59-Patton Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

I didn’t expect a lot from this tank, but ’s another that surprised me from first impressions.

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  1. Dissapointing tank compared to many other T8 prems…. I love my T-54 first
    proto so i’ll drive that instead :)

  2. So it is an otherwise good tank but with a tumor? I might get it next time
    it is in the store. I don’t mind mobile flanking glass canons so the tumor
    will not be a deciding factor. Hmmmm…..

    I am not sure but I think it was Jingles who said it is a transvestite of
    tanks … indeed it looks like (please excuse the expression) a chick with
    a dick….

  3. I am Chinese, according to someone on Chinese WOT fourm’s research, Its
    physically impossible for a 59-Patton to exist as the M48 turret ring is
    simply too big to fit onto a type 59 hull. But during the 1980s there were
    plans between China and America to modernize type 59, with mainly new
    turret designs. I suspect the rumor or ‘plan’ came from that era. In game,
    this tank after the pen buff is a lot better, but in my mind it should have
    better view range, right now it has Patton’s tumor but a worse than heavy
    tank 112’s view range… WG logic….

  4. Dreadshells Gaming

    Grats on the ace! (no game)

  5. M3 lee has A HUGE TUMOR like the 59-patton 🙂
    this tank has to be played clockwise i guess

  6. Will you try to grind the fv 4202 and will you be doing a review on it? I
    think it will be more interesting hearing what you have found about it’s
    history than the tank itself.

  7. the bamboo curtain.
    excellent video.

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