8 People Did 0 Damage & We Still Won xD

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  1. 1sttttttttttttt

  2. MemingRush

  3. I saw this in the livrstream

  4. Lemming do a vid in tank with shit pen and no prem rounds lol

  5. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    That’s wild, what are the chances of having 3 other players who knew what to do while the rest were worse than bots

  6. Also good example of me not doing the right then by after the first light noticing that nothing got shot at much. Ah well it happens. Still though 8 guys no damage still wrapping my head around that one.

  7. what do you use to record videos?

  8. Just curious. My friend says you would’ve went through the back of the tank if you shot it, in that situation what was the thought process? Did you expect it to play out a bit differently? I personally don’t think it would’ve went through the back but I would love a reply to end this debate between me and my friend.

  9. yes always get arty in that situation where you are down and its getting time to run for your life in a light especially.

  10. (Read title*) “Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaat”

  11. You did not just put a fucking “xD” in the title of the video…

  12. Arvin Dave Velasco

    Watch this game live last night. Great game. Nice carry LR and great game to stb1 and jagdtiger. 🙂

  13. Awesome game dude. Even for you ?

  14. Winning a game where eight guys did zero damage — wow!

  15. That was just a great game. There is so much to that one it may be one of the best vids you’ve had, and you’ve had lots of good ones. But what I really want to know is when are you going to post more music?

  16. OMFG how havent watched yet but that title man i had 8 zero damages in 2 mins complete wipe out 15/1 4 mins into game. also i was completely surrounded by the enemy in an open field (swede TD) enemy literally drove past me im sure i wouold have been proxy spotted but no atleast 8 enemies passed close me no prob.

  17. Dude, you managed to pull off a win, and your, like, 15-20 shots had such shitty RNG. That was a great game, man.

  18. Where can I find teammates like those?

  19. Wow the jagd turns out to be a really good player

  20. Watching this live was pretty fun, those 8 players still did better than me on a good day lol

  21. You don’t think scouting is useful?

    I learned a lot from your videos, but I”ve also learned a lot from Dauntlesses videos.

  22. Yeah, Lemming you’re just not good with scouting business (I mean, a tank peeking up on that middle line to counter spot is very common), but as a pseudo medium that was a perfect game. It’s really great to see that your effort in protecting the flank of your teammates really paid off. JT totally wrecks everything if he could get into a defensive hulldown spot with protected flank + dead arty.

  23. Roses are red
    Summer is gone
    8 people did 0 damage and we still won

  24. These are the best games of WoT where you’re left in something like a 3 v 8 but you have good teammates that know what they are doing so you still win.

  25. actually what enemy BC did at the beginning is considered standard counter scout move on this map.
    (not yoloing your friend, the part before that)

  26. What a battle. Also I dont think Ive ever seen 8 people doing zero dmg.

  27. Mikkel Rostok 7A Frisholm Skole

    I subbed the First of october 2015 my win rate was at 46% and now 2 years later Its 52% Thanks lemming you are my favorit youtuber!!

  28. Light tank scouting is one of the single most important aspect to wining any match of WOTs along with teammates with an IQ of over a wet noodle. You can react and plan accordingly to enemies you see on the map. Your friend died because he was overly aggressive and everything that happen to him and you was predictable. No offence.

  29. Well, you were in OP russian tenk.

  30. Saw the live stream – that was bloody awesome game play

  31. i gotta admit this is is really pro

  32. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    I managed to do LT-14 for the T-55A yesterday 🙂 But now im stuck at the LT-15 with 7k Combined.. gotta get the T10 WZ first i guess^^

  33. Yesterday i did the lt 15 mission from 55a with my lwt.. It was a game close to yours… 4.5k dmg 5.4 assist on highway

  34. Subtle title

  35. thank you batchat that you killed my friend

  36. Why don’t you think scouting is useful LemmingRush?

  37. Send this to Jingles, he loves to comment on this kind of matches and laugh his socks off.

  38. Tharaka Wijerathne


  39. 100% played on the weekend…

  40. That’s one ?ullshit team DEADASS ???

  41. Great effort, and well done the Jag too.

  42. How many of you guys were trying to see if you were on his team that did 0 damage? I know i was.

  43. Lemming you need to put another parenthesis infront of the and in the last sentence of the description

  44. lol cin gotta love those shitters

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