50% and 0-Skill CREW EBR 105 STILL OP? | World of Tanks EBR 105 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks EBR 105 Gameplay with 50% Crew. World of Tanks Wheeled Nerf / Rebalance / Rework. World of Tanks EBR 105 Nerfs and Changes. World of Tanks 2020 Anniversary Rewards.

Nerfing wheeled vehicles, wheeled in this game is the hottest topic out there at the moment, we are waiting for the first nerf by WG, but in the mean time, let’s do it ourselves… Today I am going play EBR 105 with NO SKILLS, 50% fresh and let’s see if it can still dominate the battlefield so drastically?

Let’s go!


  1. There should be a lock out time between switching movement modes. You can’t quick change from speed to maneuver to speed with no pause. Maybe 2 seconds?

  2. The game just isn’t fun anymore, too many 43% to 46% players that don’t have a clue, 2/3 arty most battles and then these ebrs just killing the fun. I’ve ordered a new PC and I don’t think I want to contaminate it with WoT.

  3. you are a good player too

  4. Balance it more with 25% crew

  5. OP till it is REMOVED from the game!

  6. Try an Untrained Crew… I’ve done that in my IS7, but it’s FAR more Forgiving than an EBR… lol

  7. Unlicensed Memes

    and WG thinks lowering the stats by a couple decimal values will actually make a difference…

  8. Object 261 OP confirmed. It can snap shot EBRs. 🙂

  9. Actually using minimum view range could be a next level tactic

  10. IMO the mobility is why you play the EBR all WG need to do is give it less alpha like the AMD 178B or AM 39 Gendron. having less alpha means they will be less likely to try and trade, yes they will still be annoying running around but at least theyre not going to kill you fast.

    • Lord Solar Matthius

      keep the mobility, but nerf the moveing accuracy a lot and the reload rate to a slightly lesser extent (and then maybe a bunch of other minor nerfs). force it to be really close or stationary to get any hits and remove the spaced armour rating of the wheels, so that more enemy hits do damage.

    • @Lord Solar Matthius the gun handling is fine. the biggest problem is that when an EBR spots you it does anywhere from 390 to 500 depending on the ammo and if they penned. EBR shouldnt have good alpha and be top tier in mobility so nerf the alpha. as an example give the EBR 105 the tier 9 alpha 240 AP, APCR and 320 HE. also make it easier to damage more wheels with HE to cripple it easier.

  11. Just had a game with two Bourasque and two EBRs on the other team. Game was over in three minutes.

  12. TEST TEST TEST…Just freaking removed them from World of Tanks….Where in the world of reality a 90km/hr can hit a target moving and still a hit.. World of Tanks developer are freaks.

    • Lord Solar Matthius

      or jus nerf their moveing accuracy? 90% of the tanks in this game are faster than real life, so the cars being faster isn’t a real issue, the issue is the speed plus the gun handling.
      no need to remove them, just give them Kv-2 moveing level of accuracy when they move (or even worse)

  13. “Sometimes lose and…always Win!”

  14. Dr. Greg aka Iago Doucette

    Omg stop whining!!! Y’all got what y’all wanted already!!!

  15. Make video with AM gendron 25% trained crew XD

  16. it is O.P. as hell

  17. I agree with Klaus, they should be removed, and everyone who researched them gets redunded in free ex and credits

    • I couldnt come up with a name so i used this

      Alexander personally if they got banned for using a cheat mod I’d like that too. Hypocritical wargaming. Banned people in the past for using it then incorporating it into the game for a select audience.

    • Lord Solar Matthius

      removeing is the childish way, i hate (and don’t own them), but removing them is stupid. especially when its not that hard to change their stats, they are currently better than regular light tanks in almost every way, just nerf them until the number/degree of advantages has an equal degree of negatives.
      tanks in this game can always be balanced, and asking for a tank/multiple tanks to be removed is unrealistic (and asking for a refund is even more unrealisitc) and petty.

    • @Lord Solar Matthius they removed tanks before, WT e100, deathstar.
      If youve got a machine in the game thats so broken it dominates everything it should be removed.
      By tye way its world of tanks, not world of go-karts

  18. Get them out of the game!

    • Lord Solar Matthius

      removeing is the childish way, i hate (and don’t own them), but removing them is stupid. especially when its not that hard to change their stats, they are currently better than regular light tanks in almost every way, just nerf them until the number/degree of advantages has an equal degree of negatives.
      tanks in this game can always be balanced, and asking for a tank/multiple tanks to be removed is unrealistic (and asking for a refund is even more unrealisitc) and petty.

  19. i think even if u put 50%crew the speed of that tank is still OP

  20. apparently still OP

  21. When a 50% crew EBR beats a 105% crew as Dez did, this is proof that it isn’t the stats that is O.P., but the skillcap.

    • When people say “EBR is O.P.”, they compared EBR to other tanks especially unfair to other LTs. When EBR VS. EBR, that’s related to skill.

  22. Try scouting with stock amd 178b 50% crew (it sucks)

  23. these are not tanks, but UFOs from another planet. No physics laws apply to these.

  24. Sometimes lose but always win.

  25. Don’t worry guys. They won’t nerf this tank until I get around to grinding to get it. Just like they did when I got my type 4. Just like the super Pershing after I bought it.

  26. The current nerf for wheeled vehicles are bullshit it can just be negated with thses new equiments. Also didnt wg say that wheeled vehicles have less viewrange then lts. BS its basicly the same

  27. Enable machines guns and the EBR becomes the worthless piece of shit it is.

  28. What mod do you use?

  29. you should do a series where you play many tanks with 50% crew, to see how f2p players experience most of the vehicles, especially in low tiers.

  30. One simple solution, WG have History of removing “OP” vehicles, remember the Deathstar and the German tier 10 TD and a few others I can’t remember? WG say OK sorry we got it wrong and simply remove the entire line thereby restoring the games meta to some sort of normality once again giving players something else and maybe a refund in credits but keep the prem tier 8 so players can if they wish buy it.

    • Lord Solar Matthius

      removeing a OP vehicle =/= removeing an entire line.
      why not just nerf it?
      -it ‘cheats’ due to a different physics and auto-aim, give it the same as all other tanks, suddenly its speed is a detriment aswell as an advantage.
      -its too accurate on the move? nerf its accuracy while it moves to Kv-2 levels
      -its dpm is too high, give it a minor alpha damage nerf and reload time nerf
      -its camo rating is too high? nerf its camo rating
      -etc, etc.
      if its stats can be lowered its fixable, i would argue any tank can be fixed. the T-50-2 was OP, nerfed, removed, fixed and then re-added. this is what should happen to all removed vehicles (they should be brought back but fixed) and all OP vehicles.

  31. Have an absolutely fantastic day! 😉

  32. again great video DEZ but s you show nerf and balance game developers do only all juts on surface and noting what they do is not make games better and thats why im moth out of this game and is feels o good not relay on RNG . event thats i wills till follow and enjoy your videos thumps up

  33. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    I’m gonna click dislike, Dez. You’re better with 50% crew than I am with 4 skill crew…

  34. You should have ebr 105’s crew replaced by another tank class’ crew which is also 50%

  35. Emir Ali Şibiroğlu

    Dez i have an idea please see this

    I think ebr’s shouldn’t be allowed to shoot when it’s in the rapid mode
    Think about it in real life no one can aim with a tank going 95 kph
    If wargaming does this it will be nerfed enough to be not overpowered and it will be more realistic for this tank

  36. Kristoffer Johansson

    Where are the other armored cars? All nations have it but Sweden, because our tests with Lynx showed the cross country short comings!

  37. Sorry Papa Dez, i see EBR (not about nerf video), i give dislike.

  38. A1eyedwalmartworker

    Honestly, this shows me, more than anything, a competent player is more important than the tank in 90% of cases.
    It also shows me that the EBR can be played essentially stock…
    But Dez, to truly suffer, you need to take off the equipment, see how well you do then.
    Also, all of the nerfs, if the equipment change happens, will be moot.

  39. Well, it is good that you tried your best.

  40. It’s still OP! No other tank does that kind of reliable damage, constantly.

  41. Or you could just give every tank an rng decrease and an accuracy buff so the shells wouldnt hit the fucking dirt with 138% crew level at 100m Way….

    Wtf is this bollocks. If your crew was 50% fair enough but not at 138%. Total pay to win game and unless you throw loads of money at it. Free to play players have no chance vs pay2win premium ammo spammers that use it just to counter the stupid effects of RNG!

    Has anyone, ANYONE – who plays clan wars and campaigns ever come out and said “I like rng – it makes the game fun” so why have such a bullshit mechanic that just pisses everyone off who wants to play competitively. Its becoming a joke, the more and more power creeps, overpowered lights, impenetrable heavies, wtf is wargaming doing…..

    Before long they will have the Guinness world records of most players ripped off, fastest losing player base and rated the worse ever game mechanics.

    People used to complain about “Ghost TD’s’ and how stealthy they were, so they nerfed their camo after firing, only to bring out equipment 2.0 with an equipment ‘More stealth after firing”…. Between that and the placement of bushes on every fking map near objectives or loads in particular corners of the maps, means TD’s are soon to become the meta again…. where every one is firing premium ammo and heavies become obsolete due to their ever increasingly shit gun accuracy, slow mobility and the amount clickers can shit on them, killing at least 2 crew members, 15s stun, ammo rack and tracks blown off, if your lucky. If you aint then look out for the engine fires too and the fact they focus on certain tanks more than others and 3 of them in game has made this game turn into garbage.

    Only fun time is when rng works and that is the only reason I play it. If it does not improve, once my premium is done, im fucking off to warthunder and armoured warfare. Games that actually have mechanics that work! That dont require you to pay to won and spam premium ammo just to counter the effects of the game mechanics. Which in turn just makes them.more money from the pay2win players buying premium time! Total rip off company!

    People should just go on strike and say;

    We want nerfs on;

    Object 279e
    Ebr’s and lynx

    Buff to accuracy and shell velocity of all standard ap ammo.

    Until it happens don’t spend a penny. They will do what ever makes them the most money, regardless of peoples out cries.

    Stop feeding the mouth that is biting you and expect changes to come or they go broke. But people wont do it.!!

  42. It is still OP. Imagine driving it, turning left or rate at that rate, your head would be pressed against the side of the vehicle as it turns.

  43. I’m gonna keep saying it. As a 105 player… Remove them all together, because a nerf is not the best option. I want the game to be as it was pre-racecars.

  44. EBR is balanced anyway

  45. Just remember how back in the day everyone started with a 50% crew…

  46. If wheeled armoured vehicles are staying in the game WG needs to change the game name “World of armoured vehicles” and then can introduce rocket artillery with 40 shot auto loaders, the abbility to destroy ground to dig in real tanks, bridge builders and engineering vehicles, the ability to use secondary machine guns to spot enemies etc
    That would make sense
    I still stand by the fact that they shouldnt be in the game and if they re to stay then make em one shottable without cheat mod aim bot.

  47. social3ngin33rin

    We all know how awful 75% , even 50%, crew is…watching the EBR with a 50% crew makes me wonder wtf?!?!?!?!?!

  48. In my humble opinion these vehicles should be required to a complete stop to start repairing theirs wheels. Repairing on the move is somewhat op if you think about it. (I’m actually talking about crew repair, not repair kit)
    Also they shouldn’t have that strong giroscope effect. It’s nearly impossible to flip a EBR.
    And at last their grip shouldn’t be better than a F1 car. Like rn they’re doing some crazy 31g turns.

  49. EASY to BREAK the RULES 105kph “EBR 105”

  50. Clause said that the EBR still moving with damaged wheels because those crews pumping it hard and repairing it..just watch also Claus Kellerman’s funny explaination about EBR’s RNG..

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