640m+ View Range Hack, Bug or …? | World of Tanks Rheinmetall Panzerwagen Update 1.10

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Source: DezGamez

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Couple weeks ago I made an episode showing you new maximum or the best view range possible in World Tanks. Using all the equipment units available I was able to get it up to 633m. But one awesome viewer Jarno left a comment under that saying I am able to boost it even more with couple easy tricks… Those tricks however, are really throwing me off, because I do not understand how this can work… So is it a hack, a bug or something third? 😀

Let me know what you think!

Enjoy the show!



  2. Nice! Thx for news

  3. Taxation is Theft, Cheers from Brazil!

  4. I hope Dez will have one day 1 Million Subs!!!

  5. Pettersson i Golvet

    hack be ilegal

  6. First/early gang D

  7. So how do you caption this? What is actually going on here… These equipment units should not affect each-other… Maybe I am missing something obvious here?
    Either way, this seems to be the final version of the Best View Range in WoT, unless someone comes up with even more ridiculous things! 😀

    • do you think that WG has made bonds only available to Tier 10 vehicles, so people wont stop playing against BROKEN EBR’s? I only play Tier 1-7 now, due to them not being nerfed.

    • Well i know what was happening with experimental optics and loosing 1m view range. Well You see, when you apply experimental optics, your directive for the normal optics stops working, so you might want to change that into something else like better vents or something.

  8. Hello, I enjoy ur vids and i started palying this game after 4 years again.

  9. I cant beleave the crapwagon is good in something

  10. I reported dez for hack

  11. Hey Dez, I have a video Idea, what about trying to make the smallest view range possible vs at least 50% Camo value light tank. What I am wondering, can you make the tank with the smallest view range able to spot other tank only by entering their proxy range without any bushed.

  12. Why u show this loudout in 2 battles where u cant use the vjewrange?

  13. Can you make a video on crew transfering? Or can someone explain to me how to do it, I am a pretty new player tier 5-6. So can you move your crew down your tech tree? And if so how do you do it?

  14. I love DezGmaez <3

  15. Reason to go play my panzerwagen again. 🙂

  16. anyone else only playing Tiers 1-7 due to Broken EBR’s ruining matches?

  17. The directive for standard doesnt work with bounty

  18. Let’s out spot everything !!!

  19. Dezgamez Can you give me a heart. Been in your channel for a few years . BTW love your content!!!!

  20. Tbh you’re using an entire equipment slot on 12 view range, not worth

  21. Atleast its useful now

  22. hanikrummi hundursvin

    DezGamez haXXor.

  23. Commander System is still far more effective than 10 additional meter viewrange when you are standing still

  24. So that’s why enemy tank is spotting me at 545m

  25. Is rhm playable now? Should I get?

  26. Dez, WG math is what you are missing.

  27. Please Test the best camo on elc even 90

  28. Emmm did u know that improved couted optics is not working with optical calibration which is still 1% but well :)Thats why u have less of view range. Anyway sweet view and gl 🙂

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