6 Seconds (War Thunder)

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6 Seconds (War Thunder)



  1. Fuck you why is the cheating so bad people stop supporting any influencer any pro and stop supporting your favorite games cuz it’s all Jake there’s no fun in gaming anymore it’s all about cheating the fake pros and he’s influencers just want your views and thumbs up you are being used stop supporting these fake pros and influencers they cheat so Much don’t get me wrong I used to watch these videos all the time and live streams when the game play was more real than fake now it’s all fake real gameplay is awesome best fake gameplay is nothing but a piece of crap of fake people conning you

  2. I think PhlyDaily is a good Komrade ^^ .

  3. Intro = Cringe

  4. pancharder der paijas

    What the fuck is up with the 279s turret i shot it with a T62 APFSDS an penned him but did exactly zero damage wtf

  5. People grow up influencers like this well the majority of influencers and prose are fake they are attention whores they don’t deserve views or support the vast majority of them higher than 90% just cheat to get views or to rank up for Esports Believe It or Not modern gaming is corrupt and sold out players like this deserve no respect at all we used to shun them call them now for when they cheat now they’re trying to make it acceptable they don’t even try to hide it anymore they are con artists what do you think con artist look and sound like they look and sound like your best friend nice people cool people they are not there just conning you grow up and stop falling for it it’s simple people lie and will do anything for a little bit of Fame and Fortune

  6. And people yell at me when I tell them the OBJ279 is OP, especially when downtiered

  7. These videos are literally my lifeline

  8. You see people this is the type of player when you come across him and Gain you do a critical hit plus 3/4 solid hits on him and nothing happens to him and then he proceeds to blow you off with one round this is fake gameplay oh they’re good at double-talk and talking down to people that call them out that’s another hint that you’re cheating you hit the nail on the head Stop Believing these fake gamers

  9. And one sure sign people are cheating like today a Sunday morning a whole lot of glitching I played about 10 round so far and I’ve been on the losing side every single time these companies are corrupt they hack your account will technically they don’t cuz they have access to them they are so fake and corrupt it is shameful there’s no Integrity there’s no pride in your product in your company zero Pride zero self respect it’s all about the con and when I say Khan I mean the Liberals and sjws it’s all about them it’s okay for them to cheat this is how they think it’s okay to ruin established companies establish games just for their own selfish reasons they’re supposed to be educated but why do they act like spoiled little children

  10. UC and there’s another towel when they’re cheating nothing is wrong with your aiming until you try to put these tanks in your sight even when your tanks at a standstill your tank will not it’s really hard to put your sights on your target the babies cannot play they can only cheat like the little babies they are it’s so obvious stop falling for these Liars these con artist why do you think they target young boys yes you are strong smart young boys but you are young naive as long as they saved to smile and act like your buddy and be really nice day you will believe them stop falling for it they are lying to you

  11. Graybadger06 Ritz

    Let me go to bed!

  12. the British eye

    colab with pewds. hes playing warthunder mow

  13. 0:24 🙂 интересно как бы на русском весь обзор выглядел)

  14. Dmitry Shevchenko

    I enjoyed it tremendously for some reason! I don’t even have any vehicles higher than BR6

  15. “A man has fallen into the river in Lego City! Start the new rescue helicopter 18:38”

  16. Why is it okay for these players to break game rules company policy national law and international law how do they find me they don’t know my tag name so how do they find me through Microsoft and through their game accounts so that means Microsoft and their company are guilty as hell and why isn’t anything being done

  17. M48A2 C=7.0, M48A2 G=8.3, KPz-70=9.0….yes, it makes sense. Well done Gaijin.

  18. @PhlyDaily when it was first added it it had a 5 sec reload!

  19. Why is it when the sjws Liberals and progressives, need gaming in gaming companies cheating is out of control lying to people faces destroying your company’s major stocks don’t grow they fall and rebound a little bit fall and rebound a little bit but they do not grow are you sucking China’s dick first it was the Muslims then the illegal immigrants and China now notice how you just stop growing cheap gaming companies lot of tech companies are just like China they lie she and steel with a smile that is fascism that is communism everything these people say they hate they are they are the worst offenders in the name of whatever bulshit thing ended up in her head

  20. That intro was priceless

  21. Phly
    Can you use the struggle bus again aka StUh42 G

  22. Michal Urbánek

    Hi Phly, so the MBT 70 used a 152 gun/launcher witn an autoloader which could do 10s reloads.
    the KPZ 70 was constructed with the german rheinmetall 120mm with a manual loader (yes 4 man crew) which could do 6 second reloads.

  23. The KPz 70 had 6 second reload when added, but was nerfed to 10 seconds and now back to 6 seconds which is historically accurate. MBT 70 historically had 10 second reload

  24. Dmitry Biryulin

    If Gaijin “finds another tech. document” for MBT-70, saying that it had autoloader as well… They will be identicial)

  25. LOVE UR CONTENT!!!!!!

  26. Love how instead of spending money on actually improving the game, they spent it on paying pewdiepie to lure more poor sods into their game

  27. Don’t forget the KPZ/MBT 70s also have full hydropneumatic suspension

  28. Phly: Imma go phlank

    Sand: haha phuck you komrade

  29. 9:52
    No one’s talking about this?
    I can’t even get 2 or more kills

  30. Hi phlydaily I’m new nice videos

  31. Warthunder Romania

    Try jgdpz 4-5

  32. 6:18 is it the Youtube compressin or am I just bloody blind? All I see is a bush. Then Phly shoots the bush and it says target destroyed. I replayed that part 5x on full screen at 1080p and couldn’t see shit.

  33. Alexander Da Great

    Ooh…as a weeb, I approve the opening

  34. request, attempt #29
    b18b with the m/49a and the m/40 setup because i think its nuts and any tank, maybe the mad max truck WITNESS MEEE

  35. The intro is just right!

  36. Sure am glad the MBT-70 doesn’t have that 6 second autoloader the KPZ-70 has but sits at the same 9.0 BR.

  37. I remember that time when you were pretending to be a prop….on this beach map

  38. Play please the French amx 32

  39. Go for a lego commercial, HEY

  40. 18:14 A man has fallen into the river in lego city!

  41. Logans wolf Pack

    Phly the video’s name is “6 seconds” but the video is 22 minutes long… i is so confused..

  42. Hi Phly, can you do the leKPz m41?

  43. How about a Loving the Unloved video with the ISU-122?
    Prior to the ballistics codes, the A-19 was better than the D-25T pen wise, with a scope like the IS-2. Sadly, it lost both of those, and thus 99% of its players as well.

    Throw in the ISU-122S (which lost its scope as well, and had its reload nerfed) for extra cheeki breeki 🙂

  44. Phly! Did you also know the IKV-91 can PHLOAT?! You know what to do comrade 😉

  45. Großer Kurfürst

    I am crying right now in Kpz70 in wotblitz 🙁

  46. Its realy unfaire now the mtb_70 has 10s reload and the kpz_70 with 6s reload and bouth of them are the same tank

  47. This KPz-70 buff is semi-historically accurate, as the KPz-70 was PLANNED to use the Rheinmetall autoloader which could load shells in 6 seconds. The problem with this autoloader was that it destroyed the ATGMs whenever it tried to load them, thus the IRL KPz-70 used the American autoloader which took 10 seconds to load shells and missiles.

  48. @phlydaily its same except the name but gajing hates allies

  49. Challenge for you Phly

    The new Swordfish that can equip 8 RP-3s fires 1 rocket at a time (well at least in air RB it did…).
    So go get 8 kills from 8 launches in tank RB
    (BR of your choice)

  50. brett heffelfinger

    Hmmm Everytime I use the MBT70 I usually die as soon as I spawn the armor is like a cardboard box to the Russians and usually if they miss just like what happened in the video my round just bounces off even the thinnest part of any Russian tank

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