5th Anniversary Contest: Rules ammendment

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Hopefully it’s nice and clear, let me know if not!


a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here: http://play.any.tv/SHL9q

For more information on the Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan, check out their website – http://www.sgta-clan.com/

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Yassen Krassen’s stats, Seafalcon’s Hitlog & Damagelog (customised), XVM minimap & garage features


  1. +PointyHairedJedi does the Premium Tank XP Bonus count then? And what about
    courageous resistance?

  2. what about Chaffees and ELCs? :/ I think LTs should be treated separetely
    at least, it might be tier 5 on paper, but it’s not balaced as one for
    sure. And the higher tier games reward the tank with higher amount of exp
    in general.

  3. & I was so enjoying taking the Churchill out again ???

  4. Jan-Willem Jansen

    yay i may still club seal in ma KV-220-2

  5. I thought maybe you were changing the contest to arty only? ;)

  6. so where do we send the replays again?? :P

  7. … pray he does not alter it further.

  8. ah thats a good call so theres not going to be a bunch of 1 particular tank

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