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  1. thoriginalsteve-o

    Is there going to be a “French chopper, Best chopper” shirt? PLEEAAASE I need it.

  2. Phly can an Italian boi see the 104S in a capable hand.
    Attempt 59

  3. Konrad Orzechowski

    Has anyone been having a glitch when you try to spawn in a plane in a ground battle your game crashes

  4. Why insane prototype, Fvc German Murder is a great Fcv, the best Fvc. Great job ex Germany army

  5. I recently discovered how OP this thing is and was hoping Phly wouldn’t play it, so it wouldn’t get over-used… Guess I’ll have to find some other think to play with for a while 😀

  6. Everybody <3

  7. For the almost fun shirt, i would put a cartoony p47 ripped in half on fire, like it got shot down by anti air.

  8. The almost fun shirt should be a theoretically fun tank that gets screwed due to game balance and matchmaking.

    As an example: Double tracked Maus with a broken gun and engine fire, with like wave of Ka-52’s and PE-8’s approaching it’s position.

    Something that you were hoping to enjoy getting ruined by balance.

  9. where uamee song in intro at

  10. Every CC is playing this recently
    Coincidence? Hmmm

  11. I say for the Almost Fun design you could put a Gaijin logo or something similar without any wording and right underneath “Almost fun”

  12. the Bagle-pantzer…. we’ll keep that alive!

  13. Challenge: Play 10.7 with the worst mbt which is stock and you cant use the stabilizer

  14. Just for interest sake, “begleit” translates to “accompany”, so begleit panzer translates to accompanying armour.

  15. Hey Phly I want you to make more videos on your soundpack

  16. 2600p for one kill???? I get less for 10 kills in my games !!

  17. Anyone else having issues with trying to get tigor in the gajin store? It says his link doesn’t exist?

  18. robo-suport_cz robofactory

    down tiers with this are wonderful

  19. The engine sounds like a 2 cylinder boat engine

  20. can you play the t35 once

  21. add you as Caesar with a sideways thumb and holding a sign with the other hand that says “Almost Fun” for the T-Shirt. i would pay top dollar for that.

  22. Phly..
    You are fuckin nice…

  23. Hello I have a dumb question I guess.

    I have the TAM 2C but I am still wondering what the LWS (Laser Warning System) is.
    How does it work or what does it in general?

    Can someone explain it?


  24. gabrieledavid rettore

    10:30 perfect explanation of butterfly effect 😂😂😂😂

  25. Almost fun:
    Fighting Leopard 1 with a Sherman;
    Maus Fighting Post War / Cold War tanks

  26. we use these autocannon prototypes in the singapore armed forces

  27. For the T-shirt I’m proposing the citation that you had in a previous video: We Americans help each other unless it’s inconvenient” also we can make it for different nationalities “French, Italian, Scotich,,”

  28. Hey phly can you please play xm1 Chrysler on Xbox it be a good video

  29. For the almost fun shirt you could have an M56 Scorpion on it

  30. Man I’m getting nostalgic.

  31. Where is the t34 at? Huh?

  32. The flappy wappy channel

    • EYYY, whats up

      no regrets 😉
      Btw. why does the first playlist have only like 3k videos while the others are at almost 5k?

  33. Phly, you know that I’ve seen some of the same inconsistencies in round pen and effectiveness. It’s like you spawn in and your rounds have an effectiveness set at either sub-par or full effective. Or somewhere in between. Sometimes my favorite M60A2 will clean up with single shot kills at close range…other times it will bounce, track-yellow, vision-block the whole time. Your second spawn with the Begleitpanzer in the first game is more like what I’m used to with it.

  34. I dont think I have seen one person in the comments (that is og) that doesnt like the og intro.

  35. Lol I just realised that your profile name is PhlyDaddy probably change it to DaddyPhly

  36. Anthony Ratanavong

    Is this the new fiat?

  37. Countertheory: All WT channels are Phly

  38. “Cmooon we are losing too much intro” 😂

  39. Christopher Chytry

    Nice Video

  40. i’m actually researching this tank , btw PHLY you have reward in the battle pass !

  41. Play m6a1 please.

  42. A meme shirt with the Leo2A6 and it‘s 12 Zylinder Turbo charched engine


  44. Day2 of asking phly to play T10A it has 860sl

  45. Fynn Haggenmüller

    So i have a suggestion for an Almost fun shirt: one of the top jets is flying in a straight line, no afterburner or anything, no enemies near him, and then the plane disintegrates due to a “wing overload crash”
    You could use an SR71 blackbird, for that, considering that one of the early ones did disintegrate midair at mach 3 in 23.500 meters altitude, due to the automatic inlet valve of one engine correcting to slowly

    Another idea would be a tank spawns in and immediately 5 guided missiles are 2meters away from it.

    Oh wait 3d idea: a type 16 gets hit in the wheel by a gaz AA milk truck and exploded, due to hullbreak.

  46. Day 1: Play the AML-90 at Top Tier! Pleaseee


  48. Phly can you make a video about the brand new me 262

  49. It’s always something about butts with phlydaily. As for me…. I can only watch while feeling depress that console gamers suffer so much after the last patch.

  50. The flak panzer at 1.0 is great against ground and air

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