50% Crew, Stock Engine and BIG Giveaway! | World of Tanks T95 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks Free Gold Giveaway – 20,000 Gold and Tank Giveaway Birthday Event. World of Tanks T95 Gameplay, Dez Suffers, Stock engine and Stock 50% Crew Gameplay. World of Tanks 2020 10th Anniversary.

World of Tanks 10th Anniversary’s special event is going strong, but rewards have still not been extremely impressive, so let’s keep our giveaway series going strong. In this episode, while enjoying some stock crew and engine version of T95, I am going to give away many at least 20,000 Gold, IS-6 premium tank in a Big Pack bundle + a mystery premium tank, which is not even in the game yet!

Enjoy the show!


  1. I know we can make it even worse, like 25% crew. How do you feel about that?! ⛔
    Want to see me suffer even MORE? In which tank?🔥
    Good luck in the giveaway, let’s make World of Tanks 10th Anniversary actually BIG on this channel at least! 🙂

    • Steffen Agermann Christiansen

      @USSWISCONSIN94 T30 whit 105 Gun and HE only 😛

    • Steffen Agermann Christiansen

      @Codwallop great idea 66 penetration on tier 6 td LOL

    • Steffen Agermann Christiansen

      @Matthias Schinagl up it a notch and fire only HE

    • Dez I love your vids, keep it up. I hope you will bring back the series “I play the tank which destroys me”, I really enjoyed that one. You should play ARL v39 stock with the tier 3 gun only shooting AP or HE, a 25% crew, no equipment and standard consumables. Hope you don’t get tier 7 and 8 match making😂

      NA server

    • Let’s do a stock T29 with 50% crew. That should be inhumane treatment. TibuJenkins US Central server

  2. Username: BoozerPL
    I would like to see you play stock 45TP, 50% crew, no modules and no equipment. Also no premium ammo. Pure fun mate 😁

  3. Benjamin Dishman

    server: NA
    Do a 705 a duel where they cant pen eachother bc there both sidesraping lmao.

  4. Server : EU
    Username: wild_dentist

    Next time play T92 tier 10 arty with 25% crew!

  5. Username: Oarf
    Server: Eu
    How about FV 4005 with 50% crew and without equipment, consumeable and directives
    Should i bi picked for the is6 pls choose someone else i dont want to take it away from someone who could use it as i already have it, thanks dez that you suffer for us

  6. Username: Dstroyer1 Server: NA

  7. Bill Papadopoulos

    You need to test a T95, with 50% crew, stock BUT broken engine and a dead driver. You can even stun it with arty. In that situation you could cap just by drving through the circle.

  8. EU server
    Username: TankMcFlyTank

    I would like to see you play one of your favourite tanks, the IS-6 but… with 50% crew and no equipment what so ever. Good luck 😛

  9. ÂήâřČĥĭšŤ

    Username: pandos
    Server: EU

    Play stock KV-2 with 50% crew ,stalin will guide your shells anyway 🙂

  10. Vladimír Palička

    Username: vlada243
    Server: EU
    Nice video. I like T95 and your voice. Good luck on the battlefield and good luck to 200 000 subscribers.

  11. NA server

    try the stock a44 tier7 Russian med with the tier 4 gun. any damage will do 😀

  12. Username: alex21vaju
    Server : EU

    I challange you to play with a limited amount of ammo ,depending on your average dmg with that tank.For example if you have 2k average with a tank, only take shells that can make 2k maximum dmg

  13. Username: chimero
    Server: NA

    Play any arty as a scout

  14. Server: USA
    User name: TheCorpsman
    I would like to see more light tank tactics please!

  15. Username: tshahada1
    Server: SEA

    I’d really like to see you play the Super conqueror on 100%crew, but only HE shells and inverted controls(your keyboard bindings must be the opposite) I’d really like to see a game like this.

  16. Okay, hear me out cuz this might be a fun challenge. What if you have to use a flight sim joystick to play

    Server: NA
    User: waffailtrager101

  17. DarknessLord1996

    Server: EU
    Username: DarknessLord1996
    Try to play Progetto 46 with 50% crew, full he, without any equipment and repairs or anything can help you making it better

  18. Sever: NA


    Play t 28 with a 50% crew and stock engine

  19. Username: ljubisa94
    Server: eu

    Play Tiger 2 stock:)

  20. WOT User Name Buffoonswine EU server. Dez keep up the great vids. How about playing a covananter with no a p ammo, it was tier 4 now its Tier 5 and its almost useless now…. even with a good crew. It was a fun tank for seal clubbing at Tier 4 but at Tier 5 M4 A1s tend to 1 shot u sometimes……

  21. Username: Craetus
    EU server

    Play the Charioteer with cheap HESH only.

  22. Trust me Dez a tier 5 game with a pom pom gun with only 60 pen is really painfull….. forgot to add that last post…. Buffoonswine EU server.

  23. Server EU
    name: Matspo
    Play manticore or ebr 25%crew no equipment or food

  24. When did u joined DE-VI ?

  25. Username: Ascador
    Server: EU

    How about D.W.2 ? As upgraded as you like it

  26. ingame username: ritam_nereda
    Server EU
    Try to play stock Leopard PT A with crew that is on 50% 😎 and without gold/special shells.

  27. play the E50 with the 7,5cm Kw.K 42 L/70
    Its hard enouth, enjoy it!

  28. Server: EU
    Name: Sardukk

    Maybe try a tank with a derp gun and the lowest possible crew % you can get. No repair or first aid kit and your aim is 1500 damage.

  29. Server: NA
    UserName: mick10k
    Challenge: M46 Patton with Tier V 105 M4 gun…. ONLY using Premium AP Ammo 😛

  30. Username: tiger_karl Server: EU and for me I would like to see a game in the elc even 90 with full crew skills but no ammo loaded and you need to get into top 3 with assistance damage only. 😉

  31. Username AlmightyPerson
    Server EU
    Play Maus and only spot

  32. Just curious what the Mystery-Tank is, I waiting to get a Rudy but only for the dog
    WG Username: Gwillym
    Server: EU

  33. Username: Falke113
    Server: EU

    Try to 3 Mark a light Tank with more averige spotting dmg than dmg dealed

  34. Username: xxxZharrExxx
    Server: EU
    tx Dez for your work
    play EBR with no ammo

  35. Username: Gilloudu57
    Server: EU

    Next time try to make a kill without ammo in a high tier battle x) good luck

  36. Try IS-4 with only HE, maybe you can use the tier VIII gun.
    Username: Marci040710
    Server: EU

  37. Dominik Rezničák

    Username: Dominator2704
    Server: EU
    Challenge: Play arty only in 3rd person with “V” mod off.

  38. Server: Na
    IGN: Thatsfrosty
    Fv215b with 50% crew and no equipment. Try and quick snipe 2 tanks in 1 game

  39. Mohammad Joniedi

    I love you MAN BUT IF YOU insist… AMX65T fully stock.. That tank is torture even with good crew.
    IGN: Mojoniedi
    NA server

  40. Server: eu
    Name: Unforgiven_Mehdi

    Try playing arty like a “normal” tank…and 50% crew of course 😀

  41. Username: matija_pecek123
    Server: EU
    Pls play FV4005 II with 50% crew pls 🙂

  42. Username: JaceD23
    Server: NA
    Hello Dez. Just got my first tier 10 tank, the obj 277. The first 2 games I get ammo racked and my turret flies off both times. Lucky me

  43. Mindaugas Plonis

    Eu server:
    Player name:Pag0nisss
    Next time try Cromwell with derp gun and stock crew 🙂

  44. Love your content and the way you buid up your info!
    Username: coolegammer
    server: EU

  45. Username: Jordykoppelman
    Server :eu

    Can you play with ebr105 with 50%crew

  46. SERVER :EU
    USERNAME: _d00n_

  47. Andreas Apostolidis

    Username: pamaleo303
    Server EU

  48. Cromwell but only driving backwards where you have zero gun depression

  49. make the T95 chieftain balanced! 50% crew, no equipment and at last, but not least, NO UI mode!
    username: nevimcosem
    Server: EU

  50. Server: NA
    Username: emeraldoracle

    Next time actively scout with a light tank, but you can only drive backwards.

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