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A True Nazi Wonder Weapon | CANCER-BLITZ Anti-Air (War Thunder)


  1. Im a sheep where did it go?

  2. 8:10 iiiiiiiiiiiS BORIS!

  3. 3:30 me 5 years ago

  4. With this thing, you gotta time your brakes.
    Charge forward, brake as hard as you can, and time yourself so you DO hit your shot when the cannon goes down.
    Boom, easy extra depression.

  5. Best intro yet


  7. Yes, yes, yes, *yes*

  8. Now THATS a Spicy MEAT-A-BALL!

  9. Hmmm, yyeess. <3 Squire

  10. looks like an Italian grille 15

  11. definitely not a robot

    This thing was quite succesful for an italian vehicle, though it was mostly used as an artillery/long range support paired with a supply truck for ammo reasons. It also had HEAT, which was said to be able to penetrate 200mm at 2200 meters.

  12. After searching exhaustively, I have found there are no 1/35 scale model kits of this tank destroyer currently being made. I has a sad. =(

  13. Anyone catch the Squire voice clips in the beginning? ???

    I loved that part.

  15. だぁーあきらっち

    I always use this when i wanna play Italy.This is so powerful?

  16. Phly, this is what we shud call the italian lunch boxes and meatball launchers from now on.
    the lunch box, is still a lunch box. the lunch box but with missle/the double cannon thing is a rich fucks lunch box.
    the meatball launcher shud be called a italian juice box with eight pulp pieces that ereeily resemble meatballs(it’s actually a meatball soup can you accidentally packed instead of juice)

  17. ir you press (not hold) J it will say the name of the person that shot you

  18. When T-80U?

  19. Try playing the K.V 5

  20. Know what else is ag 3.7 ?

    The 8.8 flakus

  21. SU 5-2 I think its called has 6 rounds

  22. A long overdue addition to any game.

  23. 3:40 OMFG, I thought it was me that you killed!
    Had the exact thing happen to me a day or two ago.
    I am level 9 so yeah, I really just started. xD

  24. hey phly, why don’t you play out this 8 shot boi and get 9 kills?
    i’d like to see if it’s possible. attempt #1

  25. Don’t feel bad for him, just a WoT player thinking he could climb mountains and shit lol

  26. 13:10 Typical italian

  27. 3 people…2^3 = 8…Whoooooooaaaaaaa!

  28. Hey Phly; going back to your video about Air RB being a boring pain, I have a good time with the premium Do 335 B-2. I load out with AP and go after ground targets and I usually end up in first place with over 5k points and also the match will end as a result of the tickets. This seems fine on my end, but I have a feeling other people in the match don’t think so. What maps this usually happens on are Normandy, Spain, Ruhr and Sicily. Good videos btw!

  29. Attempt #1 Give the long range beast that is the Nasehorn another try.

  30. Lawdy, she bounces rounds as if it was a Dicker Max

  31. 8:01 “drugs not a kvass, am going on hardbass”

  32. MuskyTheDivot The First

    Hmm this game is great my only problem is that im always getting above 700 ping and the game is almost unplayable but i can still play… any suggestions?

  33. *Who in their right mind thinks a tank can go up this hill?!*
    Probably a wot player.

  34. Ah i love the 90/53, most fun i’ve had playing a tank in ages.

  35. Italian Wafflepanzer IV that shoots meatball projectiles

  36. 9:04 when squire doesn’t release videos fast enough so you put him in other people’s video

  37. I about pissed myself with the Squire Yes-fest.

  38. Isn’t something like this Tier X in WOT…

  39. 0:44 – 0:51 dafuq did i just watch

  40. Sturmpanzer II: fires HE
    90/33: survives
    Sturmpanzer II: *WHAT*

  41. Italo Disco > Hard Bass



  43. And here I thought I was the only person who thought Tim and Eric were hilarious

  44. Attempt #1 take out the La-11

  45. Still hoping for StuGs gameplays or Semovete (The one with Marder III H gun) gameplays

  46. squire is my dad

  47. Armor Penetrating Ballistic Capped Spaghet

  48. Ah yes… the Italian baby brother to the Grille 15 (in looks anyway)

  49. 3:38 if you wait a little longer you will see the hand of Stalin pushing the tank uphill

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