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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. bloody hell

  2. Mmm this is gus

  3. xXx_faZegooby _xXx

    Fly your the best man keep it up

  4. onehelluvakiller dude


  5. 420 likes at that comment

  6. keep up the good work phly!
    love you man.

  7. Hmmm take out a m22 locust in a tier 4 or 5 match XD don’t worry I saw it
    kill a t54 on its side.

  8. RIP i wouldn’t wanna do this

  9. Hey phly what about flying and landing on the enemies base with no wings
    -?can u do it

  10. now this looks like a fun challenge 1+

  11. Christoph Rantscher

    I think getting a kill with the schräge musik of the do217-n2 (4 20mm
    cannons fireing up) would be hard, but not impossible!

  12. Tiger Tank Gaming

    Straight ahead challenge

    Any plane you want max convergence

  13. CHALLENGE from Brazil : destroy a fighter with the Tiny Tim rockets of the
    f8f-1, in realistc air battles!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Christoph Rantscher

    I think getting a kill with the schräge musik of the do217-n2 (4 20mm
    cannons fireing up) would be hard, but not impossible!

  15. Wow, finally found a how to get stressed tutorial

  16. “oh my fucking gosh guys” … you can say the f word but not god? hahaha

  17. Fly with no HUD

  18. Ju87 G2 fighter challenge: Take out the 87 G and break off the landing gear
    and get an air kill! transform it into the fighter it yearns to be!
    (dragging in water does the trick if skilled enough 😉 )

  19. i kill people often with 1 burst from a distance of .75km+ with my
    hurricane 40mm canonx2…and from head on i am constantly murking people
    from 1.2km distance. shit aint a close range game, by then you lose.

  20. Use the Me 262 with rockets in air RB and get a kill using only rockets ;D

  21. ayyy lmao dank

  22. land in a carrier with no wings in rb

  23. I remember you doing the very same thing back in the day with Baron and

  24. Challenge : do a HammmerHead with a heavy bomber ( B-29 ) and kill someone

  25. LOL master of 50M haha


  27. Phly how do you show how much ammunition you have on the screen?

  28. Hey Phly new challenge!
    Try to kill an enemy with a bomb of the Arado B-2.

  29. Gamer300 “Gamer3000”

    how you make… tri color mode… ? because in options there is no tricolor

  30. 420 likes on that comment xdddd

  31. I already did that challenge with F2h lol. It went above my aim reticle XD

  32. PHLY we can watch your vid in snoop vision in 5/11/2033, so YEAH!!!

  33. hey Phly! can you once try or do something you like? with a plane you like?

  34. Totally a missed chance to call this “The morning after” Challenge

  35. The intro xD , was funny :)

  36. fly the TA-183 and change the controlls so W=LEFT D=UP S=RIGHT A=DOWN :D

  37. Land a Swordfish in RB on an LCU (Landing Craft Utility) . Tips: go under
    100km/h and try to touch down as gently as possible.

  38. I have a challange:
    Try to land a heavy bomber with alt+z and weather conditions night and
    Only 3th person view in test flight (I tried 8 times before I didn’t
    critical landed)

  39. Take out any tank you want, but you can only have 5 rounds of ammo. It
    doesn’t matter what shells you use, but you must kill one tank and one
    plane in RB mode (you cannot use the MG on the tank to take down the
    aircraft). No AA vehicles can be used in this challenge.

  40. Play the Centurion MK.3. Playing the cento should be a good challenge with
    all the 122s and 100s oneshotting you across the map.

  41. squad up with the Jap. sabre and kill a jet with the ki10 biplane.

  42. Hey phly I dare you to use the Ki45 tei and get a kill with the 20mm
    cannons on the top and not use the 37mm at all ;P GLHF

  43. Play the Tiger 2p only with HE rounds and try to get one kill.

  44. Goodjob Phly

  45. Play a tank battle in RB only with Joystick even for the Tanks.
    Just play the tank and plane that you like :-)

  46. Land any plane in the enemy’s airfield on rb

  47. wha…what the…

  48. Max convergence next time?

  49. Spitfire Mk XVI in jet match (no necessary all planes are jets) destroy
    almost 1 enemy jet (I did it)

  50. The killstealing is real. Welcome to .50 cals :D

  51. honest question are Baron and phly still friends?

  52. 0:38 420 likes

  53. pe 2 205 as a fighter

  54. Go one step further and try the hurricane with 12 x 7.7s and use stealth

  55. Welcome to the world of selfish dicks

  56. i requested the 50m convergence challenge like 6 times in different
    planes…. 🙁
    i never get noticed

  57. Challenge:
    Kill medium tanks with Hurricane MkI/L
    Kill at least 5 of them.
    Have fun with .30 cals!

  58. just a prank XD

  59. Phly, the AAA challenge. Try to kill all the enemy AAAs by the enemy
    airfield in RB without getting killed.

  60. self sealing fuel tanks were a thing…

  61. Kill steal simulator ^^^^^

  62. Hmm, here’s one for you. Similar sort of idea – get a kill in a match with
    the Tempest Vickers, but this time only set the convergence to 100m, I’m
    not a complete monster.

  63. Phly don’t die laughing please *__*

  64. the challenge wasn’t really the hardest part. The hardest part was not to
    get killstealed :D

  65. Daniel The Scotsman

    Play with your mouse inverted at full sensitivity haha.

  66. 6:11 LOL

  67. Russian SAM challenge comrad

    shoot down plane with our superior SAM technology the BМ-8-24

  68. Shepard Playz (D0GG1E)

    Never Gib Up challenge. Phly, the U.S. Army is running low on bullets.
    Snipe a plane with rockets from 2km or more away with the P47 or P51D. Good

  69. Lol that Yak 9. Any Russian lovers still want to defend this shit?
    Literally in all of the videos of Phly Russian planes put out 90% of the

  70. Pew Pew Challenge
    SM.79(all except SM.78B) kill enemy with your front gun .Good luck and
    hopefull have fun

  71. Heverson N. Rodrigues

    a typical day on War Thunder… KS KS KS KS KS KS KS KS KS KS KS

  72. Take out the He-51 with the 10kg bombs and kill somebody in a tier V tank

  73. XO INSANITY I Gaming Channel

    Phly! your pain is making me laugh so hard right now HAHAHAHA
    im actually high, so yeah love u boi
    and reply more to ppl in game chat

  74. φ Wehrmachts Fury

    Take out the SM.79 Sparviero in a tier 4 match.

  75. okay challenge : scratch one of your wing on take off and get an plane kill
    (with any fighter)

  76. He thinks he’s good but he just sprays until
    He hits something with tracer rounds on

  77. phly…… maybe instead of getting crit and just leaving him/her to die go
    make another pass…..to just make sure its gonna be your kill but thats
    just my opinion

  78. You’re a Fucking Legend Phly, Great flying mate. :D

  79. Guilherme Velhote

    i want this with SnoopaVision….

  80. ProblemOfficer3000

    Hahahha that LA-7 strong sovietinium))))

  81. 1:20 great idea!! use the ki-44 40 mm at 50m of convergence and get 2 kills
    on it >:D

  82. I would have killed those fuckers for kill-stealing that hard…

  83. Phly for the challenge try to kill 3 plane with no hud any plane you want

  84. I might just throw up after seeing the amount of people killstealing

  85. Make a custon with everybody using the 50m convergence!

  86. 8:41 American logic: “We only have *900* rounds left.”

  87. Seems like KriegsMeister27 has been watching some orange doom…

  88. Milk Truck Challenge get 3 kills with the Milk Truck

  89. @PhlyDaily

  90. +PhlyDaily do the Milk Truck Challenge get 3 kills with the Milk Truck

  91. alejo ruiz camauër

    Kill a bomber with the schrage musik cannons from above,meaning that you
    must fly upside down

  92. With that, you can shot two planes at the same time :P

  93. 10:40 50 millimeter convergence 🙂 next callenge….

  94. I have a challenge for you!
    Play a P-38L-5-LO WITH JUST A MOUSE in RB!

  95. Use any plane bit when you start to shoot you can’t stop until he or she is

  96. can someone please tell me how he gets the multi color smoke all i can do
    is one color on wings or one on tail :(

  97. The P51 is badder than me grammer and splling

  98. 2:11 Phly! What are you doing, flying the French colours????!?!?

  99. I dare you to drive any plane on the land of desert al Alamein and kill

  100. Makes for interesting head-ons. You can be off t one side and strafe as
    they come past :)

  101. SnoopaVision is in beta and will be enabled on 50 METER GUN CONVERGENCE –
    CHALLENGE – (War Thunder Gameplay) by 7/24/2135.

    this is some good software…

  102. This is going to be my last suggestion for a while now.
    Take out one of the ducks, maybe the 75mm one, and play in a tank realistic
    battle. Kill as many enemies that you can, while staying in the cockpit
    view. You have to spot, target, and engage all your targets, ground or air,
    in the cockpit. It’s like rubbing Vaseline into your eyes. You would be
    able to see more with a cheese grater in front of your face. Have fun, and
    like I said, I’ll be taking a break from challenge suggestions for a while.
    Hopefully this will get chosen, and thanks for taking many of my challenges
    so far.

  103. can we get a big dick challenge?

  104. stealth ammo and 50m gun convergence :D

  105. Darjeeling of St. Gloriana

    Try and kill an enemy by dropping bombs on them whilst in the air, in a
    Wellington or the Sunderland.

  106. 150m was my default gun convergence for IL-2 Sturmovik 1942 and every WW2
    flight sim since! I have read of some Polish pilots in the RAF during the
    Battle of Britain used a gun convergence of under 50m! The standard gun
    convergence during WW2 for all the combatant Airforces was between 100 to
    350m and 350m was considered the upper limit for engaging air targets. the
    best Air to ground convergence was from 400m to 600m with 600m being
    considered the maximum with which you could reliably achieve consistent
    results. 800m for your convergence Phly is way off, far too much for what
    you need in game! The highest scoring fighter pilot in the world, German
    Major Erich Hartmann, set the wing guns (later cannon) of his Bf 109 to
    converge at 50 m (160 ft) because of his preference for waiting to attack
    until very near his opponent.

  107. Measerschmitt 262 50 Meter Convergence? If So… Hi YouTube, And Phly Have

  108. +PhlyDaily, do the no0b challenge: take out a tier 1 reserve plane, no
    modules, and get the most kills in 3 matches.

  109. Pbj the American one with the 75mm (only use the 75mm and only shoot
    planes) good luck :)

  110. Measerschmitt 262 50 Meter Convergence? If So… Hi YouTube, And Phly Have

  111. Measerschmitt 262 50 Meter Convergence? If So… Hi YouTube, And Phly Have

  112. Jacrispy Turdelson

    Destroy a tier 4 or 5 ground unit with a tier one ground unit.
    Good Luck ;)

  113. kill a tier 5 heavy tank with HE rounds

  114. Well done Phly, now are you ready to take the Tree Fitty Challenge to stage
    B-57B with its wing mounted .50 cals that are a football field apart, with
    50m convergence

  115. +PhlyDaily Phly this is mein challenge Kill a tank at 1500 meters if is tuu
    easy try to get all of ur tank kills with an HE shot bellow the tank(KV2
    recommendend but do the tank than you want)

  116. how you make red, white, blue? 2:12

  117. Use the PE-8 and with a weight of your choice kill a enemy plane with a
    bomb mid air FOR THE MOTHERLAND

  118. Andrew Wagenknecht

    The amount of kill stealing your teammates did. Lol

  119. Land on the enemy airfield after destroying all of its AA

  120. NeilAsshole

  121. Sherman 105 challenge
    use the Sherman 105 with out use of sniper mode

  122. Phly, 3rd attempt now. Shoot down a plane with rockets on a timer of your

  123. ME262C2B Challenge Phly 🙂 Get enough Points in Tank RB to get this plane
    and than Try to kill Tanks and Planes with IT :)

  124. I use 800 convergence with my 1b, but that’s only on New Guinea where they
    absolutely destroy our team every match, and I just head on everything.

  125. play sunderland against jets in arcade battles

  126. juan david uran acevedo

    use the m22 locust to kill 3 tier 5 vehicles FLANK AND SPANK

  127. Because the p51 wasn’t crap already.

  128. joaquin ignacio valverde gonzalez

    gg phlydaily i am one yak 9 in this video gg

  129. more plane videos please it’s Bin a week to see this one

  130. How do you do tricolor?

  131. Use the hurricane mklV with no guns just the two 7.7s, on stealth rounds,
    with 50m convergence.

  132. Field_-_Marshal_-_Flintlock

    Can you please play the T-10 tank with the Mig 17 thank you.

  133. I Don't Understand Math

    WEP for the win

  134. This vid should be called “Kill stealers and unburnable Russians”

  135. phlydaily how do u somke three trial in war thunder

  136. THIS is a challange, use a joystick in realistic battle

  137. Can you phly the Sea Venom? (Like so Phly sees this comment.)

  138. Do you play on mouse+keyboard or on controller?

  139. land a b29 on a carrier

  140. next challenge ply world of tanks lol just kidding play the comet and only
    load HE rounds you have to kill at least 2 tanks

  141. 50 meters convergence unique buff: Be able to get assist super easily, even
    though you have lit enemy up dozens of times ;)

  142. Stuh 42G or M4A3(105) or Su122 without using the “sniper” view. ; )

  143. otherwise known as the shotgun mode

  144. hs 129 airkills with only the “37mm” gunpods, no 20mm no mgs

  145. lol, “50 mm convergence”

    if only…

  146. I swear to fucking God, I hate Russian planes. HOW THE FUCK DO THEY KEEP

  147. fly any aircraft without using A and D key

  148. I am the 666th like! }:-)

  149. 6:46 “the tempest is not like the spits” *gasp*, you don’t say?

  150. Custom match with all players with the 50 meter gun convergence would be

  151. “Just a prank” had me dying, lmao

  152. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▀▄░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░
    ░░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▀( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▄░░░░░░░░░░░░░
    ░░░░░░░░░░░▄▀( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▄▀█░░░░░░░░░░░░░
    ░░░░░░░░░▄▀( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▄▀░▄▀░▄▀▄░░░░░░░░░
    ░░░░░░░▄▀( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▄▀░▄▀░▄▀( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▄░░░░░░░
    ░░░░░░░█▀▄( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▀█░▄▀( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▄░░░░░
    ░░░▄▀▄░▀▄░▀▄( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▀( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▄█▄( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▄░░░
    ░▄▀( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▄░▀▄░▀▄( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▄▀░█░▀▄( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▀▄░
    ░█▀▄( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▀▄░█▀( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )█░▀▄░▀▄░▄▀█
    ░▀▄░▀▄( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▀( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▄█▄( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▀▄░▀▄░█░▄▀
    ░░░▀▄░▀▄( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▄▀░█░▀▄( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▀▄░▀█▀░░░
    ░░░░░▀▄░▀▄░▄▀░▄▀░█▀( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▄▀█░░░░░░░
    ░░░░░░░▀▄░█░▄▀░▄▀( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▄▀░▄▀░░░░░░░
    ░░░░░░░░░▀█▀░▄▀( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )▄▀░▄▀░░░░░░░░░

  153. Why would War Thunder even offer a 50m convergence…..

  154. I would love to sea you bring back the top 5 epic play’s or kills ????

  155. Patrick Grace-Ginley

    ‘It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine! MINE!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!’ Hahahahaha

  156. Patrick Lee JackOfAllBlades

    50m is where von richthofen liked to attack enemies from in ww1

  157. Shout out to your dickhead team mates

  158. Get 30 kills without dying in a Japanese zero.

  159. It was national steal Phly’s kill day when he recorded this.

  160. Falcon Thunder A-4

    M2a2 and b29

  161. Or at least 10

  162. phly taking out the D.

  163. jim lazos (None Of Them)

    Try to kill multiple ground units with the back gunners. planes to choose ,
    bf 110 c4, PBY-5a catalina, SBD-3

  164. Do 50 roll overs with a B-17 in a row :p

  165. 11:34 lol he thought he got it

  166. You did an upside down head on with 50m convergence and set him on fire at
    about 0.90m I’ll count that as a kill.

    Already better than OrangeDooms video.

  167. All those KSing.

  168. gosh, people just don’t respect other peoples kills

  169. Leon Eric Avrutin

    I feel your pain, Phly..

  170. The A26 with 50m convergence would have been better i think

  171. U squint !

  172. Challenge: only use your mouse (plane rb)

  173. try killing a few enemy planes with dropping BOMBS (ROCKets are allowed to)

  174. Get as many ground kills using 50.cal (on tank/td etc)

  175. Phly what the intro name

  176. How do you activate tri colored smoke?

  177. Phly, hello! Try to make your videos a little bit shorter. I am not saying
    that u are better to show us only highlights) but ur videos are rly too
    long) just my pov. No offense) I like your videos:)

  178. its called the :”crosseyed fer laife” challenge.

  179. A very odd person

    I might have to watch this in Snoopavision… extra immersion.

  180. +PhlyDaily Do the Top Gun “inverted dive” scene with any enemy plane. Then
    use the Schräge Musik to kill it while inverted.

    edit: just to clarify, you dont have to actually be in an inverted dive,
    just go inverted, get as close as you can (so you can go into replays and
    do a cockpit screenshot), and shoot the Jazz music :)

  181. the challenge is play with a p-26 peashooter only using the scopecam

  182. ธนภัทร เริงอาจ

    use do 17 z-7

  183. Great job Phly. LMAO, and amazing first place finish in that last game!
    Good video for showing new players just how much convergence affects
    getting hits on target. :)

  184. Umh, how to make aerobatic smoke like that, i mean in different colors?

  185. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Think about it, the Double Kills that would be possible… in 1 of 100000
    Games :D

  186. Did you really expect a russian plane to die from a fire? You know better,

  187. Upright productions

    I don’t see the tri-color smoke option. Is It premium only?

  188. The Badass Bassist

    I accidentally did this to myself thinking it was 500m. Yup, never did that

  189. 50 M convergence with a JU-87 G would’ve way more funnier

  190. One thing we learned from this video is the War Thunder playerbase is
    consisted mostly of kill stealing noobs lol

  191. Use the Dora

  192. typical mustang hit,hit,hit,hit,crit, assist ..

  193. here is a little chalenge take out the japanase mighty death star in
    realestic battle and get 6 kills without dying

  194. Fly out the Po-2 with 65-70% throttle 😀
    (You can use 100% or to take off in needed)

  195. you taught the yak never to gib up

  196. The Derpy Mechanic

    Fly a PBJ-1H with 50 meter gun converge

  197. Take the Do-217 N-2 with *Schräge Musik*, fly upside down and try to
    destroy ground targets or a bomber that is below you.
    OR play a whole match in the *Schräge Musik* view and try to get at least 1

  198. Adam Villa (Jet)

    Use the B29 as a low altitude bomber! Then gunship the ground targets or
    anyone who dives on you.

  199. Try to bomb a air target using a bomber.Have fun trying.

  200. Bring out an M22 with a 6.7 Tank in your lineup

  201. 6:20 that trick shot kill steal

  202. How many time should you hit and set on fire to kill a yak?

  203. try to get whatever plane with bombs, take normandy map and try to take
    down ballons with bombs ☺

  204. Kill somebody with 50m convergence by aming to the side of the enemy and
    not at them

  205. 21 people are women.

  206. How did you get the red with and blue colors ? i can only have one. is it a
    premium thing?

  207. faker!!

  208. Why does their guns shoots like an X?

  209. Maus HE only

  210. Next challenge: Try and IED a tank with a KV2. IED = Shoot under tank and
    frag upwards

  211. tracer noob!

  212. I think it’s impossible to make one of these where Phly doesn’t end up
    having fun

  213. Piet PaasHaas (Brand)

    After a year of watching your videos, this one made me sub 🙂 keep it up

  214. Phly when i started wt I was playing with 100 convergence for like 3 months

  215. F82 50m convergency simulator battle!

  216. In tank RB, get a plane with 50 kg bombs (if too hard then you can get 100
    kg) and destroy a super heavy tank like the maus or tortoise(it would be
    cool if you would land the bomb on top of the tank) ;)

  217. Great video man your the best war thunder you tuber I’ve ever watched or
    seen at that just wanna say keep doing what your doing great job man keep
    it up #PhlyDairy

  218. You know you’re shit when Phly gets 2 kills with 50m convergence.

  219. You and one of your friends to play with 2 mauses but you have to have the
    tow rope attached at all times

  220. make a series where you express what you want to say with music, and/or
    movie quotes instead of having to worry about studdering

  221. Louis Glendining

    bomb timer challenge: either using the PE8 or the Wellington, using the
    tactical nukes, kill a plane. lure them down low onto your 6, drop the bomb
    (make sure it has a fuse delay) and then wait for them to fly over the
    bomb. the bomb should explode, and the shockwave should kill the plane in
    the process! hope you enjoy :P

  222. 0:36 420!!!!!!

  223. Louis Glendining

    bind the 75mm CO axial on the maus to your primary fire button. NO 128MM
    ALLOWED! try and get at least 3 kills in RB using the 75mm only with HEAT


  224. Phly, I don’t know if you have attempted this or not because I am fairly
    new, but I think it would be interesting to see you try to get a kill at
    2km with either the PBJ or the HS-129 with the 75mm cannon!

  225. Валентин Тихомиров

    Pilly try to kill 7 tanks in tank sim battels without zoom and sniper zoom

  226. Андрей Ромашов

    140 beats per minute is actually normal pulse… for 1-10 year old kid:)

  227. Louis Glendining

    50m convergence MKII:

    Hurricane MKIV, take rockets instead of the 40mm cannons, fire off rockets
    on take off and just use the the 2 7.7mms at 50m. (RB)

    I am not responsible for any pain this challenge may cause.

  228. The Challenge: get an ace in rb with the p26
    Good luck

  229. I have this on my MiG-15…
    works great!

  230. always play with 50m convergence lol

  231. nadrepadre nadrepadre.

    Missa Phry, who do chicken ramen noodles have no chicken but beef flavor it
    hassa beef!

  232. Land with an aircraft on the island next to the JUNGLE map behind the
    sunken ships and take off again

  233. hey phly….try playing on ULTRA low graphics….have fun….:)

  234. LOL

  235. What keyboard you using (switches?) :)

  236. Try to get away from the kraken

  237. wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ur squad mate in the 2nd battle, is that the ruassin guy from firdays

  238. ginger!

  239. take out the T 26 with the PE 8 with 5000 lbs bomp

  240. EpicBlitzkrieg87

    Play an RB match without HUD

  241. Dude you outplayed the fuck out of that Yak3P. I cannot scissor as good as

  242. Alexandros Grivas

    Are you still using your joystick Phly?

  243. I just don’t get why people kill steal especially when someone is on fire

  244. No more “Toby Wood” challenges phly

  245. Kill a tier 4 Tank with the mighty M22 Fast and Furious tank

  246. Hes flying my favorite plane in real life

  247. New challenge don’t let Toby wood make the next challenge and take out po2/
    swordfish in a 9.0 battle and kill something. Or hit the enemy runway.
    Remember that you can kill anything

  248. Shoot down a plane in rb with tiny Tim rockets

  249. Phly with the ks that is my life in arcade it doesn’t happen as much in

  250. Literally an easy challenge that his teams made hard… ALL THE KILL

  251. How are you freely moving your camera when flying and it doesn’t affect the
    direction your plane is going?

  252. Challenge: Destroy a plane with Blenheim 1×7.72mm gun

  253. AlexTheGamer 0100

    Try to shot down a plane useing a rocket tank.

  254. Hey guys I need help my ping is 999 in this game. What should I do to lower

  255. FrothyBumSqueeze

    2nd try.
    Falcon Vs Reserves

  256. The guy got 420 likes

    Can I have that too? :D

  257. How do I get that blue, red and white trail?

  258. I think two Ju 87’s tried to do the challenge to, reason I know is because
    they went after me while I was flying the Swordfish, and both had a
    convergence of 50 meters.

  259. Soviet Russia has been testing out a new automatic lock on Ground to air
    rocket and you’re responsible to see how effective it is . Challenge :
    bring the bm-8-24 out in a simulator mode and shoot down aircrafts with
    rockets only. Have fun and may Stalin by with you :3

  260. Vovô garoto transudo

    holy jesus 3 assists? wtf give me a break… ‘-‘

  261. Play the t35 with the Russian. National anthem

  262. What did we learn from this video? People arn’t sporty ( shooting enemies
    already on fire) and that the Russians have magic fuel tanks that don’t
    burn up when THE GASOLINE IS ON FIRE.

  263. +PhlyDaily TRY AND GET A KILL IN THE OS2U!!!!!!!!

  264. ‫אמור גרטופסקי‬‎

    you can kill 5 aircraft in simulator batel whit

  265. ‫אמור גרטופסקי‬‎


  266. Panzerkampfwagen VI "Tiger" Sonderkraftfahrzeug 181

    How do you get the tri color smoke?

  267. +PhlyDaily TRY AND GET A KILL WITH THE OS2U!!!!!

  268. +PhlyDaily TRY AND GET A KILL WITH THE OS2U!!!!!

  269. The patience of a saint hahaha I would be so pissed with all those kill

  270. Erich Hartmann challenge Bf 109 G2/trop with Gun Pods with 100m convergance
    (no vertical) (i made 100m, its 50 in reallife but the War Thunder ranges
    are 2x short as in reallife ^^)

  271. land a plane with a big gun (50mm+) on the battlefield then try to kill a

  272. The ultimate test of your piloting skill: use a joystick setup and play in
    an arcade match!

  273. your teamates can be such assholes

  274. go in an m22 locust ru your way over a tiger 2. drive around him for 30
    seconds abd try to kill him without getting killed. Good luck!

  275. Dirk van Niekerk

    Combat Flap Challenge
    2 kills combat flaps deployed for the entire flight any aircraft.

  276. I love the dip in the audio when he screams lol

  277. yak-17 vs doniers 335 with the 30 mms

  278. Try and shoot down a plane in tank realistic battles with the RBT-5
    rockets. :)

  279. hahahahaha ffs each kill steal was hilarious!!!

  280. What a surprise, a russian plane was set on fire but magically put it out
    using its new secret russian experimental non-flammable fuel.

  281. +PhlyDaily OS2U-3 in any battle but the only view you can use is scoping in
    while in cockpit view.

  282. Bounce 3 shots in a Leopard, survive the match.

  283. be honourable

  284. Can’t trust American pilots to not steal your kill

  285. Ram someone in a PO-2.

  286. AD-1 Skyraider with Tiny Tims.

  287. Should be titled “Try Not to go on a Shooting Rampage Because of the
    Fucking Steal Kills Challenge”

  288. To be a perfect triple 50 challenge it should have been G.50, it does have
    50 cals I think, with 50 meters convergence…

  289. Patrick Adams (Orion)

    Howitzers have crazy range……?

  290. sniper challenge

    Use the sniper scopes on low tier planes in rb to get a kill.

  291. Can you do the J7W1 Shinden with 30mm ammunition belt for stealth attack ?

  292. waths the intro song

  293. How does phly get the tri color smokes?

  294. Su152 derp spaa

  295. Do a commentary that all you say is “Matt Damon” even while explaining

  296. Hi Phly, I dare you to kill someone by bouncing off another tank, if you
    have to set up a custom with baron and slick to get them lined up for the
    bounce kill, good luck Phly, it’s possible I have done it

  297. Hell of a job Phly! :D

  298. please tell me how to change smoke
    like your

  299. Use a German BF-109 and try to get a ram on a flying fortress or any
    American Bomber
    (you can’t use your cannons only mg’s)

  300. Use a German BF-109 and try to get a ram on a flying fortress or any
    American Bomber
    (you can’t use your cannons only mg’s)

  301. Man this is the gaming equivalent of a cross-eyed skeet-shooting… :D

  302. Matt Warriner (Matt de Woza)

    How about the “golden shell” challenge, you must use any medium or light
    tank, and you’re only allowed to load 1 high explosive shell , you are
    allowed to reload at cap points. But you’re only allowed to carry 1 high
    explosive shell at any single time… Have fun ;)

  303. Hello Phly, I would like to ask you a favor. for 6 years I have been
    working to return a Japanese flag to its home. I recently have been having
    success. I am starting a fund raiser to help me get to japan. If you would
    check out my Fund raiser I would apreciate it, but what i would like to
    know is, would you help advertise for my campaign?

    This is my go fund me:
    I will ahve no objection if you remove it from your comments. If you would
    like to talk add me on steam I am Cairo1.

  304. Pull a “Red Tails” with the P-51, by that I mean pull up while a plane is
    on your six then push back down and get on their six and then kill them.
    Please upvote, much appreciated. Keep phlying.

  305. “Oh Matt Damon” And “oh fuck ass” got me dying

  306. The good thing with 50m convergence is for bomber hunting, at 400m away,
    you aim at the fuselage of a G5N, you’ll hit both inner engines.

    take out the m10 and kill a plane by ricocheting ur shell to anything
    (NO MG)

    take out the m10 and kill a plane by ricocheting ur shell to anything
    (NO MG)

  309. I usually kill the people stealing kills like that or ram them

  310. People keep stealing kills what a bunch of fascist pigs

  311. try to kill a mig 15 with a p 51 with 4 20mms

  312. how do you get the triple smoke?

  313. Set bomb delay to 10sec, and try to bomb a moving ship from atleast 3000m
    altitude. Bombs cannot be above 1000kg (2000lb). Good luck!

  314. TDI you cant trust teammates

  315. that stigler joke tho

  316. Why did you leave the Powerhouse Phly?


    Jk, Play a realistic tank battles with only HE/SHRAPNEL

  318. @PhlyDaily I saw you in a game two days ago and I was super excited! Love
    your work, and I hope to maybe battle you one day! :D

  319. This is a Great Strategy.
    Confuse the enemy by hitting them WITHOUT pointing your nose at them.

  320. Take out the Attacker FB 1 and tweak the guns and set them to no

  321. Panzer II H in tier V.

    It has been done, as it is successful.

  322. This is why I will never play american teams, you cant get a kill. It will
    get stolen.

  323. Its pretty sad that the Il-28 tears before the P-51-D and most tier 4 props

  324. Wow kill steals were on point today.

  325. 666 comment!

  326. This reminds me of pissing after fapping.

  327. Havoc Mk1 FIGHTER/BOMBER

  328. I love how phy was jizzing himself after that second kill haha

  329. From 15 min the red tails wish they could pull those amuvers

  330. song of the intro?

  331. how did phly get 3 smoke white red blue at the same time?

  332. Land a bomb in a dicker max. ( like this so he can see it )

  333. AlOhAPvP HawaiiBoiz

    How about bomb something in rb upside down

  334. AlOhAPvP HawaiiBoiz

    How about the Phly daily challenge: steal everyone’s kill

  335. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    The Russian bias:
    The pe-3bis (with any rockets/bombs) and the t-34-85 (d5t)
    Any player will cry in fear Russians bias!

  336. With any plane, kill another plane with a BOMB, good luck!

  337. Hey that’s me in the last video

  338. I kill killstealers

  339. Get bomb kill in tank realistic, but drop the bomb while the plane is

  340. Shoot a plane using Tiny Tim rocket

  341. oh Fuck ass ?

  342. Most of the famous flying aces (e.g. Erich Hartmann and Saburo Sakai) used
    50m gun convergence.

  343. clip the wings of an enemy or ally while bombing

  344. if those were fires on german planes they would be deaded in seconds

  345. Wow killstealing seems to be rampant atm… Makes me incredibly mad.

  346. Land sunderland on Eastern Europe river

  347. Chris Brooksbank

    Take out the wellington (any one) and the 4000lb bomb and try to bomb a
    plane in air realistic.

  348. Harry Vaughan-Johnson

    Lol at 8:28 “Im literally gonna hold my guns until im right down their
    through”.-Phly Daily 2016. Thats what he said

  349. So many pranksters be stealing your kills

  350. Play War Thunder in Mac(Dont works because a bugg of the last update)

  351. Attempt #3: Upside down Schrage Musik tank kill. I promise you pain.

  352. Mirza Şahinkaya

    get 10 kills in rb with pz iv h i got 13 lets see how good you are.

  353. kill a spit with a pe-2. not the venerable po-2, but the pe-2 bomber.

  354. This is my harder challenge Take the mig3 with the 20mm guns(dont now why)
    and fly under the froven pass tunnel it is possible

  355. holy shit phly! i am impressed.

  356. Phly can u take out the FW190 A4 Sometime?

  357. next video play the Churchill mk 7 and the spitfire mk 9

  358. this game looks so real its unreal :)

  359. Shabbir Khambatti


  360. Schrage muzik vs ground target hype?


  362. bomb an enemy plane while it’s chasing you xD

  363. Moped “the Troll” Tobias

    @PhlyDaily why u can use 3 colors? i cant o.O

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