7 Tigers vs 25 Sherman Tanks (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. First hi baron

  2. hi from Portugal

  3. What would be some good ideas for custom battles? What would be the coolest?

    If you want more custom battles on the channel, you know what to do.
    If you want to join custom battles and be in a video, join my stream:
    http://www.twitch.tv/baronvongamez & Twitter

  4. *HI* i’m not first but i wanted to say hi

  5. I really do miss playing War Thunder

  6. never been this early

  7. Under 301 club unite!

  8. hold the door, the feels….

  9. I wasn’t expecting to be emotionally devastated by game of thrones again
    while watching this video. Damn it baron

  10. Yeah!!!!!!??

  11. The True Gamerz Dynamite

    How do you go 3-4 in a tiger against all Sherman’s?

  12. Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System (GLaDOS)

    BaronVonGamez, also known as Gustavus Adolphus reborn

  13. wolfgar bloodstone


  14. I’m fancy basher274

  15. Batmunkh Namshir

    This pop star commercial is so fcking retarded

  16. gatfan HAndwiyantoro

    baron how about 1 tiger 1 vs 6 t 34/76 recreating “the white tiger”

  17. Comrade Jesus (GodBlessYou)

    +BaronVonGamez last time asking buster, Wheres it at? The Men Of War. I fed
    up with this insanity.

  18. DeltaEchoWhiskyKK

    LOL. hold the door

  19. that oe at 2:40 is marvelous

  20. TheColombian Spartan

    BaronVonGamez? nah…More like BaronVonAwesome!

  21. recreate fury one day

  22. Hi baron can you play ASU-85 soon thanks !

  23. Awesome video!

  24. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    baron can you please play the Halifax?

  25. Hodor

  26. aries paddayuman

    U.S. 3rd Armored Division Vs The 21st Panzer Division= 10 Shermans,5
    Pershings Vs 10 Panzer Mark IV,5 Tiger Tanks

  27. justin abernathy

    4 Maus vs hellcats

  28. Tiger I is so sexy. Lol.

  29. Poor Shermans, they wil be missed :'(

  30. I really wish I could have been a part of this. I would have kicked ass
    with my M4A3 76 Sherman(Easy 8). Hopefully a custom battle with Shermans
    will happen again, I’d love to be part of it. Maybe even kick your ass,
    Baron….. :3

  31. IAm VeryConfused

    Dislike, no one listened when he said uncap

  32. No hate on Baron but unless he has sabot or is in arcade he really cannot


  34. 20 t-34 VS 16 shermans, amaricans need to rek russians.

  35. Daniel_ Carabott


  36. If the t29 gets release I need to see a t29 vs tiger fight

  37. In real life after the first five Sherman’s your tiger would be bombed by
    US fighter bombers.

  38. CanadianNorthman

    >uses tiger
    >abandons forest to rush city

  39. Guilherme Monteiro

    mds preciso de um pc

  40. Daniel Angcos (JackFrostBlade)

    That leading

  41. T-34 VS Tigers II?

  42. That beard! i want it,give me some

  43. The Derp tortoise

    Baron next you should do dicker max vs t34s

  44. Clockwise Whooves

    12 T-34 vs 4 Tigers.

  45. How do I get involved in these events?

  46. sandri semenescu

    thx man i love seeing you play in the tiger hope you will do more

  47. Play as Michle wittman take out one tiger and kill 100 British and American
    tanks inside a city.

  48. Or just do a single tiger against the max amount of M4A2 or their 3 British
    medium tanks.

  49. Matthew Williams

    Are you streaming dude?

  50. WTF baron!! How do you get 45789 golden eagles ?!!

  51. Proof Typing communications are bad for your health

  52. I’m going to shoot myself if I get another fucking popstar commercial.
    Jesus Christ

  53. T 34 vs tiger

  54. Panzergrenadier

    Your beard is pretty goddamn stylish

  55. Nicholas Potato

    What croms or Churchills vs tigers

  56. joker_is_not_ crazy

    Really I’ve been trying to get people to do this for a month now huh

  57. the custom battle you had on was on the old RB and SB mode with markers on

  58. Baron We need a Sherman VS T-34 battle Korean War Hype!


  60. you are a noob

  61. Didn’t someone already do this CB? Kinda get’s boring seeing the same thing
    over and over again.

  62. Christoph Rantscher

    Baron, APCR is for closer ranges, as it loses a lot of penetration over
    range. You are better off with the Panzergranate 39 on long range. :)

  63. sumone sumwhere

    You should do these in sim mode;)

  64. do the same thing but you should use the sherman

  65. Whats wrong with compression? All Barons videos look bad even in 1080 :(

  66. god you have awful aim

  67. Do KV2 line battles from far range. Make the ultimate artillery war!

  68. is entak your brother?

  69. now i know u watch game of thrones

  70. Maybe Tiger + Panther + Pz 4 VS M4 + Pershing + Churchill 1

  71. 666 likes

  72. illuminadey confirmed 6 6 6 laiks

  73. Hey baron, how do these people know when your little events are on, I would
    love to join one :)

  74. grimmjow jaggerjack

    baron do a custom battle call it protect the hill 7 nashorns vs how ever
    many shermans on the train tunnel hill on frozen pass map…should be
    perfect for the nashorns depression

  75. I miss the 2011/2012 war thunder

  76. baron slowly looking more and more like obi wan ?

  77. carlondus Ardoin

    sherman go win

  78. BlueRosse Gaming

    make a 30vs30 only Kv2 in Berlin map or easten europe map.

  79. Baron do 4 king tigers and 20 shermans

  80. Baron do three king tigers and 15 shermans

  81. I just got War Thunder for the PS4 😀 been watching you for about a year so
    it’s about time lol

  82. Re-spawning totally defeats the purpose of this.

  83. “Ummm..” video ends what thyou heck?!

  84. Hi Baron, i don´t think that this is a suggestion for a custom battle, but
    it is a nice idea for a historical challenge. Find a team with 7 players
    taking some shermans, you will take the Tiger E and after 2 minutes for you
    to find a position on the they should try to hunt you down in a Simulator
    Let the tiger hunting beginn!!!!!

  85. you aer fuuuukkk luzeerr loooll noooob.

  86. do the same thing with you in a sherman :p

  87. Where’s mowas Mondays !!!!!!!!!?????????

  88. Did Baron just say APCR for long range? Your going against Shermans in a
    damn Tiger!!!!

  89. TheOtakuComrade


    *Sorry…I just finished to watch Girls und Panzer: Der film…*

  90. maybe next time try 2 Tigers E and 6 Panthers G

  91. T-rex gaming Warrior

    i love your face bush baron it is fluffy m8

  92. Do this but with a few fireflys and cromwells like villers bocage

  93. Molga Dawid bzzzyQ

    Idea was good but totally no tactic with tigers at beggining,that was sad
    to see a tiger running into the town to all that shermans – tigers love
    long range shots :(

  94. war thunder war thunder

    my friend is in list game

  95. You sir. Are a shitty player ??

  96. Good game

  97. Do panthers vs Sherman’s and cromwells

  98. Tyrone Lizarondo

    Why not go with 4 tigers and like 2-4 panzer IVs for each tiger, versus
    shermans, M10s, and hellcats? I don’t know how the matches work for war
    thunder but I think it would be pretty nice.

  99. If kicking and banding was in real life I would kick all nazis and ban

  100. in RB there going make it so you see peoples names now

  101. He looks like Obi-Wan

  102. Simply amazing Mr Baron

  103. Jack Haldopoulos

    please fly out the fw190 d9 baron!

  104. If WT was historically accurate except it would be like 4 tigers vs 20

  105. Hold the door… R.I.P.

  106. What a pity a good game ruined by a bad company

  107. he looks so god damn manly

  108. Maus vs super hellcat

  109. seems to be great fun, how does someone can be allowed to be into one of
    those custom battles ? id love to be in, even in the poor sherman line

  110. I feel like this is super accurate, a small unit of germans holding off
    huge amounts of shermans

  111. Tiger Vs IS

  112. BARON BARON drive the t26 in high tier battles disguised as a bush. sekrit
    Soviet bush tenk

  113. Just discovered MCGregor channel… you should get back to train mate, stop
    play video games

  114. Humphrey Matthew Angeles

    Hey baron how about The doom turtle t95 vs jadgtiger 😀 :0

  115. lol his aim was almost as bad as slick’s on his t90ms vid. potatoaim

  116. Ghostbuster 1337

    Not do it baron! It’s TRAP

  117. PV Entertainment

    Hey Baron,I heard you are/were German.I didn’t think this,due to your
    accent (You don’t sound German,you sound American),but maybe you’ve been in
    another country for A while and have just adapted your accent.Just
    wondering if you were/are.

  118. Ah man. I just got the Tiger H1.

  119. baron, you should use the “battle” gamemode. where the two teams have a
    home base that take really long to cap

  120. I thought you’d look a bit younger

  121. Privatepain1234

    the sherman players were terrible honestly… they never used their better
    speed and agility to get around the tigers till the end.. and even then it
    was only a few :/

  122. Looks like fun wish i was in it ;(

  123. Michael Kirkpatrick

    now this scenario is realistic, shermans vastly out numbered the tiger but
    at the same time on average, it would take 5 to 6 shermans to kill one
    tiger i love this custom battle.

  124. It has nothing to do with 1 person screwing up the matches by capping. Its
    a bad system when you can’t just set the game mode to no caps. I mean there
    may have been a reason early on to not allow people to setup essentially
    infinite matches in Custom but not having that feature now is just lazy on
    the devs part.
    Also I am pretty sure that cap was an accident where the player was in the
    circle and then got de-tracked or disabled before they could leave.

  125. Grosvenor Lester

    Sherman fireflys vs panthers!

  126. hey baron, when will you be doing a face reveal?

  127. Who here hates hello nerd for fucking up the game?

  128. RIP Hodor gone will be remembered even as a door stop

  129. Sharpshooter Gaming

    surprised there is no British Shermans

  130. Do more of these!

  131. i was the one who capped :3

  132. You finish the video with Umm… ? lol

  133. How do you think a match between a Leopard 1 and 10 T-34 + 1 KV 2 would

  134. t-35s vs panthers

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