^^| 59-16 Replay Cast

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  1. lights get +1 matchmaking but they get normal matchmaking when playing tier
    6 stronghold. so go figure WG logic

  2. whats the outro song circon? that riff is sick

  3. My all time favorite and the first tank I 3rd marked. Glorious moments: set
    T30 on fire in my 2nd clip shot in the ass, 5th shot he was dead :P. Killed
    m103, T95 and Tiger II in the same battle, they were busy harassing my team
    and all I did was sneak up behind them :D.

  4. That guy in the M12 was a really talented arty player. He knows how to
    click on the map… repeatedly.

  5. michael doherty

    Circon the presenter with a pulse he has a great dry sense humour
    and doesn’t force laugh at his own jokes like QB.

  6. if you don’t spam premium would you still recommend the autoloader?

  7. your video quality is pretty aweful while ur moveing ur tank lol but when u
    stand still it’s nice how can this happen?

  8. I enjoyed playing this thing purely for the novelty. Like Circon said, its
    pretty terrible most of the time, but when you find tanks made of newspaper
    its amazing. Helped teach me the scout/late game assassin style

  9. Allan Huntington

    CIRCON make more these ar great! But more dank memes, I like the more the
    relaxed circon but these are great never the less

  10. @SirCircon To make it more easy for WG to see that your video contains some
    constructive critics about their game you could change the title to make it
    more obvious for WG. Something like my opinion on the 59-16. Or educational
    59-16 replay cast. You had this type of a video with your battle review
    with the E75. Use your three mark footage, you have tons of video material
    to express your opinion on every 3mark tank you grinded!
    Nice video memes btw, getting better and better Sir circ7 ;)

  11. Ruscello Twitch

    Great commentary. More plz.

  12. Great stuff man!

  13. Was wondering if you were going to make a Deadpool referance……

  14. I liked this tank quite a lot, it’s a fun challenge and it looks cool :)

  15. snowisthebestweather

    7:00 I love that your M12 is trying to tell you to go find and kill the

  16. I think the 59-16 is at a very nice spot! I like it as it is. Makes you
    think you think about your moves.. And come on Circon. I can make that
    amount of dmg without full APCR loadout.

  17. One of the best replays. explain your thoughts on the tank how to position
    and the tanks faults. Keep it up dude.

  18. Bro i like how u r uploading more, love your vids

  19. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    A tier 4 T-28 also gets the 112 pen gun, and I really love it there. That
    tank also moves!

  20. 59-16 is fairy ok tier 6 LT with stock gun – a better MT-25. Autoloading
    gun is high risk-high reward and that’s how you should treat it.
    If you want to grind fast past it – just use 57 mm. I you want challenge –
    choose autoloader.

    But I agree. All tier 6 LTs are seriously powercreeped by T37. I’d say they
    would be perfectly fine with standard MM (+2/-1 so you can’t club tier 4s)
    because even in tier 8 battles they can be fairy completive and there is
    much less guns that can 2-shot you.

  21. Jovan Schiebelbein

    dude that outro just made me like some of the heavier rock again

  22. worst of the Tier 6 scouts? … 12t anyone?

  23. more…Good!

  24. InsertGeneric Insult

    did you consider loading HE circon? if you spammed it when you arent gonna
    pen anyway, and shit that has no armour is gonna get rekt

  25. i like these kind of videos, keep up the good work

  26. Kepler “Haloofnorway”

    2 videos in one day!? This is highly irregular. I like it. Moar please.

  27. are you kidding me.. tier 6 scout in tier 9 and does most damage.. gg

  28. Sebastien van Tiggele

    I got to 3 marks with only 1 clip APCR loaded every game.

  29. second match i played with this tank when i got my ace
    2151 damage, pascussi’s, high caliber, 1222 xp
    on tier 6 though… and god did i struggle with the pen while firing AP
    only, but i made a nice amount of gold.
    fun little tank but its just not good enough compared to other tier 6
    scouts :’/

  30. Richard Gustafsson

    6:42 As I always wanted

  31. great video, circon. i really enjoyed this one and the IS-6 video aswell.
    keep it up! :D

  32. yeay replay cast with my one of my fav light tankus. Thx circon, great
    memes, keep it up.^

  33. sebastianmagnus

    looool GG in that piece of shit tank!!

  34. Andre van essen

    Cant wait for the Great reballance

  35. circon getting a dirty invader medal, not something you see everyday. gg

  36. You can clip any artillery with the 59-16, including tier Xs. I love that

  37. Stealthy Icytail

    what tank next ?

  38. Michael Wallace

    S-51 actually has 60 armor all round, except for on the gun shield. It can
    reasonably pull off some stupid bounces if the angles are right.

  39. Furious Pancake

    seems like all of your good games happened on sacred valley;P

  40. do you think these kind of tanks need buffing in the general rebalance?

  41. HOLD THE DOOR BibleThumb

  42. dude i love my 59 16
    the pen is very annoying tho, you really need to train yourself to just not
    shoot what you cant pen

  43. More Non-streaming content Circon! you’re on a roll!

  44. HOLD THE DOOR :(

  45. This tank is 100% pain. Worst T6 scout by far.

  46. Going live right now: twitch.tv/circon /w World of Tanks

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