50,000,000 Gold MILKED! | World of Tanks Type 59G – Under the Hammer Auctions

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World of Tanks Type 59G (Type 59 Gold), Tier 8 Medium Tank.

The final offer in the Under The Hammer auction will be the Legendary Golden Type 59 with a starting bid of 25,000 Gold. This is the 4th time the tank has been on sale and still such a crazy price tag… Well, you can ask what you want, right?

What do you think about it?


  1. Absolutely crazy price for the tank… You going for it or were you able to get it for 5k last time? 😀

  2. Anyone else totally sick of Wargamings outright greedy attitude??

    • @Matthew_B_Ridgway you gave the smart arsed answer and you don’t expect one back?! Yes I play but it’s my prerogative if I want to complain and not up to you or anyone else to tell me what to do!

    • @Steve S no one is telling you what to do this is whats wrong with the world everyone assumes this or that… what I typed was a solution to your cry baby antics… dont like it dont post keep your sh*t to yourself..

    • @Matthew_B_Ridgway free world I can say what I like, if you don’t like it move on and keep your childish idiotic replies to yourself! What’s wrong in the world is people telling others that they don’t have free speech or are allowed to dislike something just like your doing.

    • @Matthew_B_Ridgway yep, your weird!

  3. too expensive when you think that i got qilin for bit over 25k gold

  4. And i dont have a gold for change my name LoL free to play is best

  5. I got this tank for free in last years Christmas box.

  6. Yeah I’ll pass

  7. Can I sell mine for 25k gold

  8. That means my account is with about 2 million cash.

  9. Wait so the obj 268 v5 was the only tank for free exp?

  10. Manipulated outcomes through the matchmaker. There’s no random in this game.

  11. I have absolutely no interest in this pimp ride and the other one. I wouldnt buy it

  12. At the point where this tank isn’t even that rare anymore, seems like every event is selling it, can’t wait to see it in the starter bundle

  13. In my opinion, what they doing now is actually a pretty good thing. Because they are basically selling skins, for money. This way they do not need to create new op tanks and they still get paid. This I think opens a gate for Wargaming to get their money while not making the game pay to win.

    • Yes but they still create OP new tanks while selling these skins for the price of a kidney. Look at the skoda and tell me it’s not OP

  14. So they still need to balance the game instead of making powercreeps of everything they are adding. Why not keep the balance so all the old premiums are desent again.

  15. Glad. I have no gold at all to spend it
    Long live f2p

  16. The druken gambling community they have, it’s not surprising anymore.
    Milk is running in pipes a long time ago

  17. I got the qilin for 40K gold

  18. WalletGaming at its finest >_>

  19. Only 500 on US server same price though

  20. thx for showing,, i will cancell my bid loll

  21. 25k skin? WG can shove it right up their ass lol

  22. Rare? This thing is ugly and now turning wot more in to a non historical game. Just another kids video game. Fake looking tanks. First it was goofy gift wrapping camo, now fake tanks. Horrible turn for this game. Might as well have Mario Cart cities.

  23. Nope. Don’t need it.

  24. I paid 25k of this when thought WG will not sell it again but rare tanks in this game does not exist. WG business is to sell stuff so.. originally these were like 1k on the server, now already like 12+k. And soon more. I feel like idiot that I bought this, and I can say if anyone pays this price of this shitter, he is an idiot 🙂

  25. Gold pixels cost more to make – in Russia.

  26. my friend bid One Million XP for this on Asia Server.
    6 more hrs to know if he got it or not bid high enough LOL

    • Bid 1 million xp and got it, asia server. Aye iam pay to collect players. If wg bring out object 279 gold iam will glady buy it lol.

  27. “this is gold, Jerry,gold!”. No soup for you WG!!!! Come back in one year!!!!

  28. $100 USD for a skin…

  29. 500,000 xp minimum in my server

  30. The object 268 5. Took way over 100million gold worth of free xp (if converted at 25xp per 1Gold)

    Yes I know people bought with earned free xp, or converted at a time where it was 35-45xp per 1Gold.

  31. They are slowly eating the player base gold, so when they add something people want, but they have nothing left after buying everything else. Guess what they spend money instead using stuff they earned.

  32. Do you ever think bond equipment or black market will ever come to console? Weird video to ask on, but just wondering from any and their opinion on it

  33. ThomasTheDankEngine

    Love how other you tubers talking about this tank saying 25k isn’t really considered expensive anymore…like bruh lmao. This is why I watch my baboon skill and Dezzy

  34. I have the orginal type 59 when it first came out. It was a lot of fun. Maybe I can get 25,000 gold for my.

  35. id pay 50m if it had the 3x credit bonus, Hell yea

  36. Брка Курсулић

    WHO would like to bye this pile of junk? People,are you mad?

  37. My friend bought thos tank for 23k gold last auction

  38. “A fool and his money are soon parted.” —- Obi Wan Kenobi.

  39. Until is sheep’s, it will be plenty of wools.

  40. This tank is not that good without full gold ammo loadout. It’s certainly not worth 25Mil gold and up. That’s just stupid.

  41. feck i was going to bet 21000 gold on the wz 111 q but i couldnt buy gold at the last hour but would never pay 20000+ gold on a tier 8

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