. what’s the BR of the tank

  40. PHLY share more bt-5 rockets WITH other tanks THE communist was

  41. Phly, I think I killed you in this thing when you rushed B on Advance to
    the Rhine?

  42. Melle Hensums YOU CAN'T PRONOUNCE IT

    You see Ivan, we built torpedo, but for tank. But it’s faster than torpedo!

  43. RTB-5 fitted with finest stalinum dildo missiles on our favourite tank
    powered by supreme vodka engine.

  44. the chats reaction is pricelss

  45. Phly is the game not working for you too?

  46. Ima dub this the stagecoach cus its got a double barrel shotgun.

  47. O my god they added butplugs

  48. i have the dogtags, still confused on how to get it?

  49. Keep bullshittin Phly. This tank is available exclusively to press cunts
    and as stream giveaway.Things that can be earned are simple skins, but u
    need to pay first, so i wouldnt call that “earning”.

  50. 9:38 bum buma bum

  51. *sees rockets*


  53. You can get banned for account sharing ? :(

  54. I know it! is russian :)

  55. Fly you can rearm ath a captured point

  56. the tank torpedoes is a maus killer

  57. a tank with 2 tactical – nukes?!

  58. Dat tank op as hell!

  59. can you rearm those missiles? This is funny as fuck

  60. That looks like a mouse or if the bt7 is using a headset 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)

  61. great game PHLY!

  62. “You see comrade, when Glorious Soviet Tank is obso..less efective, you
    strap on Tsar Bomb. And another one. Just to make sure facist is really

  63. The latest patch made it so the rockets on the RTB-5 can reload; 90 seconds
    after you fire your last rocket.

  64. Next patch sturmtiger!!!

  65. amo war Thunder…mas no brasil não ha ninguém que faças vídeos como você 😀

    I Love Thunder war … but in Brazil there is no one who do videos as you :

  66. *puts on Schwarzenegger voice* ITS NOT A TUMOR

  67. Well, I wonder what gajin will add next? Rockets for the PT-76? Or a PT-76
    that’s fast in water? new update come out hm. Ok. They added both. And much

  68. How do you get it??

  69. XD how do I get one

  70. intro song?

  71. Has there been a PT-76 vs flying boats/floatplanes custom battle yet? Cause
    there should be.

  72. juan david uran acevedo

    420 mm 420 weed rockets snnop dog bt-5

  73. I really want one of these…

  74. I had to google this. It’s real. Then again, why should I doubt the

  75. phly fly the f3f, the new biplane


  77. 420MM ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  78. How can I get this bad boy?

  79. Bet you everyone who got killed by you with the b-t5 in the high tier are
    like “okay I’m done never doing this again”

  80. I dub thee tank: dumbo

  81. this is why I can never play war thunder, load the game, check Baron and
    your videos, distracted. then it times to tend to my son. Stahhhp. by the
    way awesome videos man haha.

  82. War Blunder has gone full retard…

  83. Barron did a vid about the tank titties earlier

  84. War Thunder will not add the ‘Sturmtiger’, “for fear it will unbalance the
    game” (quote from a dev durig CBT)…Yet they add this.

  85. straight out of russian disney world

  86. how do you get it is it reacherchabla

  87. can you reasearch it

  88. Mindaugas Beliauskas

    hit tracks to see hit marker

  89. vytautas astrauskas

    BT-5+420 mm rockets AKA bombs=straight way to Berlin!

  90. How where 3 years leat to the war 2 times. We didn’t need your help ol’
    powerful US

  91. SuperMClone - Revival underway

    Maus vs RBT-5

  92. Something only the Ruskies would think of and actually produce.

  93. I’m really glad to have seen that you have enjoyed to use it ^o^ and the
    enemies’ reaction is priceless! ahaha I hope you’ll get one too as Baron
    did so we could make some CBs, why not :D

  94. phly u could have reloaded ur rockets at A

  95. If u want to know if someone is dead or not just shot the machine guns at
    their tracks

  96. this tank literally shows the bias gaijin has xD

    lets give bt5 nukes yus

  97. Gonna yell “BLAZE IT” every time i kill someone with those rockets XD

  98. Ruquick - WarThunder Gameplays

    RBT OP Pls nerf

  99. warthunder isn’t working today :(

  100. “Is he still a alive?”
    *Gives points for attacking*
    “OH SHIT!”
    *Launches nuke*


  102. 19:21 – died out laughing

  103. Might as well give the B-29 nukes now

  104. 5,960th view

  105. whats the BR of this tank?

  106. You put RTB instead of RBT in the title

  107. RTB-5s vs KV2s or PT-76s or Swordfishes.

  108. I wonder can you disguise this tank as Mickey Mouse?

  109. “something is smoking over here” just a random german soldier just smoking
    in a ruin

  110. You CAN resupply your rockets at a cap that is under your team’s control
    (Have done that with my Calliope).

  111. mooooore

  112. What is this tank

  113. Phl, I don’t ask for much, but stalin calls, he wants vodka and for you to
    give me a stronk tonk, this Ii all I want in life.

  114. quess you can say he got 420 blazed

  115. Dude, not funny with the comment 3:35 – 3:40.

  116. MLG Colonel Sanders

    Lol Phly’s username

  117. hey Phly, how did u get RBT-5?

  118. Phly???

  119. MLG Colonel Sanders

    I hate when the quality drops

  120. MLG Colonel Sanders

    666 likes illuminati comfirmed

  121. that tactical nuke m8

  122. How do you use binocelers

  123. What’s the br on that thing

  124. How do I get this tank?

  125. reload ability has just been added

  126. looks like gajin played fallout with the fat man

  127. I bet if you could ignite the rockets without actually let them go, they
    will propel the tank foward pretty fast xD

  128. Семён Лопаткин (Spon Original)

    hey dude did u log in into the game while u were watching that stream? and
    also how many streams u watched?
    (i have that league tag)

  129. Epic vid phly


  131. Hyper Ramen (F 22 hu)


  132. no thay gust wer 420 blazin

  133. voult tec presents: tha tonk

  134. hey ply I was wondering what nation is good for war thunder for tanks cause
    I am only a beginner

  135. plez phly do the op com bow po-2 and rbt-5 do it do it nowwwwwww

  136. its the fcking good shit dank rocket 420 blaze it

  137. ring around the rosey, a pocket full of posey, ashes ashes, we all go BOOM

  138. tiger 2 B armor is very stronk! even stalinuim rockets can touch german

  139. Those rockets…they do not look like they could possibly even fly let
    alone hit a target.

  140. phly. show us more of these cool replays of the rockets

  141. I want one!

  142. New snoop dog confirmed?

  143. Fle SU-100Y plus RBT-5 naval defense against PT-76 battleships :)

  144. Lmfao. Dude Phly you seem like just the nicest guy. I’m glad your channel
    is going well. I’ve had so many hours or enjoyment from watching your
    videos. Happy holidays to you and yours, Phly!
    -Peter, Australia

  145. That was me in the tretarch!!!!!!

  146. Most hilarious tank and 420mm comrade

  147. can you fly the p51a I am very interested about what you think about this
    new plane

  148. phly, you forgot to credit the guy that let you borrow his account to use
    the RBT-5

  149. Man it seams like only idiots get something these days. Ahhh what can you

  150. Arty is ARTY…a nice High point/Rise is best..

  151. Gaijin Intern: Uh sir, we’re getting alot of messages that are saying
    Russians are too overpowered right now. What should I say to them?
    Gaijin CEO: RELEASE THE 420MM BT!

  152. That’s not a rocket. THAT’S A BOMB THAT CAN FLY

  153. PHLY. You should do another top 5.

  154. phly u are so fucking funny in this video im serious you made me laugh alot
    “i have tumors in my head”

  155. allahu snackbar LMAO PHLY OMG I LOVE YOU

  156. 3:05 You have way more control than me. I’d have unloaded one of those
    tactical nukes right up that douche’s ass after he rammed you and just
    didn’t stop at all

  157. +PhlyDaily You can pick a new port on World Of WarShips! GO LOOK!

  158. how do you get this tank

  159. this newb gets tanks yet the good players ow warthunder dont wow -_-

  160. What kind of pc is good for playing and has good fps

  161. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    4:10 He reached gaming climax.

  162. I thought the derp tanks were insane…
    Then the panzerwerfer tank.
    Now the… Im-Throwing-a-tank-at-you rocket

  163. That 420 mm rocket contains a little more explosive filler than a 250 kg
    bomb really.

  164. askjdhagyouqgw askjdhagyouqgw

    su much click bait im gonna dienot

    cant wait to get this thing

  165. did you really get chat banned phly?

  166. Panzerführer Chavez

    In Phlydaily’s world also called real life.

  167. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    that was epic

  168. Phly….game two here….14:00 “I swear that’s never happened to me

  169. You can be banned for account sharing, that isn’t a good idea :/

  170. It looks like something out of an anime


  172. how do you play in higher battles with low tanks? like what do you hit?

  173. So how does one get this tank?

  174. Fancy “Wandwuff” Man

    Is this fucker serious?

  175. Nicolas D'orasio Leão

    COMBINED ARMS!!! RBT-5 + Po-2!!!! Russian power at its best!

  176. ‫محمد العراقي‬‎

    russians have the best ideas for tanks at ww2

  177. hardcoreminecrafter9

    cool, a tank i will never get, like the E-100

  178. I knew Phly would do this troll video as soon as I saw Baron done it with
    this Frankenstein of a tank, and excellent slowmo. I thoroughly enjoy this
    vid :)

  179. So I guess we *are* getting the Sturmtiger too one day, and it’ll be one of
    these “pay-to-get-a-minimal-chance” tanks too. BS, I say

  180. Should be used against MAUS

  181. It would be interesting to see these fighting the self propelled

  182. Everything is better in slow motion, watching those rockets fly was epic.

  183. LOL, that laugh in the beginning

  184. What are those!!!!

  185. Tactical NUKE i incoming!!! ….. Wait WTF why didn’t the second one die

  186. Lol 2 gigant Dildos.. :O

  187. Take out the yak 9b phly!!!!!!!!L

  188. Tactical Nuke Combo?
    RBT-5+Pe-8 with Nuke
    Do it Phly do it

  189. OK is that really necessary I mean it’s like a freaken bomb

  190. 12:12 *Dies of laughter*

  191. This tank and pe8 with the 5000kg bomb war thunder tank killing rampage

  192. Q – Will you ever make anymore t-shirts?
    If so, could you do one with your YouTube profile pic emblem on it? I would
    love to buy that. :)

  193. Just imagine if someone shot a HE or HEAT at those rockets. Boom goes the

  194. if you want to check tank, shoot the tracks with the MG’s. you pleb.

  195. Illuminati confirmed

  196. Андрей Ситарский

    Phly ты лучший!)

  197. Phly i have to the dogtag but do you know when they are streaming…?

  198. 19:19… not cool, man

  199. PhlyDaily, Please dont forget that you have Muslims subscribers that you
    should’ve respect, we really didnt like that “snackbar” moment.

    thanks for your vedio’s.

  200. Orange FTW

  201. +Greg Gauci not even close the PE-8 holds the nuke

  202. +SDSavage McGamerson I’m with you on this discussion cyber bulling is legal
    but if you say im gonna rape you or anything like that that’s illegal for

  203. bl4z3 1t m8

  204. Those rockets may as well say ACME on the side and when a tank is hit by
    one, it lifts up a sign saying ‘Ouch’.

  205. How the f*** does the main gun penetrate at such high tier?? Insane tank

  206. BT-2* with rockets

  207. probably one of your best videos!!! 😀 I think you should do a part 2!!!!!!
    PLEZ do a part 2.

  208. with the new update the rockets reload in 60 seconds

  209. That is a pretty HIGH calibre ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  210. this is sucks, i can only pay via steam but they don’t have it for the

  211. “tWe will launch a series of tournaments where players will be able to win
    the E-100 tank! The Dog Tag owners will get an unlimited entry ticket for
    the tournament.”
    Yay… I didn’t want the E-100 anyway..<.<

  212. The lost miner from the mines

    This proves how op the Russians is …

  213. Hey Phly, next play another russian derp T-44-122 please. Good luck :)

  214. To all the people that shit talked on the centurion fail video: Phly just
    destroyed max tier tanks with a tier 1. Eat that shit.

  215. War Thunder´= Russia propagand…

  216. can you do a CB and try how much tanks one rocket can kill? Just put a big
    group of tier 1 tanks on one spot and shoot them with a tank torpedo!

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