750DPM Tier 10 RNG Slot Machine in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

AMX 50 Foch 155 Gameplay, Tier 10 French Autoloading Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch 155 vs AMX 50 Foch B, Tier 10 French Autoloading Tank Destroyers.

Time to jump back into the biggest RNG slot machine tanks, can either make your day brake it completely into pieces. The one and only Foch 155 is always full of surprises, hitting ridiculous shots or missing the easiest ones. How is it going to behave today?

Enjoy the show!


  1. You either LOVE this tank, or HATE it… There is nothing in between. 😀
    How do you feel about that? 😀 Enjoy your weekend, my friends, stay safe!

  2. Always a pleasure to see your content Dez! Also love the tank! Wish you a pleasant weekend, stay healthy, stay strong my friend! ✌️❤️💪

  3. Foch 155 is one of my favourite tanks in the game, the biggest roll of the dice in the game.

    You’re big, quite quick, but a slow turner. Your armour is min maxed weirdness, accurate tanks will wreck you at long range, and your enormous weak spots mean that you can’t wrestle up close.

    The gun? Hahahahaha it’s an even bigger troll than the 183mm gun on 215b and 4005. Dreadful shell velocity means that you can’t shoot accurately at distance, the spread within the aiming circle seems to be worse than most other tanks. But when it works – 2250 per clip.

  4. Love your content Dez 🙂 Not sure why no-one is talking about ||| SU-122-44 ||| tier 7 TD DPM machine (3050 base) …over 3800 with bounty rammer, vents and food. Try it out 😀


    I was really happy when I was watching this video it just made my day some how Ao66


    I can’t wait, he always makes everything more funny and enjoyable 😀 c2S


    i enjoy ur videos so much!!! keep it up man ULty

  8. 2 games 2 win look OP to me

  9. man I love the foch 155 for its 750 dpm gun

  10. I want this tank but cant get it anymore

  11. I actually LOVE the Tier VIII with the top gun….

  12. Oh wth, I got the rng lord skin to pop up as my bonus mission of the day, managed to get a 4 kills game to finish the mission but it gave me a random crew skin…. I’m pretty sad about that that one. All I have left of this guy is a picture on my phone when the mission showed up. Anyway love your vids always nice to watch

  13. I lay a bet, some love it :p

  14. Sold mine back on console as the reload time is just a joke

  15. darude- Sandstorm

    i have a 9% winrate on that thing

  16. Love that camoflage dez lol 😂🎉🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  17. I prefer this tank to the foch B, as its all about getting clip damage out. and 750 damage shots feels more satisfying, also the amount of armour plates that can be overmatched with a 155mm gun as compared to a 120mm is massive, so many troll bounces that could have been prevented by using a foch 155. I also prefer having way higher pen, 293mm standard pen and 375mm premium pen, you can melt 279E’s with gold ammo and melt a lot of normal tanks with standard rounds

  18. RNG is what really started this games decline. I would testify under oath that it appears to give you better RNG odds when you have spent money in the last 5 days and or more then 14 days of premium time.

    • We will never know how “rng” works in this game, and even if WG said something, they could not be trusted.

    • Back in the day i was a paying customer, then i turned to f2p to not reward wg for their incompetence, as a f2p player (i equip my tanks same as before) i got more crap rng and mm altough i became more exp and better player. So your assumption is correct in my case.

    • And it gets worse, when you switch on personal reserves. A lot more +2 matchmaking, more missed shots, bounces and critical hits/ Reserves run aout, – boom, you get nice MM and pen more. This is why I will not renew premium when this one runs out and will not pay more for this game.

  19. The way you say


    It just pure loveee, made me laugh when i was eating snack 🤣🤣


    I love the video it’s so good and funny it made me laugh so much and also love all your videos!!!! DcwR

  21. lol nice camouflage we from brazil enjoyed a lot of wargaming having put something for us just missing a brazilian tank now 😛

  22. Garbage content lol

  23. Dez! Don’t you ever think that we forgot that you are supposed to 3rd mark the Foch 155 using full HE!

  24. good 4 you dez keep it up see you soon nice como you have bye 4 now

  25. Liked the Brazil camo on your tank, greetings from Brazil o/

  26. Doesnt matter which tank you play, WoT is basically not even close to be an competitive game. You have -25 + 25 % RNG on Accuracy, Pen and Rolls. You have all in all 150% RNG on everything. Its a game you can play if you dont actually care if the game decides what is happening and not you. You just can press the buttons and pray.

  27. Ha ha nice video, especially the last battle 🙂

  28. Day 176 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  29. I really liked this tank with full he but now… Trash like all the other derp tanks

  30. Wait what? 155 on YT but not on twitch sad face

  31. Hey Dez! Since you like accurate Tanks (Not like in this Video), could you try out Strv103B with Bond Rammer, Bond Ventilation and Bounty Aiming + Rations? It has 0,92 Aiming Time and a Dispersion of 0,19 in Siege Mode + a DPM of ~4300 :O Would love to see it. If not, let me know pls.

  32. My gunner on the su 130 pm ist a penetrael too

  33. 690, fake average dmg like the Jg100’s fake “average” 1000 dmg
    Russian bias only in World of Wallets

  34. 69
    Just gonna leave this here

  35. DPM = Damage per minute.
    That title is wrong.

  36. Need more Dez Sound Effects XD but I like my Foch, it’s just a love-hate relationship of frustration; I sacrifice 2 more seconds of reload for the 0.29 dispersion; it’s not bad, it actually hits most of the time, but you’re right, really fast battles are not fun

  37. 750dpm lol I like it

  38. Nice battles. Keep up the good work.

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