50,000 players used to play this tank…now it’s a ghost tank (War Thunder)

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50,000 players used to play this tank…now it’s a ghost tank ( Thunder)

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  1. The words “Team” and “Help” are mutually exclusive in War Tinder

  2. Hey helicopter don’t move I’m going to reload and I’ll be right back with you..

  3. I have posted a suggestion on forum to change reload speed between APFSDS and ATGM, so that ATGMs are loaded 10 seconds but APFSDS only 6 (historically accurate)

  4. I have yet to have a night battle, dunno what you’re talking about Phly

  5. 6:07 I think Phly came a little bit

  6. Keenen the pro Elliott

    When I play the XM-803 I’m only getting 10.0

  7. Phly, if you’d use smokes in the last game you would have win!

  8. Rank 6 is when America starts to become fun with vehicles like, Xm803, M3, M163, M60 RISE

  9. I disagree with the title. I still play this tank sometimes and it’s still a lot of fun, even more then first abrams

  10. cos too slow reload, it was 6sec in good old times.

  11. Phly, show us those swedes only style please.

  12. This game suckk i deleted it

  13. I prefer xm1

  14. Can you make a video of phantom fgr2

  15. Me and ma m8 have been getting alot of 1 cap games at 6.0ish aswell!

  16. Nice Cod4 reference for your title

  17. But you never utilize the suspension! Drop that ass and you can shoot both front and behind you. 😉

  18. “this is where it all took off” ??
    don’t you mean this is where it all started to go to shit?

  19. y’know, I dont actually mind alaska too much, its definitely a camping map, preferably just set up tucked away near a intersection/road heading to and from one of the caps in the city and youre good.
    that being said, thats also why I dont like that map, after about 10 minutes youre dead if you start moving around to go hunt down the enemy team.
    honestly there are very few genuinely good maps in WT, and even less good game modes & as shithead said in response to phlops question in that last Q&A “if we add more selection of game modes (and by extension through his logic, maps) this wont be good for WT because there will be TOO MUCH selection and the players who dont like that game mode will just leave the game immediately…” as if people dont already do that, its at the point now that whenever I get matchmaking into some BS map like abandoned cargo port or some bs like it, I dont even bother trying to stick it out, I’ll either leave the game immediately or suicide charge into the enemy team with my main tanks so I dont have to wait on the crew lock to expire…
    such bs. wish there were better maps and the old shitty ones would get fucking scrapped already.

  20. loving the unloved: the first unlockable panzer 4’s with their short stubby barrels and awful range!
    +1 internet point for every long range sniping kill you get!! ;-]

  21. Gaijin Made night battles more common with the night vision update

  22. There is also a lot more two cap games in brs arounr 5-6.7 lately

  23. I’m italian, in the intro i bent over with laughter

  24. To be honnest, i skipped it’s research and went straight onto the Abrams.

  25. I want to draw your attention to a fact that concerns all WT players.

    The amount of time and effort to get anything done in this game is just pathetic.

    New vehicles keep being added and the journey to the top ranks is just fucking slow and sad, the amount of RP that needs to be gained is astronomical and you don’t get that much in battles (especially when you are a free 2 play player ) The stock grind of tanks that you just got is painful and it’s a torture that you need to put more RP to the next vehicle you research.

    On top of that the repair costs of vehicles, the ammo costs, and crew lock is just fucking stupid.



  26. You should give the TAM some love

  27. shit unbalanced russian game

  28. Why do you hate Sweden? When Italy was added you quickly made videos about the Pizza cars and had very Phun while doing so, but now when a small discreet Swedish flag was added, you are so silent, and reluctant to fly the Lingonberry plane and all dee meet-baals shootter eet may hawe.

    Naaaa, Mr Phly do not hate Swedes and I am just silly, but I never fly for I can’t be strategic in three dimension, so it just been fun the see what Mr .Phly think about the Swedish tree… or is it a small bush?

  29. Ahahaha i’m italian

  30. 101spacemen looking at you from the moon

    Kpz-70 is still a blast, and nothing will replace it!

  31. Thank goodness i already play the ghost brit tanks

  32. Sooo, just got this game, how can I get my hands on some cool Helicopters ? :))

  33. NowYouSeeMeNowYouDont haaa

    Famous last words: “Thats only a Shilka.”

  34. World of tanks vs war thunder?

  35. Phly what happened to your old intro (everybody-k391 ) I miss that intro 🙁 It made me love your vids !!

  36. I just realised the titles name is off of COD:MW1 ‘All Gilled Up’ mission. (Maybe)?

  37. This thing has adjustable suspension. Also can take 24 rounds to turret which is also cool and life saving. Lowest ammo possible is the best ammo possible.

  38. Garbage armor

    No thermals

    Unreliable as fuck 20mm

    Mediocre speed

    Basically a 10.0

    Long-ass unimprovable reload

    Overexpensive trash-darts

    Unreliable as fuck ATGM’s


    **Rushes like a retard and gets fucking destroyed by a BMP 2**

    **Takes 3 years to acknowledge enemy auto-cannons raping his asshole**

    **Forgets the T-55AM-1 he just shot, like a guard from Skyrim**

  39. 00:07, all italians enjoy this moment❤️??

  40. Eliezer Cordero Feliciano

    8:09 that’s my secret passage

  41. Modern Tanks should have STOPPED at MBT.

  42. Phil..Please do a new slant to your channel and explain to your peeps the different “Titles” in War Thunder and give props to each group for how/why they EARNED that title and Had No Option of Purchasing said Title!!…
    There are plenty of us player that have been with War Thunder from the beginning, like you that deserve and will give numbers to being recognized for our accomplishments in War Thunder, etc…
    Thanks in advance Phly…

  43. 10:00 minutes me killing tanks 😀

  44. russian bias confirmed

  45. … and then the Abram Freight Train started.

  46. well thats realistic in real life as well. you dont see many t-34’s unless the army is desperate and or poor, and that used to be an amazing tank. what happened? other tanks happened, they were better, so now people drive different tanks.

  47. Thank god i stopped play WT long time ago, now is pure cancer

  48. *Maus cries in deminsion*

  49. One of my favourite things about this tank that few people know about is how to control the suspension, it’s a huge advantage

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