70% OF PLAYERS WANT THIS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks currently testing massive HE changes and according to Wargaming 70% of the player base want them!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. @QuickyBaby ive just installed the testserver, in live server i play without gold and are placed in a WR-Rating of 5500 points and play with WR-Rating of around 7-8k … ive just tried my tanks on SB-Server with gold only, like most people play on live… now i am a unicon player 😀
    … no one actually shots HE on the SB-Servers, all they shoot is gold, gold, gold also there are only 7k players online o.0 if those 70% positive reviews of the changes is real around 5-6k players of the 7k on SB are these Donquerer hulldown gold faceroller whose only weakness is HE, so no wonder they like the HE nerf… realy sad how WG doesnt see this… BTW, maybe you should do a poll with the following question:

    If HE and Arty Changes go live, will you stop playing WoT?
    1.) Ill stop, and i am a paying player. (Prem.Time, Prem.Tanks etc.)
    2.) Ill stop, and i am a free player.
    3.) Ill keep playing and i am a paying player.
    4.) Ill keep playing and i am a free player.

    this could lead to another interesting topic that might affect WGs decission on those changes 🙂

  2. I think the problem with running polls on the test server is that they are in NO WAY REPRESENTATIVE of the player base. Not many people play the test server and those that do are very likely to be higher tier players with a natural bias for whatever is being tested. I’m most concerned for whatever BS conclusions they draw to justify for nerfing SPGs – a class that doesn’t need nerfing but attracts a lot of hate from higher tier players trying to get their marks of excellence and having a sad when they get nailed by an SPG.

  3. EBR 105 Buff? Yeah I lost Brain cells and this gave me mental retardation.

  4. Can someone explain how this update Will affect my 60tp games if i like to spam HE and not use gold ammo?

  5. I’m free to play player, if this goes to live server then mostly will uninstall.. let only gold noob play the game

  6. The WoT-Life Part doesn’t make sense many times tbh. You argue different for each tank. Why is SuperConq different to kranvagn, or IS4 at bottom (allround good armour). And where the E50m has a good turret? Nevertheless these changes will rip the live-server apart…

  7. played a bit with a full HE setup. From what i experienced.
    FV4005 – met onyl few players in meds. not much to see
    Jagdpanzer E100 – about 150 dmg per shot against armored and semiarmored targets. whopping 500 dmg per minute. wow.
    SuperConq – full HESH, 4,2 k dmg. lot of penetrations against weak side armor. Like 20 dmg to enemy heavies and the penetration is still 120 mm!

    Awful, just awful… ramming enemy heavies with Ebr seems to be more effective than the He shells

  8. @TohtalLP you forget this

    5) ill stop and sell my accunt even if its illegals

  9. they want us to use more gold
    They want us to use more gold
    They Want us to use more gold
    They Want US to use more gold
    They Want US To use more gold
    They Want US To Use more Gold
    They Want US To Use MORE Gold
    They Want US To Use MORE GOLD
    They Want US To USE MORE GOLD
    THEY WANT US TO USE MORE GOLD!!!!!@@@@@!!!!

  10. This is a very long video to say something very simple and obvious: WarGaming is making HE shells less useful so people have to fire more gold rounds. Special tanks that whales have will also be buffed, but that is a secondary benefit. This is just a blatant money grab, like many of their moves lately, and it makes me wonder why they need to do such blatant and obvious cash-grabs at the expense of their player base.

  11. World Of Tanks, a free to play game made even more non-free by each update!

  12. The 77% of them votes are from people who can’t play the game

  13. where is frontlines?

  14. i dont really watch Qb but he is right here..Wg dont listen to the community anymore, they are too hungry for cash
    to make the game balanced again and fun for everyone
    1. they should take out the blueprints..its big BS when a player with 2k battles is on a tier 10 tank, they got 0 knowledge of the game and no experience on so little battles, to protect them and the teams they should take it out(grinding the tank ment that you learn to play the tank)
    2. only 1 or max 2 arties per team
    3. lower the dmg output of gold shells, but keep the pen..just like in Steel hunter(you can choose dmg shells with low pen or high pen with low dmg)
    4. The RNG could use a tweek cause i get more shots outside my circle than in my aim circle

  15. This video needs more views

  16. @belarius 0404 no one would like to buy an account for a dead game anyways xD so it doesnt matter xD

  17. T49 will just be useless, to fully aim to the smallest aim circle is something stupid like 8-9 seconds. They suggest I sit exposed for that long in order to aim for the weak spots on T9 and T10 tanks to get those penetrating shots. A light tank like the T49 relies on doing splash damage as it’s accuracy and aim time is awful. I’ve missed the broadside of a tank from 50m trying to snap shot and that happens regularly. So you play it as dart out, try to hit the enemy tank….as in hit it ANYWHERE…then dart back behind cover.

  18. @Timothy Tan nerfe the object 279 (e) first you can only pen this thing with gold its totaly unfair

  19. If this happens i want a refund for my kv 2 R ! ! !

  20. 25:05 I mean I follow your logic.. so no hate. but you kinda sound like those conspiracy theorists: “Does anyone see a pattern here” after strongly suggesting a pattern. i laughed so hard

  21. Michael gerard Koll junior

    I haven’t played this game since the Japanese superheavies came into the game. The power creep is crippling, the game is pay to win, you can’t get enough credits to sustain yourself past tier 6 and certainly not enough to progress past tier 8 without a premium tank or account. The game has turned to shit, and I honestly have started to boycott wargaming

  22. Wargmaing never had real arguments.
    The crap they’re talking are 90% lies and 10% bad excuses for making the game worse and worse.
    They have no idea what they are doing and they try everything to cover that up instead of improving the game.
    Wargaming is nothing more than a bunch of greedy old farts that only want more money and more players who pay even more money.
    I’ll never play this game anymore when these changes go to the live-servers.
    I’m sorry QB but this would also mean that you will lose an subscriber since i never want to hear anything from this game ever again.

  23. Wargaming states that as long as the changes are insignificant, they can go live. Why make those changes in the first place then? lol stupid

  24. I don’t really even use HE but i know this will be a bad change.

  25. they only listen to the russian servers anyway

  26. This just shows that more players need to play on the sandbox server so they can give their input and that Wargaming needs to poll outside the sandbox to get more information. The issue with that though, is that people can often hate something without actually understanding it. This is especially the case for the average player and people who aren’t actively playing it. Overwhelming players are pretty braindead and this is really prevalent when it comes to game balance. Companies often can’t trust the average player to give input because they aren’t intelligent enough to give input. To compensate for this most gaming companies have trusted individuals within in the community who they look to for advice on how to fix certain issues or they listen to the highest level of players and their feedback. For example, Riot Games will invite the most prominent one trick players for advice and help when they are going to do a major rework to a champion. This lets them understand the issues with the champ, what that dedicated players want from that champ, and how to best move forward from that. They can’t just look at what the average person wants because if often won’t make the game better. Like mentioned, Wargaming just needs to bring in more trusted players and individuals who have shown competence to help them balance things.

  27. Arty has no benefit from high damage and stun.. they took away hiding with EBR’s, now they want fiery arrows pointing to us every shot. The HE stuff is because the only people they want are the World of Buggies bunch let’s face it.

  28. maybe some of the players just want to complete the survey faster? so you got about a 47% approving rate difference between QB and WOT I guess…

  29. Well they made gold useless, just trying to get folks buying it again

  30. Dear Quicky,
    This game no longer provides enjoyment. after Patch 9.17 it is getting worse and worse. For WG, our comments are absolutely irrelevant.
    The sad fact is that the vast majority of “researchers” do not even play their own game, Profit is their only driver, and their pursuit of profit
    in the short run will destroy this once beautiful game.
    Best regards and wish you good health!

  31. What better way to make a community accept a change by making them believe the majority of them agreed to it and by feeding them shit use of statistics which actually do not prove anything except either their innability to interpret stats or they will to lie.

    I dare them to share the raw data with everyone and let people make a real use of it and explain at least part of the bias they are facing like QB is partly doing here.
    Because you can’t evaluate the effect of a test by putting some people in box and nearly unlimited resources and no impact on their real account, all while saying “test this feature” and expect to have a usable data to measure the impact on battle performance and balance. This is not scientific at all, at best you can hope to have a better picture of the damage each tank can receive with HE shells and detect some unexpected abuses.

  32. HE changes are what its needed very very much. most of ppl who voted on QB’s poll probably did not join the sandbox. and to those who say “we will quit if they change it” … i assume you are the animals who play 60P, (h)e100, T110E4 etc spamming HE shells like skittles. lack of skill ? hey lets aim anywhere and deal damage.

  33. I expect no less than 4k dpg if not 4.5k+ in my tier 10s, if you still think 3k dpg is good at t10 for a unicum, then you’re just awful

  34. WoT community
    Wants: Changes to gold/premium ammo.
    Gets: Changes to HE.

    It’s good to see that Wargaming listens to their community.

  35. It’s probably 70% because people that thought that it was a good change are actually a minority of players, the same bunch that probably spam nothing but gold. It could also simply be that people who think the change sucks do NOT have time to play sandbox.

  36. When folks get sick of vehicles they’ve worked on, in my case 9 years, getting made irrelevant they’ll stop playing..and paying.

  37. Why not give us more new maps or change old maps and bring them back? Maybe start changing gold rounds and OP tanks?
    No no, lets change HE!

    GG Wargaming!

  38. I’m curious, why don’t you stop playing the game for a while QB? Protest against WG. You may as well drag part of the playerbase with you. Even for just a day.
    I’m personally tired of WG’s bullshit and I tend to leave the game for a good few months before coming back again. I’ve even missed the Black market with dozens of millions of credits on my acc because I’m sick of the game itself as well as WG. It’s fun once in a while but they’re pushing the boundaries and I feel it’s no use but to fight back drastically. A poll isn’t going to do anything really, neither from your or their side and they can just pull data out of their ass if needed.
    I feel like the only way to actually make a change is to threaten the life of the game by just not playing. Don’t promote it. Don’t show it to the world. They have the power because we give it to them.

  39. Actually I don’t get your arguments, everyone can afford to shoot “gold” ammo, for example I play the game for 10 years and have around 45k battles. I have spent about 50 euros in total, and I always was able to grind credits or gold in CW to buy premium account, or obtain premium tanks through marathons. If people suck in the game and do not have motivation to improve, that’s actually their problem. To be honest, spamming HE on heavily armored tanks (doing 300-500 DMG) takes way less skill than load gold ammo and aim to some kind of weak spot on that vehicle. HEs and arty are completely killing tier X gameplay these days and WG has to do something about it. So, here is the opinion from player, who sees this completely opposite. PS: I would rather spam gold on armored tanks instead of HE, cuz it at least requires some skill.

  40. Goldrounds… that timestamp where i quit WoT

  41. Markus Hämäläinen

    HE changes: bad
    Arty changes: good

  42. How many of the 23K people who responded to the poll actually tried out the sandbox test server HE shell change vs. how many didn’t play the sandbox test server?

  43. I think that WG tries to do everything they can to annoy us. Btw, I also think that QB in latest weeks became the best WoT youtuber, because of interesting, intelligent conclusions.

  44. Where do you get your numbers that most players are free to play? I started asking around tp friends and u don’t know a single free to play player. They all have premiums and premium account and they all bought boxes at christmas. I asked a lot of people and still have not seen one free to play so far

  45. I have played for almost 9 years, I have never gone on the sandbox test server. I don’t have time to play in a server that wont add to any progress on my real game tanks. As a ‘filthy casual’ and semi free to play player, I simply don’t have the time to play around in the sandbox. so I agree, sandboxers are usually people that live in the game streamers and sponsored players, or simply players that spend numerous hours per day anyway.

  46. QB…No wonder you get a polls apart opinion…the entire “Testing” is uter Bull##, its predominant RU about 3 players from anywhere else a game and half of the players are spamming gold instead of testing HE!

  47. Of course they are short sighted, its all about the short term $$$.

  48. Hello from the Strawberry Field. LOL. I am one of those people that you refer to as a “strawberry”, which I think is funny but I know it to be true. From my view point down here in the dirt and straw it looks to me that this is boiling down to one thing only and that is WOT wants people to fire more gold to line there pockets. I agree with your assessment about the HE rounds. I for one use them when I do not know what else to do. I do not play with gold because well it would just be a waste of money for me. I have gotten to the point that all I play now is arty because I just think the odds are stacked against me. So with WOT changing the HE dynamics it will definitely affect me. I think that the changes take away the feeling that we normal players have a chance, as you stated in your video. Let’s be honest though, since I started playing I knew early on that this game is about paying to play. Everyone knows it!!!!!!! So I agree with you that this is not a good change but, there has to be something or someone that is driving this change. People will always use word mumbo jumbo or double speak when they are trying to sell you on something being a good idea. Like it says the damage is less but its more. That is a spoon full of sugar approach for making the medicine go down. I think your video is dead on accurate. I have filled out a survey. I’ve stated that I think this is a bad idea but, I doubt they will listen to us. Why should they listen to us strawberries any way. WOT must really like Strawberry Wine. LOL.

  49. It is possible for WG to realize such changes will only harm overall game experience for most players out there, after they introduce them and that they recall them later on. But it is important the player base rebuke this “HE shells rework” at the stage of Sandbox, before it is introduced. We need to let WG know we realize the implications of the changes and that we don’t welcome them, and hopefully avoid their introduction in the first place. HE rounds can obviously be reworked just as any other feature in the game, but not all change is inherently good, not every change represents progress and improvement, there is a high potential to make things worse than they currently are (and we all could agree that things are currently far from being perfect). And their analysis/treatment of statistics of Sandbox tests is, simply put, wrong. You just cannot draw some of the conclusions they are implying from what is happening on the Sandbox. It seems like either laziness of negligence on their part, they are doing their math job poorly there, for whatever reason. To me, a health professional in real life, this looks similar to the publishing of quite a bunch of the poorly done/uninformative/worthless studies on pubmed that contain certain claims clearly unsupported by the evidence provided, either because of the basic study design constraints, small sample size, flawed statistical analysis or even simply invalid logic to draw conclusions.

  50. I don’t think they want to make the game better, they just want more money.

  51. Welcome to War Thunder everyone.

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