4500 wn8 session

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Friday Evenings at 9:00 EST to about 11:00 EST

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Tank Requests
Are 2$, ask before you donate because If im trying to 3 mark a tank or something that requires specific tank play I probably wont play your tank even if you donate.

You definitely don’t need to donate, but if you’d like to you can do so with the link down below 🙂


  1. I was in a game with 5 unicoms with a 84% win chance lose because they never left cap. They all just bitched at each other and got their asses handed to them by 1500 wn8 players. So, judging things by wn8 is retarded and not respecting folks with avg wn8 is foolish.

  2. Why don’t you play the T-22 if you like the dank side armor on the 907?

  3. You got some Dunning Krüger moments 🙂 You are so skilled that you do not longer understand average skilled and low skilled players. They are not stupid, neither are you smarter then they are. You are just more experienced.

    Just think of them as players with 2-4 sec delay, because they got less routine.

  4. Puta tu madre ?????

  5. 150, I wish! I get 280-300. ?

  6. I am curious. Why would you play the m48 patton instead of the centurion ax? What makes the patton better?

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