6 Minutes of HIDDEN War Thunder Details!

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6 Minutes of Hidden Details!

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  1. Know of any other hidden details? Leave a reply and they might be included in future videos!

    • the Sd.Kfz.221 (s.Pz.B.41) is the only tank with 2 crew members, where you have Crew Replenishment as Modification (as far as I know)
      well, it doesn’t work – cuz you dead then

    • Никита Марухно

      @Samu S Swedish U-SH 405 has it too. And all over tanks with two member. Bc you can start replace member in arcade mode when you left one

    • Dropping all bomb will increase you performace? I seen this on stuka.

  2. 3:44 I think u confusing ammo with rate of fire

  3. 5:14 the thickness of the armoe is related to how much your other shells penetrate.

  4. C202 has an assymetrical longer wing to counter prop drag.
    as an Italian plane fan when i found this out i felt like my life was horrible but i then learned it was a cheap but effective way to make long distance flights more enjoyable

  5. If bolsonaro was a tank, it would be the one from this thumbnail

  6. F104 can throw bombs in supersonic too

  7. I have extra depression too

  8. 1:38 oh fuck

  9. i saw that apfsds like 4 updates ago so that one is not new

  10. The thickness of the armour in the shell icon usually represents it’s effectiveness at that tier + compared to other shells available

  11. good vid

  12. T80 barrel dysfunction

  13. Reminds me of that weird USPS skin for CSGO

  14. G’day,

    So a few funny things to on here

    So an aircraft can sink a friendly similar to GF but if a ship is to even graze a friendly aircraft it’s an automatic kick even to AI’s in EC and similar in GF (real pain in the arse to get kicked in a 30k sl Rc frigate because one of your poxy 60 sl costing proxi shells clipped a G4M uuuugh (Pain of the Type 41 the most expensive to use ship in game which can lose up to 102k sl in battle)).

    On the topic of AI’s the Japanese destroyer Shimakaze is not the only player model vessel in game as quite a few test flights have proper non 2012 vessels ranging from the humble BMO (Riverine barge) to Pr.183’s, Pr.206’s, Battle class destroyers, Fletchers, Farraguts, Cleveland, Northamptons, Portlands, Delaware class Dreadnoughts and a few others an also the Forestal class, Invincible class Aircraft Carriers & Pr.1143 Heavy Aviation Cruiser.

    BTW spade is an incorrect term for the actual term for a fully modified machine is an elite unit as seen in ones profile where it lists a players amount of vehicles, So move over spading for it’s eliting heh.

  15. Extra Depression is a pretty good summary of War Thunder tbh

  16. Warthunder fact: the british harrier gr1s interior cockpit in warthunder has a countermeasures dash on the left hand side behind the throttle although it doesnt get counter measures

  17. T-34 running out of battery

    Nothing changed, turret allready was manual ,



  19. This is kind of a rip off of the other series.

  20. You can get true tank depression by:
    -Playing a tank game on a large map with 1 capture point and having 98% of your team spawn the furthest away possible from the point, while the enemy team literally builds a fortress of tanks on “A Point”.

  21. I know that this fact makes a logical sence, but when you have active NVD and your battery runs off, the NVD also turns off.

  22. Ive been complaing about that radar since that french plane came out!

  23. Sumiter Xeros Largosius Crosis

    Historically accurate F-14 TOMCAT isn’t real, it can’t hurt you.

    Historically accurate F-14 TOMCAT:

  24. Civilian F-4 moment

  25. Iirc, the Challenger 2 (2F) has smoke grenades stock but not any of the other Challenger 2s.

  26. What will happen if they gonna add fuel in realistic ground battles?

  27. Extra depression?
    Nah I get that from lowtier France.

  28. This game is trash.

  29. I’m well aware of fires resetting reloading progress. Been in too many painful situations.

  30. The F-14’s asymmetric thrust nozzles are because of a quirk in it’s design.

    There are two hydraulic systems in the F-14 and each is powered by one of the F-14’s two engines. By default, if the plane is on the ground and there is thus “weight on wheels”, the thrust nozzles default to opening fully to reduce exhaust speeds and lessen the effect on ground crew that have to walk behind the engines. When weight is off the wheels (as in when the plane is airborne), the thrust nozzles default to the closed position for improved thrust, only opening when the afterburner is engaged. They also default to the closed position when there is an electrical system failure to ensure that you have thrust as if you were airborne whilst the controls revert to old fashioned hydraulic manual leverage. The right side engine should be shut down first and so that engine defaults to the closed position. Then hydraulic power is lost when the left side engine is shut down, so that nozzle stays in the weight-on-wheels open position.

    This can then be adjusted, if needed, by ground crew once both engines are offline and presumably after they’ve cooled down.

  31. 4:52 that’s an ecm pod and not a countermeasures pod, so it makes sense that they don’t come stock

  32. the f-105 as only has chaff

  33. M.B.175T is a truly lovely plane to have and fly, but that radar and extra crew-member just makes my brain hurt.

  34. Depression causes erectile disfunction

  35. 3:40 mistake. It’s not 3000. It’s less than 3 (60/21.2). So an upgrade to 450 is good

  36. Velmi Chutný Sendvič

    Did you know that you can remake one historical event on any map that have skyscrapers?

  37. why would you remove all weapon systems? how would you fight then? ram?

  38. X-Plane Simulations

    That title text is just school

  39. 5:43 Repairing damaged t-34’s with different roadwheels was actually very common during ww2, cause the tank was manufactured by several different factories, some even had slightly different turret shapes and armor thickness.
    Also the suspension is completely interchangeable between t-34, 44 and 54/55. When the production of the t-34 ended, many tanks that were still operational untill the 60’s had their wheels and tracks replaced by those from the t-55.

  40. Mig 21-mf can’t use airbrakes when equipped with the flarepod, mig-21bis Sau can tho and it just glitches trough the pod…

    • nvm i checked it and they changed airbrake design. now its two flaps at the front opening diagonally. before it was one going straight down.

  41. my reloading stopped when extinguishing even with autoloader. skill issue?

  42. There is no properly “french version” of the jaguar, since it’s a Franco-british plane

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