7 Tiger Tanks vs 25 Sherman Tanks – War Thunder Custom Battles in RB

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks watching!


  1. 13 views lol, great vid baron!


  3. War Thunder Italian Channel “Mr. bombardier” W.T.I.C

    niceeeee videoooooo

  4. Yes I missed this on the stream

  5. ΡɐʏɛĐ♥ // ɦȋɡɦlɏ ΡɐʏɛĐ ಥ_ಥ

    Tiger is love tiger is life !

  6. common Baron, play the american M13

  7. Screen aids in beginning lol

  8. waaazzaaaa !!!


  10. get ride of face cam

  11. nice vid…what about the Jagdtiger?

  12. I wonder what it look like from the other team?

  13. that was awesome ?

  14. yes baron

  15. should of done RB gave them a better chance

  16. Baron would really be more interesting to watch you use skill in RBs tho :/
    in you tank request series

  17. mhm.

  18. If it’s Tigers vs. Shermans, then the Tiger wins. Also, when is your next
    WoWS video? I’d really like to see you use the Gearing.

  19. Man, if only normal battles were like this.

  20. Now this is what I like! Realistic and/or historical amounts of tanks in

  21. That is dangerously close to fire and manoeuvre! Never have I seen the like
    on War Thunder.

  22. Lol those tiger tanks were wayyyyyy to close together. A fighter pilot with
    rockets dream…

  23. Eyy, i am the Jesse_Carpenter1 in there 🙂

    – Got 10 kills

  24. If you guys have some good ideas for custom battles let me know! Also if
    you wanna join in on Custom battles, make sure to follow me on
    http://www.twitch.tv/baronvongamez and on https://twitter.com/BaronVonGamez

  25. Baron could u do the maus plez?

  26. Felix wiberg asplund

    can you do the fury agin

  27. YEAH BOII I REQUESTED THIS ONE!! Baron next time you should do the battle
    of Kursk with Panthers, Tigers, and Ferdinand’s VS t-34s, KV-1s, and IS 1s
    and 2s

  28. i was in this, so happy that i actually managed to get in the server

  29. finally someone did this! ive been waiting so long

  30. Baron can do a custom battle with the Sherman from fury, and Stugs (can you
    play on the sermons side tho?)

  31. Better tank is no match for teamwork

  32. Lol spelling

  33. this game needs a mode like this

  34. german tigers would not be bunched up like this

  35. Slickbee says “exactly how it was in real life”. And by that the Germans
    fired in open field as Americans Sherman flanked from all sides killing
    Germans instantly.

  36. If you are quantifying an ace as the same as aircraft, the Germans regarded
    10 to qualify as an ace, so you probably didn’t get to be an ‘Experten’..

  37. I’ve been waiting for this for sooo long

  38. That was sick af

  39. I’m pretty sure they didn’t sit that close to each other guys… xD



  42. do t-34-85 vs tigers

  43. Let’s make a Tiger Vs. T34’s ! Russan Tankbattles!

  44. do more of this plz

  45. TIGER P’NESS!!!

  46. What tanks do you have to research before getting the tiger I wanna know
    because I’m soooooooooo close

  47. 30 tigers 1
    vs 7 IS2

  48. Rick Hardy (xxHockeyfan95xx)

    It would have been a much different game if we could have used the 105

  49. man your aim is so bad

  50. hey Baron, next time do DER PANZERKEIL

  51. Well, I was real interested in this video. Too bad you have a facecam.

  52. Tiger II –
    I’d like to see how it feels
    now… facing T10m and t54s

  53. This is how WT should be.. historical MM, big us/ru/brit
    teams vs small german teams :(

  54. Yes yes, now try it with glorious T-34 xaxaxaxaxa

  55. RB with markers in not much fun :/

  56. gr8 video! It was amazing seeing all 7 fire at the same time in a line!

  57. only 1 t-34 can destroy them all

  58. don’t wanna criticize you too much, but it’s obvious that you aren’t used
    to play Germany tanks, especially tigers. you always have to angle them.
    almost any enemy can pen your front plate non-angled.

  59. i couldn’t join the games before they were full, i gave up after 2.5 hours

  60. First.

  61. Do panthers V Sherman’s

  62. When the Panzerkamfwagen VIs (Tigers) were lined up like that I jizzed.

  63. T-34-76 Spam vs Tiger 1s

  64. i tried to get in this game but it got to packed. definitely do more of


  66. i saw this in the stream last night.

  67. You should do a countdown video top 5 or top 10 tanks ranking them by how
    effective they are at there battlerating.

  68. should have had 28 shermans then it would have been 100% historically
    accurate as one guy once said it too 4 allied tank to take out 1 tiger tank

  69. Man tigers are beautiful tanks. Truly one of the best tanks of the war.

  70. Colin Garnett (ChaosphereIX)

    haha baron needs to play more RB tanks, his aim is totally off and he isnt
    angling his tank at all….if he played more RB he would do better…fun
    video but painful to see him struggle as he is obviously rusty

  71. Hey +BaronVonGamez I killed you in this CB 😀 @11:00 its me :D

  72. “I wonder where i got shot from?” (facepalm). Baron love the vids but can
    you sometimes pay a little more attention to the game.

  73. finally!

  74. i saw this on stream! or most of it at least, i had to take a bath half way

  75. Devan Shane Phillipson

    Baron did you record the swordfishes vs kugelblitzes, since i took part in
    that and want to see it again

  76. @baronvongamez hey what make is your boat. have a boat with four 225
    mercury on tops out at 145.

  77. You been playing arcade battle too much

  78. This video right here is a perfect illustration of how the Tiger was the
    best tank in the world for it’s time, and why it was beaten so thoroughly.

    1v1 it could take any other tank at the time, but when dozens of disposable
    tanks were thrown at it, quantity proved superior to quality…

  79. Easy Eights, Jumbos, and regular tanks charging at the Tigers.

  80. Seeing people donating money to games youtubers instead in youtubers like
    its history makes me terrible sad

  81. Take the tiger II with porche turret

  82. Would’ve been better without the names over the tanks

  83. There is one thing I don’t like about tech tree games like war thunder (not
    saying they isn’t fun as hell, but) it is such a grind to get to the top
    tier things that you know so much about or want to know more about like the
    Hornet 229 or Vampire/Venom.

  84. pffft The Tiger sucks
    *grabs KV2*

  85. baron i love this. in fact i think you should turn this in to a series were
    u have each team is only one type of tank/plane that would be awesome u
    should call it something like “VERSES” or “EPIC BATTLES ***** vs*****”.
    please do this. i have bin getting kinda board with your videos because its
    the same thing over and over again. but if u do this i promise i will
    continue watching your videos for as long as u make them.
    (please respond)

  86. PeanutButterGoodness

    I can only image what went through that flanker’s mind when he saw all
    those tank turrets rotate towards him.

  87. Do 10 IL-28 against 10 Wirbelwind

  88. this is what Fury should have turned out to be….

  89. 2 king tigers vs 20 shermanz

  90. MY friedns and i did 1 tiger 1E vs 4 Shermans and it went pretty much like
    fury….my friend killed the tiger but lets just say……. he died due to
    his crew burning up into a blaze

  91. DANGIT i wish i hadnt had to study last night i really wanted to get in my
    tiger (had fun in the derp bomber brawl at least that was butt loads of

  92. wow!
    good play Tigers :D

  93. T34 85 vs panther

  94. see this is the kinda shit i wanna see more of

  95. Good vid I was watching the stream
    Btw I was the guy telling you to use the Horton 229 :D

  96. hey baron you need to do more of these awesome battles they are the best
    and keep up the good work

  97. hey man!!! keep your tank 45 degree angel towards your enemy it will help
    you to deflect most shots.. but not all… :D

  98. 10/10 RB gameplay best gameplay 🙂

    P. S. If you would’ve angled against that Sherman that was point blank he
    wouldn’t have been able to pen you.

  99. 2 m103’s vs. 20 m18’s

  100. dat Tiger line,

    Total badass

  101. Fury Vs Tigers!

  102. This game mode rocks! I would love to see more!

  103. That’s why I asked you to get back to realistic, you can’t get that rusty
    Baron, come on!

  104. do a he-111 h6 torpedus secret mission

  105. Great battle, how about BABY tank rumble – panzer 2s V M3 stuarts

  106. b29vs stuka

  107. This is genius. Gaijin should base an event on this, where tigers have to
    defend points and prevent being overrun by shermans… that would be so
    FUN! The Shermans would have 20 mins to capture all of the points, and each
    time they cap a zone, another appears a couple of kms ahead. of course,
    there has to be a limit on the amount of Tigers, and give LOTS more
    sermons, but maybe only 75mm sermons, because 76mms have no issues with the
    front of the tiger, which sort of negates the advantage the tiger has

  108. Historically accurate the american 75mm wasnt able to penetrate the Tigers
    armor at any range

  109. You need to do this again! That was awesome!

  110. Luchs with the auto-loader

  111. unsub cause of webcam

  112. If only the MM in game worked like this, so one side could have power but
    the other could have numbers.

    Pro tip: If you keep your armour angled, and only look straight at them
    when shooting, the Tiger cannot be penned by the early Shermans.

  113. Can you play the russian box tank

  114. +BaronVonGamez dude ur aiming sucks in rb. u shud practise more rb. most of
    the time u were just talking not even shooting. u suck.

  115. imagine if gaijin had an event like this, would be glorious

  116. This is one of the coolest videos I’ve seen since I subscribed. If you do
    this again, it would be cool to see panthers vs t34s :D

  117. Look, I know you do those custom battles for shit and giggles but… THIS

  118. During the war American strategy was actually infantry support with the
    Sherman as escort, in a pure tank battle the Americans would have voted to
    send in hellcats, that is what I would like to see in a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio
    against tigers h-1 and 1es with the slightly heavier armor.

  119. Gaijin hates german tanks, makes them purposefully weaker and Russian tanks

  120. Baron logic: “We got the range advantage. So let’s get up the hill and
    fight at point blank” m(
    Nice video though!

  121. The tiger….. You are using it wrong.

  122. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    This is pretty cool

  123. tiger vs sherman but u the sherman tank not the tiger tank

  124. play on realism mode instead itll be much more awsome

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