50B with New Turbo is MAD Crazy! | World of Tanks AMX 50B with New Improved Compressor

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks New Improved Compresson Bond Turbo Equipment Unit on AMX 50B. World of Tanks AMX 50B Gameplay, Tier 10 Heavy Tank. Battles Reward Bond Turbo aka Improved Compressor.

You have already seen slow tanks, aggressive tanks and light tank with this new equipment unit, but today let me demonstrate the power it on a vehicle such as AMX 50B… it makes it quite crazy!

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. What do you think about Bond Turbo? More good or more bad for the game?
    What other vehicles would you like to see with this equipment unit?

  2. Andrew Potapenkoff

    Judging by start of first battle – there was no point to get at 1st position so early.
    So not that big of a advantage.

  3. try the ultimate ramming setup with the e50m including the bond turbo, i dont even want to imagine the devastation it’ll do

  4. Imagine bond turbo on Kranvagn… Recently WG is doing only stupid things.

  5. What is the point of armorless mobile mediums anymore. For the past 3-4 years, buffing of mobility on armored tanks and buffing armor on mediocre/decently/fairly mobile tanks is noticeable. This is taking it to another level.

  6. Wait, what is this T95 Chieftain (besides the broken cw reward T95/FV4201) doing in your garage? Is it coming to the game?

  7. I reached bronze league, website says that i didnt.. rip turbo, thanks wg, very cool

  8. I don’t think the Bond Turbo is an issue as it is.
    On the contrary, I feel like it adds spice to a game that can sometimes get pretty stale.
    Adding new ways to play tanks really throws a wrench into any plan.

    And yes, that can be frustrating when you encounter a Ramwagen E50, but I consider that part of the fun.

  9. <<<<< DEZ PA CITO >>>>>>

  10. Personally I’d say its LESS of a problem on already fast vehicles, going 55 or going 60kph, is in most situations a much of muchness, sure the odd map things might get to places a bit earlier than they already do, but like your 277 going 60kph (and giving up something like optics or vents to do it) is not massively impactful IMO.

    (also not like a 50b is very meta anyway right now).

    For most average players more speed doesn’t help them, it just makes them get into stupid positions faster where they over extend and die.

    BUT a T95 going 26kph, reversing faster, accelerating faster, turning faster is IMO more of a problem because those are already very strong tanks supposed to be balanced by their speed. They should be vulnerable to flanking and getting outpositioned, but if they are going 30% faster, then all of sudden their main weakness is far less of a weakness.

  11. both a restriction on max top speed AND on max horsepower to weight limit

  12. Uno, dos, tres y cuatro, nice spanish words

  13. Dez i saw t95 chieftain the tier 10 tank in your garage can u show its gameplay??

  14. I want to see it on a siege mode 103B

  15. GG i couldn’t get it bc i was in Hospital


  17. Its really enjoyable and makes a huge difference when putting a turbo on tanks such as ST-I or ST-II, those tanks are terribly slow and turbo is making them more competitive. In the sense of reaching the battlefield and maneuvering ofc. Since recently, i have put a turbo on a bunch of my soviet heavies, including KV4 Kreslavsky, ST-I, ST-II and IS-3-II, it really is a wonderful thing to use. I dont even have turbo on any of the fast tanks (not that i have many since i mostly play heavies), but i do fully agree that there should be a certain limit, as u stated, allowing the turbo to be equipped only on vehicles that have the max speed of 45km/h for example

  18. Alan Tuktamyšev

    Have you tried bobject 268 v4? 😂

  19. I like your T95/Chieftain

  20. WG is ignoring MM as that is the real problem with every game that is so 1 sided the game is not fair and balanced……………..what happened to WG moto fair and fun to play or fair play for that matter…………..balanced MM so that there is fair battles and maybe the game would be worth playing

  21. Forgive me if I am wrong, I rarely play WOT anymore, but doesn’t this turbo break the nerf the 268 v2 had? One of the OP elements of the tank was its speed, I know its gun handling was also nerfed, but seeing that it will be in your face, the gun handling is pointless.

  22. Heavy tanks should never be able to travel faster than the slowest medium tanks.

  23. OneRandomOsuPlayer

    Is7 will go 67 now 🌚

  24. Day 20 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  25. 105 octane gas… the consumable nobody talks about…

  26. What a silly sausage… did they test it… LOL. They have few thousands of free testers available 🤷‍♂️. Why pay the professionals. Pfff

  27. Luckily not that many players will have access to this, or be able to constantly re-deploy it between vehicles. But what it will do is produce many more unbalanced battles because it creates more random uber-attribute tanks…

  28. Watch guardians of the Galaxy. Their tester is the Groot xD

  29. They should just adjust the effect of the equipment to be higher if your speedis lower. For instance using a formula like that for turbo: Turbo adds (80kmh/vehicle topspeed) to your topspeed. Badger would get 4kmh but t-100lt only 1kmh. Its not that difficult to balance stats. Wargaming is just too retarded to do so.

  30. Schattenvirus WOT

    Dez, could you do a video about what would happen to the game when WG would double the hp on every single tank but the alpha dmg would stay the same. I think the games would be last a bit longer. Would be nice the hear your opinion about it.

    Thx for the great content, keep on dez 🙂

  31. José F. Martín

    The problem of WG is not either if they know what the changes have or not, but if they care about it.

    And the answer is no.


    WG should added gravity force in wot pc its gone be super crazy fun

  33. Dez if ul ever make a new acc call it DezTroyer 😁

  34. Can you imagine what that turbo could do to a EBR???? :/

  35. 80 kmh t100 and elc even90. i cant even descide where to put it…

  36. epic how wargaming does such untested changes always before new CW. i can already see speedboosted chieftain with 70kmh

  37. nice chieftain buff no he damage with increased speed to rush op hull down positions at the start of the game

  38. How did you turn those headlights on???

  39. Why do u have a T95/chieftain? They finally releasing it??

  40. Wg sniffs the line – WE NEED SPEED kachau

  41. Well… 50B is made of paper so.. not too much “heavy” tank there..

  42. It’s actually, not ackally 🙂

  43. Nice way by WG to get the whales investing time in game so they can feel superior or pay for boosting support witch dont hurt wgs economy just improoving the need to pay or grind for the equip

  44. Miodrag Aleksić

    Game goes to much fast. If I wanted that fast game I will play NFS or something like that. They rly fuct up with this game to the max and after a 9 years of playing I will decide to delete it. They will stay as already see to many acc with 2k, 3k, 4k PR. Great job WG, it was fun to play this game but now with this ebr staff on every tank they make more easy for me to decide. My PR is 10k+ so one more good player less for them.

  45. Am i missing something? What he is trying to show us? Both games turbo gave him absolutely nothing and vertical stabs would be way better … what? Excuse me?

  46. Viktor Majtényi

    Dez are you learning Spanish? 😂

  47. for someone is now 50Beast for someone 50Broken

  48. 3:51 u can see T95/chieftain whats that?

  49. Would have been nice to get it. This ranked season/was absolute garbage. So many people throwing their tanks away

  50. why do you have 2 types of chieftains in garage?

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