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Source: PhlyDaily


  1. Steven McGreagor

    the conqueror is one of my favorite tanks

  2. This is one of my favorite tanks. its over ranked for this bias game. but i love how it feels drives and plays

  3. @ the 7:45 mark can someone explain to me how a that bulldog was able to fire the main gun after his gunner was killed? Happens to me constantly on lower level tanks which DO NOT HAVE a commander fire so what is going on?

    • that particular bulldog is the german variant, which does have commander fire control. the American and Japanese bulldogs do not have it, which might be what’s confusing you

  4. You mentioned knowing the BR based on SP? Can you or someone explain that?

  5. “Oh Balls.. In my mouth…” Classic!

  6. Gaijin out here single-handedly ending deforestation

  7. Delirious Gaming

    attempt #46 use the M134 turrets on the huey and roleplay as a gunship

  8. BF109 PROOF You suck in a tank. grab a plane or heli to get the tank kill

  9. Phly can you play the USA Magach 3 ERA at 7.7?


    Day 45 play the panzer 4 H get an double ace

  11. The primary reason I don’t play the conq is it’s repair cost coupled with cas spam.

  12. Whats this about trees not being able to be shot down i swear i just did it today? Yes I just shot dow a tree on this exact map rite this minute im on Ardennes and the trees you can shoot down?????????????

  13. Attempt 48 – Please play the SAu 40 tank destroyer. It’s one of the strangest looking TDs in the game and I love watching your french-tank videos!

  14. 17:12 dude he shot your turret ring…

  15. Another tank that is rarely played is the AMX-30 BRENUS….would love for you to revisit it again!

  16. TheMightyWookie351c

    Incredible fight, best ending for that fight, they gave up and called in a air strike.

  17. Love this tank but its so D*MN Expensive

  18. forgottenbattles10

    I really enjoyed this one! That tank can really just shrug stuff off.

  19. can you do the B-25 again?

  20. I have a challenge. Kill a plane with a sturmtiger

  21. Bro ive only got like 600 hours in it and it has driven me insane, mad repect for Phlydaddy

  22. 7:40 M41A1 can shoot without gunner aslong as the Commander (behidn gunner) is alive.

  23. Day 198 of asking to play the is 7

  24. When armor works in war thunder, it’s so satisfying

  25. I wish I could get games with so many dumdass on the other team

  26. Day 6 – Hey Phly, you should play the StuG III A at 2.3 with HEAT and smoke rounds. Just pure entertainment to run around with. You can pair it with the duck for some extra phun!

  27. Joshua Stiteler

    Day 39 requesting the Ju-188! Some day soon I hope haha

  28. Conq was one of my first loves for tanks in WT in general, remember watching u play it back when maus was king and man did i want it so bad

  29. Great to watch a heavy tank do heavy tank things and not just get instantly clapped by an atgm.

  30. The leo1 should go back to 7.7

  31. I play this tank often next to my G6 :’) people hate me in this game…

  32. I love when heavy tanks can do heavy tank stuff in this game

  33. Genjuro Kibagami

    That’s not an awesome shot. RNG always draws them there above the gun just to make us suffer, thinking this tank is OP or something.

  34. Another suck video that shows gameplay against BR -1 vehicles. Want to be fair to the players? sShow how you play this tank on BR +1

  35. Tootis Mc' Dootis

    fun fact most western tanks post ww2 are designed to sit in a hull down position defending this is due to the cold war where the russians would invade while the west defended, its also the reason russian tanks are designed the way they are as they were meant to invade

  36. always take at least 1 or 2 hesh shells they are surprisingly useful and effective for no armour best armour targets.

  37. “oh, balls in my . . . . . mouth” so random, so funny.

  38. GG Phly <3

  39. The Drunk Koala

    Yes the Conqueror. An impenetrable tank. Says everyone until I drive it and gets 1shotted everytime.

  40. British got some update cuz I suddenly started bouncing almost every shot from their armor?


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