59-Patton – Review – World of Tanks – Is it worth it?

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  1. I liked this tank because it was unique and not “mainstream”, but hOlY fUc3 iT tOoK mE 600 gAmEs To 3 MaRk

  2. They need to boof it more!

  3. 7:50 for gameplay ; ) That wart on top is silly and makes the tank worthless.

  4. So you liked it then?

  5. All the people that are working at the balancing department are playing other games and don’t know how frustrating is to play with a tier 8 tank

  6. type 59 is much better, ignore this shit if you have one. gues its alright if you dont

  7. 大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    It is pretty ok back in the really old days….now its wtf…

  8. LOL just as I am 3-marking this thing because a twitch viewer gifted it to me you make a video…
    by the way, I think you forgot to mention that sidescraping is basically impossible because you have those cheeks right under the turret.
    for some reason I happen to be the #1 59 Patton player on the EU server right now

  9. Hey Circon wanna see an even better tank than the 59-Patton in 2018? Take a look at the Chieftain/T95. I know it’s a CW-reward tank, but still.

  10. Type 59 is beauty. This is tumor tank.

  11. 59 Patton would by good if it didn’t have such big tumor… I Hope… If WG would lower it like it is at Patton tier 10…

  12. I’m an oddity. I bought this when it came out. This is my favorite tank in the game. Love it. Two star’d and working on my third.

  13. and ? + 99 and

  14. its like a turret on a turret….

  15. Hey Circon, there is a tank on top of your tank….

  16. Nice to see your putting up videos that show exactly how the match making actually is as you bottom tier in a tier 8 premium tank. But nice work Circon like always. But look at this BS when your bottom tier as you were fighting against a tier 10 and using pay 2 win ammo and still couldn’t pen that 705A in the lower plate. Such Bull$h!t from WarGaming making a majority of people basically having to shoot the expensive ammo so we cant make credits and if you don’t own a premium account then making turn towards having to buy one. I don’t even know why I bother with this game anymore because WG doesnt treat there customers with any respect or give anything back to the people like they use to. So this is one of the reasons the player base has plummeted in the last couple years. Now WoWs they treat there players a hell of a lot better.

  17. Dont get that shit

  18. T-69 review! That tank MUST be buffed ffs

  19. But people this is what the WoT games are exactly like in a tier 8 tank. Always bottom tier and always having to shoot pay 2 win ammo and barely penning the tier 10s. What a wonderful game it is after all these years. But how many heat shells did get fired at that 705A what like 8 or 9 and all bounces and not penetrating hits come on I call BS on WG. But that was a Ace Wanker hahah WTF is that wow no t even 2k damage…lmfao that shows you how much this tank is played and how awesome it is in todays meta.

  20. wtf dude. why all these review vids? pls more gameplay!

  21. Fcm 50t Vs AID CDC

  22. Can you do “T95E2 – Review” Circonflexes?
    Would be nice to see your opinion about that trash can 😛

    • It’s not trash.
      But yes, it lacks

    • +Tonza11 actually its the cheapest 240 damage gold ammo there is.
      But yes, penetration is what I thought about when said that it lacks

    • They should give it 212 base pen like the 59-Patton
      But IMO as it is somewhat hard to get reward tank, it should be bloody good. Like 220+ base pen and 260+ gold and good mobility (min 20hp/t)

      If they can buff T-55A and ob 260 (and 121B) then why not buff this?
      Its not a premium so it wont make money to WG anyway

  23. I am just watching this video to see Circon struggling with this utter piece of crap

  24. Hey, wtf, i am doing missions in my m44 😀 just got passed a really weird mission #2 or #3 i believe from the HTC 🙂 Awww man … y u hev to bash 59-patton … surprisingly i did well in it, but sold it for a reason i forgot.

  25. I have it 3 marked and its nothing special such as all the 240 alpha premium meds.

  26. So it’s a periscope tank!

  27. Imagine if you could use the turret on top of the M3 Lee… at tier 8. With the current MM. Enjoy!

  28. You think this tank is bad?!? Try the Panther 8.8 and see what a useless tank in tier X is

  29. Who would buy this tank LOL

  30. I have it
    Not a fan.
    Needs a buff, on something. Speed maybe? Just needs to be buffed

  31. those 2 gun mantlet hits were not a coincidence for sure 🙂

  32. Freddie Lettegaard

    I lost my shit at “fully boof’d” xD

  33. I appreciate your frank and honest assessment of tanks. I have had this thing in the garage for years and do not p[lay it anymore, I’m going to sell it along with that other piece of crap the
    KanJPz105, yes I bought it one night after too many whiskey’s.

  34. It’s fucking shit worst tier 8 on par with cdc

  35. Amazing tank just like WOT is balans game, da comrade, dont be dissident.

  36. I prefer heat to apcr, especially against swedish TDs

  37. You only Die when you get killed

    Hey do you want a shitty type 59 that is worse than the type 59 in almost all stats here you go

  38. Namegoeshere Orhere

    I have this tank, played 6 games in it, got hit 16 times in those 6 games, 11 of them were in the cupola, bounce one off the mantlet. Probably the only premium I really regret buying.

  39. I can not enjoy this game anymore with this bad matchmaking

  40. “So we are just ‘gonna’ trying to work the ridge line here a little bit, we’ll work with the Conqueror. I like climbing up here cause the bushes here seem to work. But they don’t really work on this side…so yeah can we get a shot off anywhere, we do get spotted RIGHT AWAY!” 9:00

  41. Owning this tank is one of the few regrets I have with this game along with the Panther 88 and the CDC from back when the meta was much slower than it is now. To play them now is basically wasting slots on teams compared to everything else.

  42. Nice horrendous tank.. thnx for the review 🙂 Bit hate all those tumor tanks.

  43. Doctor! Doctor! This tank’s got a Tumor that Need Removed IMMEDIATELY! LOL. With that wart it should have like 500m BASE view range.

  44. Lol calls Russian tank a Polish tank. Oh btw obj268v4 still op. Remove from game and put regular 268 back.

  45. I wonder how a Patton hull with a Type 59 turret would perform…

  46. Go to the Barber.

  47. Radosław Olesiński

    705a isn’t Polish Tank. It’s Russian.

  48. Standard bottom tier experience, regardless what tier you are. It is the worst in tier 8, tbh.

  49. this idiotic tower on top… is it that “Jaws” from James Bond can act als a Commander? WTF? ^^

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