77% HitRate – 26103 Kills – 172 Tank Sniper Medals – 1753 Duelist’s

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. Growermen try to be a YouTuber, but is an idiot.

  2. When was this streamed?

  3. Thibault Giesbertz

    what the arty is underpowered vid?

  4. 18:30 Ohh lord, I cant believe there’s people who actually think you were serious…
    How…How dumb one must be to not notice it is a joke, which is not that far from reality.

  5. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    Whats with the all in your face stats?

  6. Can you post that wallpaper link again?

  7. I like the title lol

  8. Lor is in it’s sweet spot at t8. Was hard at 9 before it was removed and came back as a prem.

  9. I don’t care if you ever get a camera, and to call someone a window licker only shows your ugly personality, but as far as the games and learning from you it’s great time spent, now go clean your room you got a physics test tomorrow ?

    • David Gardner It shows that he’s fed up with retards who are unwilling to learn the game and are a burden to every team they’re in. You can always watch QB, he is more polite. Also, trying to call him out on his age just shows how insecure and sad you are.

  10. Ur making people play 30 an hour to tutor? And people paying that what the fuckk

    • Mahummed Bah it’s just money. Some people feel it’s worth it so they spent it. You don’t feel the same way so you don’t.

  11. How does stat pad type 64???

  12. This thumbnail brings me back to BO2 thumbnails.

  13. Captain Obvious Tee Shirts

    Do you ever play on the LATAMserver?

  14. I really get angry at the new matchmaking. I was mostly playing tier 8 games. I almost had every tier 8 available, and now its fucking utter garbage! If i would drink a full glass of vodka every time i get a tier 8 game, even then i would never get drunk because it almost never happens! I stopped playing this shit after playing for years. its a shame!

  15. Wanna sell me your NA account? @Lemmingrush? ??

  16. You know one of the reasons I love your channel LR, you stream and show us all your games good or bad, bottom tier or top.  Some other channels are good, but they only show thier best, monster games, like never when they are bottom tier, or loose.

    • Tim B that’s because everyone else stream on twitch. And the YouTube for them is just content uploads. When others stream you will see the good and bad.

  17. You doing Physics 20? I believe I did sound stuffs in Physics 20, as its not present in 30

  18. Wind wouldn’t even begin to have that much effect on a bullet…keep in mind, a common round from a sniper rifle(thinking .338 lapua, for the curious nerds, and no, i didnt look up the velocity recently, this is just as memory serves) will fly at 900-950 meters per second…for 25% change, your wind would have to be blowing at like 250 meters per second(sorry, im to lazy to do a Meters per second to Kp/H conversation(

  19. What average damage should you get for AMX 50B 2 or 3 mark? I am averaging 3,100 something right now

  20. I bet you that STRV is going to go tell his friends he killed Lemmingrush?

    • That strv doesnt know who he is. That guys clearly a terrible player with no clue of the game, theres no chance hes watching informative videos about the game.

  21. Tomás Turbando Pinto

    Do you play with antialiasing off because of the delay? I know there’s a short delay caused by AA but I just can’t stand the jaggies when I’m playing so I leave it on.

  22. And again it’s a game that means nothing in the “real” world. But it’s fun to play for an hour here and there.

  23. “reports are a placebo” literally what i’ve been saying for god knows how long and the morons still threaten with reports xD also QB is the cringiest person ever, especially with the stupid greenscreen camera thing

  24. Shit i missed your stream 🙁

  25. Well, it kinda depends. For arty, focusing on killing highly skilled players is smart. But obviously.. If you’re sitting behind a rock and they fire round after round dealing 50 – 100 splash dmg on you, it’s griefing.

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