6900 Wn8 Session

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Source: LemmingRush

Had this since February and hadnt uploaded yet, so here you are 🙂


  1. Only 6900 wn8? Baddie
    Get good

  2. I’d never go for the MG port on the hull of the SuperP, so tiny shot to land, the turret has always bigger weakspots, like between the mantlet and the hull at the side of the turret

  3. Lemming how do you get that clan camo?

  4. im not trying to bash you

    but the wz 131 is stupid easy to stat pad, its like 1K DMG for purple wn8 and with your skill, its not hard to consistently exceed that by a long shot

    still really good session

  5. That first match, such a matchup is so rare on EU :S

  6. 1:04:00 holy shit, that game was so good, you could’ve done LT 15, shame you didn’t have it unlocked yet, hopefully it will be easier in 9.18 with the higher firepower and view range of tier X scouts

  7. You talk about 6th sense mechanics – I’d like them to work similar to WoWS (as in, it shows when you’re spotted or not).
    I mean, they’re tweaking the consumables to work similarly – why not that crew skill?

    ALSO – totally on board with some of the stats/skill details to be explicit rather than hidden.


  8. It's not what you think

    Hey cunt, I love you. Keep up the good work.

  9. All people can say what they want Lemming is still the best WOT player. All say quickybaby because of his sub count but map awarnes and dmg and ofc Wn8 is Lemming miles ahead keep up the good work. I have a question do you know when the new update would being realesed i hope not this week because i need to grind my Light Weight t54 because i want the t62a and 140 and not the `Crapy ^^ new tier 10 lights.

  10. I’m having trouble getting my grips on the T49… Any tips? Or help? Please? D:

  11. Your voice sounds different ^^.

  12. GymLeader_Giovanni

    Love the comment section for your vids, a constant “Cunt” if you will. Cunt.

  13. You totally right about campinova… i got to the same conclusion as you, as in every game i had huge assisted damage (10k to 12k) were losses for the reasons u explained.

  14. The WZ 131: They don’t close its tanks with a gas cap, they use a wick.

  15. Battle on the US server look more fun on EU its only camp and camp, you have Romanian subs as well 🙂 and the magic words keep up the good work 😀

  16. Played that thing for two weeks, got up to 90% moe and sold it after realizing next patch they’re taking away the 100mm and nerfing the crap out of it… no point in keeping it now, rip WZ-131-100

  17. I can catch this video at work or in the evening, but when do you do Twitch?

  18. FightBreastCancer WOT

    Do 6900 wn8 on a heavy 🙂 next time

  19. play the ram 2 for canadian viewers and the e50m for german viewers

  20. Is it just me or is the NA server chat so much less toxic then Eu and Ru?
    I like the little joking friendly small chitchats. Is it always like this??
    Btw i am from germany, and i love your way. Just calm and entertaining. Just having some fun.

  21. lemming do you play on the SEA server

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