5 TD’s, 3 Arty & Bottom Tier on Siegfried Line

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  2. Vicious Vermillion

    Hey man, love your vids as usual. Although my skill waivers a lot, your videos have improved my gameplay dramatically, thanks for the awesome content and keep on posting my guy.

  3. daaamn.. uploaded a few days after u uploaded ur most recent video

  4. Fix tier 8 pls wg

    Signed everyone

  5. Mr. RUSH – nice work dude ; )

  6. was hoping for ur agressive arty gameplay

  7. Lemming is there any map worse than the map u played?

  8. Watchin you drive from 8:08 to 8:17 gave me anxiety 😮

  9. My favorite part about your commentary is that you actually explain why you go where you go throughout the entire video. Quickybaby (the first guy I watched) only does a little bit of surface-level stuff, whereas you’re actually helpful with it.

  10. Another one ?

  11. One of the most useless APCR usage I have ever seen. Other than that, GG and nice commentary.

  12. Quick question, why does everyone play like a fucking bitch now, I left at 2016 and now in 2019 I play any damn game and if some one shoots once everyone sits behind a wall for the whole fucking match this game is so fucking boring now

  13. I love your opinion of td drivers “moving is an advanced tactic” ???

  14. Ive pulled my progetto to 508m view range. Helps alot if its about spotting enemys. Just mentioned bcuz i saw your bad view range xd greetings from germany, keep up the good tutorials dude.

  15. the 5 TD’s is worse than 3 arty’s

  16. Why have a gun rammer on a Progetto???? My Progetto is set up almost the same way except instead of a Rammer I have Coated Optics, and a large med kit and no food.
    4 skill crew (35% on 5)
    I have 3K dmg games in it with 2K spotting and only ever got a 1st Class.
    Its a great tank, not sure if its better than a full dress Panteram but I think it is because it has better gun depression
    I don’t run all that prem ammo either
    12 rounds is all I carry the rest is AP bc the AP is pretty good
    and come the new patch prem isnt going to be worth spamming

  17. OMG arty players from your team was actualy moving,….what sorcery is that

    • This must be caused by a to high ping on your network, or smoking something, everybody knows they can not move. It is even in the name: SPG = Static Parked Gun

  18. Well lem i think it is safe to say you slapped them TiDdies very nicely

  19. In your opinion, is the tier 10 Italian worth the grind? We’re getting it in the next month or so on console and I don’t want a massive disappointment.

  20. Any chance on that video about how to play corners? Would love to see it.

  21. #campYAassOff #ftw

  22. Lemming could you play arty one time ?✋

  23. Very interesting battle LR, great to hear your thought processes with a bit of salt thrown in as well.

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