60+ Smallest Tanks In Game VS HEAVIEST TANK In Game (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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60+ Smallest Tanks In Game VS HEAVIEST TANK In Game (War Thunder)



    I feel like plip plop recently watched borat

  2. So is there an internal spall effect? Like a bullet that won’t pen still causes metal on the inside to splinter off?

  3. Incomprehensible Idiot

    Throw enough shit at the wall eveNTUALLY it will stick haha

  4. I think when you shot the armor the armor will slowly worn off ,maybe.

  5. When you say pizza has ketchup and not tomato sauce

  6. Watchyourprofanity.

    All we get are new vehicles. I just want new game modes.

  7. Phly :”Impossible to trap shot!”
    *puts the shot trap directly over the electric motors which promptly get trapshot*
    Phly: “How are they penetrating me?!”

    … I love it.

  8. somebody in those 60+ watch Girls und Panzer and learn how to kill a Maus 🙂

  9. Panther 2 has better armor than MAUS nice meme WT

  10. German BBW banged by 60+ Italians

  11. How did they pen?
    The law of large numbers.

  12. Do the p1000 vs the smallest tank next

  13. When a german invade your resturant

  14. I have watched the stream it fun ya boi

  15. it was most likely rounds penning your engine deck.

  16. You should’ve kicked that guy that capped

  17. Phly… you forget, Deelow got that eventually.

  18. Try the same thing but with the E100 instead


  20. Challenge: kill a tank with shräge music cannon
    Like so phly can see

  21. Nobody:
    Phlydaily: what was that? Kiajdnrbuhsbwbsishdbebebdiduhe4:10

  22. Tungsten Hexafluoride

    Do half of these people even tune in to the stream?

  23. 4:32 “Why is there a beat going on?”


  24. One thousand paper cuts can kill a man as easily as a bullet wound.

  25. -Italy brings in lots of tanks-
    Germany: they can’t do anything
    -prototype maus has been destroyed-

  26. Geez…at 7:53 did the mouse actually bounce a shell off one of those sardine cans?

  27. About 69,420 bananas

  28. When you have too many shells till gaijin gave up about their armor physics

  29. Still waiting for the leopard a1a1 l44 noticed u still have not done this tank and been waiting well over a year for it

  30. Respect Phly

  31. Why can a dead engine catch fire

  32. Everything getting old …. dolla plays is way better … phlydaily it’s over move one adapt .. god

  33. Maus doesent got top armor xD this is how l3s do

  34. For some reason i feel special because i was in this custom match. My parents are finally proud of me. ?

  35. Kojirio: The Maus is just a bigger swallow!

  36. When you try to do order 66 in Hoi4 but you fail

  37. I did not know you could run over tanks.

  38. I don’t see why you just didn’t say that in the game chat. Not everyone’s gonna think you’re telling them not to do this or that. That’s what I’d do

  39. but how do you use banana calculation for temperature?

  40. “Funiculì funiculà” intensifies.

  41. pretty sure if you hit the same spot enough times its gonna eventually get through

  42. I know some games have a tendancy to give the player a better shot at succeeding when he fails. Do you think War Thunder has this mechanic? So even though the L3/33 can’t pen normally, since so many shots where bouncing or non-penetrating your Maus was sort of aggro-ing some cursed hidden mechanic designed to give weaker players a shot against better ones?

  43. I feel like the maus is a mother and the Italians are all her children


  45. Christopher Albert

    B R U H

  46. tankette is inevitable

  47. Aleksandar Rusalic

    shoot he in a bunch of them

  48. Operation Axis 1943 colourised

  49. “throw enough shit at a wall and some of it will stick”

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