50 Minutes of T20 Gameplay

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Source: LemmingRush

minutes of myself playing the on Vanic__’s account. Huge thanks to him for letting me play on .


  1. Can you do amx 1390 / is there a way to request or just your decision?

  2. If your able in the future, could we get some music. Thanks for the vid tho

  3. Please do this in the Leopard / CDC / 12tons ;)

  4. why are you always on other peoples account?

  5. I would rather have the music, just my opinion though :)

  6. Is the T20 a skip or a good tank to grind?

  7. Pablo Mojica (FastCatAle)

    Nice video. Can you make a guide to play every kind of tank? (sorry for my
    bad english)

  8. Yo that was entertaining great vid as always rush , also do more of these!

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