6 Shots, 8 Kills | World of Tanks FV4005 Stage II and FV215b 183 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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► Player: Saki93 and boss1100

What is better than 1 183mm boomstick action? TWO 183mm boomsticks! In today’s I am going show you some epic gameplay action with both tier 10 183mm tanks – FV4005 Stage II and FV215b 183.

Enjoy the show!


  1. Today decided to show you some epic action with the biggest guns on tank destroyers, the 183mms of Doom. 🔥
    I really hope you are going to have fantastic holidays in and outside of World of Tanks and I try to make them ever better, it is time to give back… A lot! ❤❤❤
    I am thankful for this community we have built over here, *VERY FREAKIN PROUD OF YOU* beautiful people!

  2. Sándor Cselószki

    Username: cselo

    Server: EU
    I might buy some boxes because of the gold and premium days, whatever comes to them is nice.
    Thank you for your work and have a nice christmas.

  3. Username: Peet266
    Server: EU

    I will not spend any money on them because for few lootboxes I can get maybe full priced game that was released in 2017.

  4. Moureau Pierre-Olvier

    Username : pom98
    Server : EU
    I’m gonna get 11 boxes I guess, as a christmas gift to myself. Hope to get any tier 8 this year!!

  5. Username: Dave7791
    Server: EU

    I’d like to get the BBQ and the ISU-KABOOM

  6. Gimme a lootbox.
    heavy_trike NA

  7. PKS9199
    LOVE U DG from pakistan

  8. Username: nightly_dark
    Server: EU
    You never know…

  9. Hyped because of the 3D skins and little for the tanks
    But the French M4 mutant now thats intresting to me

  10. Username: R1kudou
    Server: EU

    Hyped to spend money to stock up on Gold and Premium Time, but also to get my hands on the new Spaghetti Tank + JIZZOR 😀

  11. Hi Dez, I’m hyped about boxes for sure and would like to get ISU, but any higher tier premium tank would be perfect. Unfortunately, no shopping spree.


  12. duh321 eu
    Aaaaaaa d hrfuhejxu f huuuuuuuuhuru

  13. Batuhan Odçıkın

    Batoddy EU
    Im HYPED and i want GSOR so much 🙂

  14. Some tier 8 premium would be nice from the boxes.
    But I think, I would not to buy eny!
    Name: kunn666
    Server: EU

  15. Username:Timi_destroyer

    I like the Italian medium tanks so I would quite like to get the Italian heavy or maybe the Bourrasque

  16. Username : LeCoyote
    Server EU
    I like heavy tanks so I would say the new italian heavy tank

  17. Username: AngryMegalodon
    Server: EU

    Hyped for loot boxes to prepare for next year in style, yaaay

  18. Username: Giant_slayer_HR
    Server: EU
    Lemme win once 😁

  19. Username: DxoxD
    Server: EU

    I buyed the boxes mostly for the gold and the premium days, if I was lucky and got one of the prem tanks, it was even much more worth it.

  20. username: FryTheFly
    server: EU
    I am hyped for event and free stuff like small boxes 🙂
    Happy December for all from Finland.

  21. Username: Archangel_1993
    Server: EU
    just want to try my luck dont expect anything 😀 . i will not buy a single box on my own i dont want to support gambling. Stay healthy Dez.

  22. Nickname: gare1
    Server: EU
    I will mayby buy some but i would like to get a Burask 🙂

  23. i have no luck with boxes…
    server eu

  24. username: marek5000
    already bought 75 and got everything except gsor and some gold for a year

  25. I would like to get GSOR, but sadly I can’t buy lootboxes.
    Okros_dani28 (Eu)

  26. howard9417 eu server, hyped up wont gold

  27. Username: Liennos
    Server: EU

    If i buy some boxex, its mostly for the gold, prem and to reach tier 10 deco faster, only a Nice bonus if Any of the tier 8 drops, but might just buy another game for that price XD

  28. just wanted to tell u that i just love your videos- thanks for the awesome content 🙂

    Server EU
    Username: sn3aky_bob

  29. User: haidihou
    Server: EU

    Bought 11 für quick Bonus, but not hyped 🙁

  30. username : BT1100NULLDOG
    Server : EU
    Tks for all !

  31. Username: WallEtheLumberjack
    Server NA
    yea i might get some boxes and i REALLY want the bourrasque also i need gold thats also why im gonna get boxes also i support you

  32. Username: crix7612
    Server: EU
    Going for 25 boxes hoping for gsor or borat

  33. Le Gentil Rajel Trop Gentil Et Trop Rajel

    Username: abdelhadii
    Server: EU

    Borrasque is just an op tank.

  34. I am not sure if I can/should afford Lootboxes this year…

    Username: Aaronimo
    Server: EU

  35. I think ill buy some of that boxes but im not hyped for bizonte and other tonks but styles .Ahhh i want them…
    Marry Dezzmas!!!
    Username: legacik

  36. I’m selling my soul to Wargaming again for these lootboxes…

  37. Albert García Rodríguez

    Username: New_Shur
    Server: EU
    I want to get the Borrasque 🙂

  38. Un:toodlepoo
    Chrimstmas is the best time if the year to play. Love all the effort they put into it: the music, the garage, the boosters. On top of that boxes are the best value. Yes i will be buying a few. Only tank i have is bbq so would take any of the others

  39. Username: grdanov
    Server: EU

    8 years i am playing with standard accaunt

  40. Username:flocker
    Sv: asia

  41. User:vladutz97
    I won’t buy the lootboxes..they are a scam.

  42. Nufeneguediz, EU.
    I think lootboxes are nice only if they aren’t the only way to obtain something. I really hoped I could buy the Bisonte as my Christmas present, but I’m not gonna spend either mine or my parents’ money on lootboxes because… it’s just not what I want. By putting a tank in lootboxes you’re forcing players to buy stuff that otherwise they wouldn’t have bought.
    It’s fine for me if in lootboxes you could find exclusive styles or any kind of decorative stuff, but it’s not fine if lootboxes are the way you balance a tank. Look at IS-3A! The way that thing is balanced is that very few people have it. Anyway let’s just… ignore for the moment the horrible work Wargaming is doing with the premium tanks.
    Lootboxes can be a nice extra, but call of duty already taught us that they cannot and MUST NOT be the pillar of a game.

    P.S.: thank you so much for your wonderful videos and your super generous giveaway.

  43. IGN olictheboss

    EU server

    ima buy 25 boxes want a bourasque and 6k gold so i can buy lt432 in advent callender

  44. Username: d3v
    Server: EU

    Will probably buy a few

  45. Username: tashinb
    Server: EU
    I will spend some money to get borat

  46. Username: SamoSrbinBrate
    Server: EU
    Im looking forward for this Xmas ops

  47. DenyKek in EU server wants to find the true love with new autoloader °^°

  48. Username: tpancelos
    Server: EU
    I think I am going to buy 25 Christmas Boxes. I hope to win the Italian heavy and some gold.

  49. loot boxes great value if you are not chasing premium tanks last year i bought 25 boxes got e75 ts and a lot of gold and premium time what i actually wanted so yea im gonna buy them again

  50. user: kirstar
    server: EU
    I will buy the boxes because I really want the UK tank. Its is my mission to get them all.
    All I need now is the chieften

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