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  1. I’m sad the Challengers round got nerfed into the ground.

  2. Usually im like: Fire? Naaah, thats whats FPE is for. Me after seeing this video: Oh frick

  3. T90 has 800mm of pen 😬

  4. Phly,can you play Lorraine 37L Ghost shell

  5. I would like to see someone play a T90 and have everyone use ATGMs

  6. m1a2 also got a new high pen shell

  7. I find it crazy that War Thunder has about 20 000 players actively gaming at one time, yet this video gets 158 000 views in 10 hours

  8. You did a good meme

  9. Video picture be like: Jagdpard 2a6 lol

  10. The fun fact about this video is that the only difference between the Leo 2A5 and 2A6 is a new gun.

  11. The thumbnail is the future German stug

  12. I have several military NVDs and yes that star shell would definitely muck up the tube with either automatic gain cutoff potentially triggered or strobing or flickering to keep the tube from blowing out depending how far it is from you. Thermals it depends on the imager type, I have an old Raytheon that can handle it way better than my new Israeli bolometer based unit.
    The effect would be annoying with NVDs but well designed units can lower gain or have apertures. Tanks are the same.

  13. sougata kumar mahato

    Couldn’t see your video for two weeks because of exams, and the logo of your channel changed. I was confused😵 and was searching all over for your videos😅 now I finally found the videos😅🥳

  14. “Already a great tank” broken do you mean?

  15. Phly, I add one attempt per video. This is attempt ( # 114 ). You can physically check the comment sections on ur past videos, I’ve tried for this long. We need a type 87 video! Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 cent) that would be awesome. I get the feeling u don’t read comments anymore…

  16. The German tech tree should have access to its East German equipment as premiums. So T34-85, T55, T72, Soviet helis, migs, yaks, and soviet Bmps, and AA. Then they’ll be the strongest tech tree in the game

  17. That thumbnail is of the newest variant of the strv 103 that will handle any shot taken to the front

  18. *Meanwhile abrams still has some shitty training round* Hmmm

  19. 2:45
    No one, even phly and other two players wouldnt have expected this situation

  20. Hi Steve. Make yourself short few seconds outro, because for example in this video you last bits are covered with 2 recommended videos and you channel icon. So next time make outro for this.

  21. Thumbnail Threw Me Off I Thought It Was A Modernized E-25

  22. 13:27
    I’m confused. A BT-5?

  23. seems like WW3.

  24. About the thumbnail just being honest here, If Germany ever is almost running out of metal they could just make it a casemate essentialy. Like the Jagdpanzer 4-5 pr something. Now my question is will it be plausible for that much things to cramped like that?

  25. moist = feucht

  26. Pretty low scor for a OP tank and 1 mio hours Warthunder player!

  27. When you get the 2A6 > WoT begins

  28. so @phlydayly plays 4 battles with the 2a6( which, for those who dont know, is the minimum before the algorithm starts working for matchmaking[he basically played against bots]) and every one believes him…nice critical sense guys…

  29. Attempt 435 pls play the Type 94 spaa

  30. Hey go find a good activity

  31. Phly: Leopard 2A6 has a lolpen round

    Sturmpanzer II, Brummbar, Ho-Ro etc: *shifty sideways eye*

  32. love how phly always face dumbass ennemies when i face fucking spawnkiller and camper

    • with only 4 battles the algorithm for matchmaking doesnt have enough numbers to work on, thats why he plays against bots…it works the same way on call of duty

  33. has anyone else been noticing tanks disapearing and reappearing during game play? (like other players) after the patch? it feels like some dumb World of tanks effect

  34. I think they should disable thermals during day battles. I have no experience with thermals of this caliber but using a thermal optic during the day gets flushed out quite badly. Plus it will allow people to go back to being skill required in seeing someone

  35. You should tow one of the tanks you kill around with you. To send a message to the other tanks. The bigger the tank you pull the better.

  36. Man, American tank RB battles are always gonna be so much more skilled because that’s the only way we can play the game. We dont have all that pen where we can shoot a tank anywhere, we have to place rounds strategically

  37. 3:37 every anime fan cringed hard at LOLy peny

  38. Thumbnail tank: strv 103 a5, Hetzer 2a5, Jagdleopard 2a5

  39. Dollarplays background music lol

  40. The Russian tanks are the best they said

  41. Yo phulyyyy I appreciate the daily vidya game vidyas

  42. never seen a clarkson meme

  43. Can you do another combo video. PLEASE!!!! Like the M-56 and the Cougar.

  44. 6:37 Oh Ashley!~

  45. Penetration has penetrated the penetrated armor of the penetration.

  46. Id rather watch him play as a stock a6 this is just stupid cos he just golded all the mods

  47. Where`s the battleship video phly??!!?!??!!

  48. Nothing cant shoot through it but it can shoot through everything

  49. War Thunder: Crew Knocked Out
    The Shell: *_flies right through the gunner’s stomach_*
    Yeah, just knocked out, he can recover.

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