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  1. Day +3 still no baby.

  2. No way, you can always help, when my wife was delivering are son almost 18 months ago, I was right beside her helping her count breaths and just be there, I will admit I forgot a couple of numbers excited more than a few times.

  3. This is AA and Arty, more then anything.
    But also it should spin around abit faster. Love the reload.

  4. He would have had the same b-day as me lol

  5. Anarchy And Empires

    Extremely serious commentary about his wife being induced into birth
    “……..why can’t we just lay eggs like chickens?”

  6. no just no

  7. Good luck and best wishes with the baby mate, love from the UK

  8. Tell the baby he has 1.12 million people supporting it

  9. Phly, no worries. Youre helping Laura by being there if she needs you; being there for her and the baby. Yes, it’ll be something new and yes, it might be a challenge and it will be stressing but i think you’ll do pretty fine. And Laura isn’t doing this alone since youre on her side. Best of wishes, thank you for the years of content!

  10. I think you are going to be great parents, best of luck to you. Keep us posted Phly!

    Best wishes from The Netherlands!

  11. lay eggs like radioactive yak-9s*

  12. *DAD countdown:*

  13. Overpressure loves the flak bus and I love to send it their way.

  14. im a July baby too Phly!!

  15. NoNquality Keckop

    There should be event in war thunder for dadaily

  16. Yooo the 11th is my birthday too!!!

  17. Hope you an ur lil one do well! Wish u the best ! :3

  18. Do a collaboration with bo time gaming

  19. The Infamous 88 that can literally 1shot everything

  20. Phly, if your child would be born on the 11th, it would be a honer to have the same birthday haha

    Hang in there!!!!

  21. Nabuchodonozor II

    Wow, if i were a woman i would want a man like you XD

  22. try the 90/53 M41M at BR 3.7 of the Italian teak tree it is so powerful that I use it at BR 6.3

  23. I was screaming the whole time that he was ignoring the B cap, with a T34 right in his sight, while he was shooting at planes……………………….Phly man……………..

  24. He’s going to be one of the cancerians then ?

  25. 10:08 Well this skin is like cheating , he looks dead already

  26. Back when I used to play WT, the Flak Bus was ALL I played as…. it’s by far the best fun to be had on there.

  27. well my wifes birthday is on sunday the 11th july

  28. Don’t worry, Phlybaby’s just taking his time grinding his stats in the tutorial area. He’s gonna come out a complete chad like his dad 😉

    (Good luck tho!)

  29. Been watching ur great vids for 2 years, you made me a war thunder addict, thanks man. I wish the best for your Son. Laura and you. 🙂

  30. I know it’s a dumb thought but, could they animate the homies operating the 88?

  31. What if babyPhly was born on the 14th?
    F14 confirmed

  32. You are so cool bro, if I want to have fun, I watch your videos While playin

  33. Best of luck with Wifey and sonny boi

  34. 1 million PhlyBois waiting with bated breath for the next video

  35. I remember when Phly with this same vehicle killed 13 enemy tanks/vehicles in a game while drinking alcohol (Schnapps)

  36. Phlybaby skipped 1.0 and is baby rating 1.3

  37. Childbirth is disgusting, fck let the come out of eggs

  38. for the zeroing I’m pretty sure you need your crosshair on target at the start of the zero once and then you can stop tracking it once it’s measuring. For me that works anyway. the only problem with the shrapnel shell zero is we still can’t account for moving closer / away. Only slightly useful for that pe-8 that doesn’t move at all.

  39. @phlydaily protip, while the woman is having contractions and is an immense amount of pain do not ask “are you ok”. You will get yelled at, ask me how I know.

  40. The puma, the tiger h1, and the flak are my favorite tanks.

  41. Love the 88 but man I get revenge bombed every…..single……TIME!!!!

  42. I bet Phly can’t wait until his kid’s school has career day and he’s wedged between a firefighter and a policeman.

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