+-75% RNG is Ridiculous! :D | World of Tanks Arcade Cabinet

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of Tanks with +-75% Alpha Damage RNG in AMX 50 Foch 155, French Autoloading . World of Tanks Arcade Cabinet Game Mode with Crazy Tank Buffs.

Official Arcade Cabinet article: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/arcade_cabinet/

Arcade Cabinet is back and this weekend our special buffs are about reload speed, ngine power and most importantly… About the +-75% alpha damage spread aka RNG.

Let's test this madness out!

What do you think?


  1. armor inspector?

  2. RNG by WG. Wherever you hit it’s low roll, whenever you miss or bounce it would be high roll, but you will never know ;-))))

  3. Does the +/- 75% RNG apply to penetration as well?

  4. So basically they are further simulating my bad rng days

  5. hoi nee niet jij

    They should do the same gamemode but with 0% RNG

  6. Best part of this video was dez smacking his desk 😀

  7. This video is pure frustration..

  8. Isn’t it obvious that we want to see 183 or 4005?

  9. Someone do the maths of how many low rolls there were vs how many high rolls.
    looks like about 10 to 1

  10. I will pass this one it sucks as I can see this is more -75% RNG then +75%, waste of credits in large amounts

  11. This looks so frustrating probably not even going to play this one

  12. I think they should remove the ring for penetration

  13. Watching Dez low-roll 15 times in a row just to get a normal high roll is the perfect example of this game-mode.
    This is easily the most rage-inducing game mode they ever made.

  14. After these event modes are finished are you not worried what WG will do with this information they are gathering.

  15. Wargamings idea of +-75% RNG is giving the -75% to one side and +75% to the other…..

  16. This just shows how skewed WoTs RNG sway is. It confirms the theory of “you low roll more often than high roll”

  17. Dezgamez,try st 2 double shoot

  18. Bruh, and this gamemode doesn’t compensate for the cost of the shells. Almost feels like firing gold isn’t an option. STB-1 90 damage rolls lmao

  19. I played 8 games, and I was killed 6 times, 5 of them by a single ammorack shot. This gamemodes are the defenition of RNG

  20. It hurts just to watch. No chance i’m playin

  21. Try maybe double gun tanks

  22. The EXISTING RNG in this game is already too high, and more often than not removes too much skill factor from the game. Who thought this was gonna be fun?

  23. Ofcourse, the first Dez’s high roll was with 69 number.

  24. So this game mode is essentially all the things about WoT that we despise, rolled into one handy package? No thanks WG. Hard pass.

  25. I knew this mode was gonna be shit. Everyone jacking off to the idea of rolling 3k on an fv but completely ignoring they’re also gonna roll 400

  26. This game is dead…

  27. Obj261 pls

  28. Ang Dong yi (Qss)

    Pls play e 100 with derp on this mode pls.

  29. i do not like this mod at all …
    Mine damage 63 dmg 160 dmg 220 dmg
    Opponents damage 431 587 689.
    Yeah no im not touching this shit ever again

  30. The next game mode should have +500% engine power, -100% accuracy and reload time. Just make it a shitfest where everyone has to go into the middle of the map and ram each other.

  31. I haven’t heard you that frustrated in a while Dez. I think I’ll give this mode a pass.

  32. imagine if they applied 75% RNG to penetration too. jpz100 will have same penetration as javelin loool

  33. Well, now you have to play with JG PZ 100 and get at least 1.5k dmg roll

  34. Caliban using HE LoL

  35. This just shows how RNG is a rage inducing gift

  36. SPG AP hitting 1500k+ from across the map must be annoying …. I feel evil, I’ma bust out my SPG

  37. high roll after 15 mins…think im gonna skip this one…tnx dez

  38. so why should people increase their frustration level, after all yo had so many lower than 400 shots… it is ridiculous. i will spare my pain, thanks for <> for us the regulars… have fun

  39. Wesley Méndez Morataya

    grille 15, type 5?

  40. although with 75+- rng the curse on the guns are still present

  41. Old tanks always low roll.

  42. The last arcade mode was fun, and earned good money, this one seems like it would be SO frustrating and actually cost more money – there is far too much rng on damage and pen in the regular game as it is lol

  43. Try k91 with improved rammer , improved vents &rammer directive and adrenaline rush if possible , the way I calculated mine should do 3s reload , perhaps evern faster if you have acces to bounty

  44. RNG is bad for the game. Taking RNG out of damage would make the game more skill based.

  45. You need the vehicles with the lowest normal alpha damage. Going for the lowest possible damage roll.

  46. Stupid RNGjeus ….I did 200 dmg in JGPZ E100

  47. Imagine 183mm one shotting E100 and maus

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