57mm AUTO CANNON & TOW Missiles – Begleitpanzer 57 (War Thunder 1.73)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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57 AUTO CANNON & TOW Missiles – Begleitpanzer 57 (War Thunder 1.73)


  1. The saxophone in the intro song is fucking amazing, but the “Everybody (woah)” is fucking shit.

  2. Is the new jet sounds on the dev server or is it a sound pack?

  3. mm looking forward to the French I hope they go up to doing the mirages like the mirage 3, and yer a tow that can be both ground or air if u good with it lol.

  4. These plane sounds make so thirsty


  6. Wheres the 57mm Mk.2 APFSDS tho Gajin!?!?!

  7. Amatsumagatsuchi Heavenly God of Calamity

    Phly how do you play RB so well every time I play i keep dieing in the first min of the game i need your wisdom T.T

  8. You could call it the bagel panzer

  9. Someone needs to make a sound mod that makes the jets just have some ear-cancer sound of someone say NYOOM

  10. The translation is Trace tank

  11. am I the only one who tried to click the “get reward” button for the battle tasks

  12. Check out the game Heliborne

  13. Jun Carl Ceasar Laingo

    At first, I thought Phly is calling this tank as “BIG LITE PANZER” but then I read the title… then it came to me… LOL


  15. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    Wait, didn’t the Begleitpanzer 57 have a stabilizer irl? Is this a prototype version?

  16. One of my favourite tanks in WT 🙂

  17. phly whenever you don’t know how to pronounce a tank’s name just type it into google translate and let it read it out to you

  18. Coolest missile ever

  19. The bagel panzer returns¡

  20. Have you ever done the a7m phly?

  21. Fiesta del Chorizo

    Oh hey what’s up there bagel panzer

  22. how do you get onto the dev server?

  23. the rockets that are on the ad 4 are the same ones that are on the apache attack helicopter

  24. Ben Fugaro-Thompson

    @PhlyDaily you have taught me so much about war thunder and I am so thankful. The angling and the knowledge you have imparted has made me better. Vielen dank mein freund.

  25. I played this tank in Armored Warfare and it was a blast! My all-time fave tier 5, or at least it was back when I played before My.com took everything over.

  26. Play Spintires: Mud Runner when it comes out on Oct. 31.

  27. Čiken Dodo Terminator

    Now we wait for the m8 greyhound with TOW missiles 🙂

  28. Wtf? Was Phly drunk when making this video? The slurring of words and continous usage of wrong words… “Smack-a-mole”

  29. This vehicle is known in Armored Warfare as the “Bouncypanzer” or the “Bagelpanzer”. Why Bouncypanzer? Because that front angle screws you over all the time. Think they nerfed it by now though

  30. Naradhipati Andaru

    Phly what are the sound effects you’re using?

  31. lol wtf an ATGM bounce you

  32. Just call it the Bagel Panzer

  33. repREsentation. 🙂


  35. Phly i have seen a big lack of japanese tanks so i want you to take out the Type 74 with the R2Y2 Kai V3 atemt 1

  36. 10:58 “biplane” TRIGGERED

    it is high-wing

  37. Adrian Vedvik Mehammer

    Say the a as the British do, and then u have a little more zc in the z. Then you should pronounce the word panzer correctly I think

  38. take out the Tiger II (p) pls…

  39. Challange! Take the premium Chi-Nu II and survive 3 shots. (That thing almost never bounces a shell.)

  40. I want that 30mm french jet bomber, so sexy

  41. I really loved this vehicle in armored warfare, it’s dpm was through the roof for a mid-tier light tank in that game by switching to a missile while the gun reloaded and vice versa meant that you were constantly engaging something as long as there is targets!

  42. Hey phly, did u hear war thunder is finally being released on Xbox one?

  43. Now we have a german ZSU-57

  44. Just a little addition to the pornounciation of the begleitpanzer… im from germany dont mind my english im not perfect. You need to call the E I like an a i :
    Beglaiitpanzer but dont call it like the letter i…. have i nice day bye!

  45. beagle panzer

  46. Not even Germany can manufacture better aaa than zsu 57 😀

  47. id play this game if i didnt suck so much at it

  48. It’s a pity that they didn’t modeled the wire for TOW

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