8 Easy Steps to Win! – Rudy

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. # MarciGotNoscoped

    Step 1: Win

    • dude thats not step 1 step 1 is being circon playing a foch 155 with nothing but HE and still gets a Top Gun and an AceTanker Step 2 is Win

  2. CIRcon i AM yOuR BIGgeST fAN!!

  3. Step 1 load gold

    • I bet he loaded gold for shell velocity, not por pen.

    • And that is any better in which way?

    • Morganator because it’s not a ‘hnnnng gold noob no skill learn to aim’ situation. It’s a ‘circon is taking advantage of a specific game mechanic to give himself a specific game advantage’.

      Had this been a scenario where circon was playing a tank with heat for premium ammo, I highly doubt he would have switched

  4. The Rudy beast

  5. there should be a new word for whenever circon flexes. The act of “circonflexing”. Circon circonflexes.

  6. Marthijn van Oorschot

    You make everything look easy circon XD

  7. 5% gold spam my ass more like 55%

  8. Got to show the game where your rudy got its third mark lol

  9. What’s the story behind clock?

  10. Glorius_scrub_lord

    201!?! Really!?!

  11. Grand duchy of Lithuania

    still I would manage to lose

  12. Step 1: LUL
    Step 2: LUL
    Step 3:LUL
    Step 4:LUL
    Step 5:LUL
    Step 6:LUL
    Step 7:LUL
    Step 8:LUL

    Easy drive by 8 easy steps LUL ??????

  13. Step 1: HACK, hack the game.

  14. master assasinoo

    8 Easy Steps to Win! – Easy 8

  15. 3/5/7 is fair and balanced

  16. Click bait!

  17. Jesus all the essays people type in twitch chat is annoying

  18. Aleksandar Lomas

    Koji si ti meni car!

  19. Sadistic Hamster

    They should rather use people like Wittmann, Patton, Guderian , Rommel as special commanders

  20. The Alternative Hypothesis

    Wow you must really like this game given how much you play it.

    • What the heck are you doing here

    • well, he earns money with it…

    • You gave up playing right? Must admit I play it less now

    • electric messiah

      +alt hyp: Yeah, I wonder about, especially Sir Foch — smart guy. Is he going to be playing it still, at 50? Seems short-sighted of these pro players, not to be acquiring: skills / education / work experience. QB has a PhD and thinks that when he’s done with WoT he’ll just go and get a PhD job. Very unlikely.

    • The Alternative Hypothesis

      I play from time to time, but I can only play lights now. I can’t stand having my games decided by whether or not the other guy just presses 2 or what my matchmaker lottery result is. In fact, my play has really narrowed to the T71, RU 251, T-100, T37, Chaffee and Luchs. Sometimes I’ll play the T-54. I don’t really touch heavy tanks or TDs anymore.

      Playing with randos in pubs gets frustrating, but competitive play takes time I don’t have.

  21. Circon, you should really take a brake or something like that. you look tired AF, i.e. exhausted.
    maybe chop some wood :^)

  22. Yer But #Circonflexes look @ those 2 scrub donkey P26/40’s from go to woe ! They sat @ the back and waited till others cleared the way then when it was clear, straight to cap !

  23. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    Funny irony in the very start. “Sorry if that’s harsh” as the poor Stuart gets wrecked. Bet he loved the MM system.

  24. At the begging of the game when he was like “should I go mid??” And I was like *YES RUSH B CYKA*

  25. Step 1: Press W.
    Step 2: Press 2.

  26. I am tempted to dislike… I am really not impressed when title says something which isnt talked or explained on in the vid

    • the title is a reference to the end where he lists all of the medals he gets and then says ‘and then you can win at tier 6’. it’s quite a blatant reference if you actually watch the video…

  27. That stupid team did not deserve that you win this game for them.

  28. Loved your 8 steps

  29. Actually Circon, you listed 9 steps to win in the video.

  30. which idiot plays an ELC AMX with the small gun?

  31. He looks so tired

  32. Vlad_MinecraftPlays

    One easy step to get rid of your computer:
    Step 1: Fight against a Japanese heavy with a tank two tiers lower and no gold rounds.

  33. Circon you are so underrated. In my opinion you are better at playing wot than any of those big youtubers like qb

  34. Uniscum hate him!
    Learn 8 easy steps for winning!

  35. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Russian bias. Ridiculous this tank do not need any wait for the aimcircle to shrink…
    I imagine play that with my VK 30.01 (p) The shots goes to the moon.

  36. That was EASY……..

  37. tWo HuNdReD aNd OnE?!

  38. rudy Rudy RUdy RUDy RUDY

  39. electric messiah

    Playing against tier 4s — I don’t know …

  40. Load the Skill rounds

    Fk I’ve been doing it all wrong!

  41. 201??? REALLY??

  42. Killed 8 tonight. Ran out of ammo. Draw.

  43. Felace Gianpiero

    You should’ve used this title on a Easy8 game. Such wasted opportunity.

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