88MM TO THE FACE – TIGER 2 GAMEPLAY ( War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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88MM TO THE FACE – 2 GAMEPLAY ( War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

Tiger 2 P Skin – http://live.warthunder.com/post/208963/ru/

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Intro Music –
Goofy – http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1300019



  2. And second comment ?

  3. randomstickguy67

    phly please reply I love ur vids

  4. Mirza Şahinkaya


  5. 39th !

  6. Max Stoop (maxthewarrior)

    Okay that shot was sick…

  7. Fly the folgore and get an ace match, or else eat 5kg of spaghetti.

  8. dimitri gourgouris

    Your videos are better than dank memes #alreadyaddicted

  9. What did that said the German voice?

  10. I almost got this tank so this vid will help me, I hope

  11. Drive out the Jagdtiger with the Mig 15 Bis (War Winner Combo Pt 2)

  12. Sebastian Lithander

    Please take the vampire for a spin

  13. M2a2 b29 combo, kill all of thE headlights

  14. no intro Song D:

  15. You are just amazingly fabulous! 😀 GJ and keep up the good work!

  16. Panzerführer Chavez

    PhlySexy please play the Meteor F Mk. 3

  17. Okay since i don’t play war thunder im going to try.

    Tempest With Rockets and Sherman Firelfy or Black Prince

  18. Fw 190 A5-U2. Love this thing. Really good snapshot capability with 6

  19. When will they release 1.59?

  20. that intro tho ! epic.

  21. wow. in the intro he’s like HOLY SHIT THERES SOMEONE THERE!
    (any AVGN fans will know what that means lol)

  22. please don’t respond i love your vids

  23. play the e-100 and try to kill a maus

  24. PublicTransportationBelgium

    A13 with the Swordfish.


  25. Bt-5 and Mig 17 xD

  26. do a challege when you use only explosive ammo wih kv 2

  27. Please take out the ASU-57 for trolling, i haven’t seen anyone played this
    tank yet.

  28. combo m4 sherman and p-51 mustang

  29. DAAAA STALIN wants you to fly out the I-153p OP 20mm cannon bi-plane!!!!

  30. Russian heavy forces combo: Take out the Po-2 and the ZiS-30 FOR STALIN

  31. Hans is best loader in da 3rd reich

  32. Phly what control do you use for the plane or the set up

  33. T92 alien tank and ad 2 skyraider

  34. xXFreeride DavidXx

    *Vote for the best of Phly’s Intros so far!*

  35. “When there’s a bearcat on your six..” You’re dead lol

  36. I never saw you play any of the Fw190 D so Fw190 D9 or Fw190 D13

  37. Ich liebe deine Videos

  38. das intro is wunderbaaar, i do not know wtf you guys are saying :p

  39. M48 Patton and AD-2 Skyraider

  40. Do the RBT-5 with some tank like the IS-3 or the IS-2 Mod. 1944 to get
    uptiered and destroy facist/imperialist/capitalist enemies for the
    Motherland! Use the Sekrit Dokumint rockets to send them to gulag for uncle
    Stalin xaxaxaxaxa

  41. I prefer the old music to the new music

  42. IAm VeryConfused

    Stock Tiger?

  43. Fly a TU-4 and act like puff the magic dragon by only using the turrets to
    attack ground targets!

  44. Emilio Acuna Reyes

    Use the T54

  45. MultiverseGaming

    MATT DAMON LOADOUT! Take out the stug III F model with the Romanian Duck 37
    mil, ammo rack these Americanos! And play the matt damon dubstep by

  46. there’s been very little japanese footage on this channel I’ve noticed, to
    make it interesting, try repeating pearl harbor, a6m2 reisen

  47. “Wir haben Feuer? ” Sounds like Google translator

  48. Drive the mighty Box tank (SU-100Y) with it’s mighty 130mm gun. Plane ?
    uuuuhhh u pick 1 ? ^^’

  49. MultiverseGaming

    Oh yeah Phly btw, when you were doing the 300k stream, I was the bt5 that
    bounced your maus shot! 😛 I looked at the angle you fired at and it was
    180 effective amour, russian bias?

  50. hey phly do the f80 underpowered power

  51. Schylerchase Gaming

    Love the intro music dude!

  52. pls dont tell me that song is gonna be the intro song now…….

  53. Kpfpz. Churchill and Wellington Mk Ic. Let’s have some tea

  54. Play the T-92 and the AD-2. Show us how the light tanks play against the
    mediums and heavies.

  55. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    Hans mlg

  56. Yo Phly try taking out the Spitfire F Mk.22

  57. Leopard 1 and arado 234 c

  58. Hey phly tier 1 bomber

  59. Flaming Bombs123

    You should play with the Focke-Wulf Ta 152

  60. Swedish Armed Forces:

    Centurion Mk 10 (Stridsvagn 102/104)
    The de Havilland DH 100 Vampire.

    Both of these vehicles were introduced to the Swedish Army in the
    Make sure to use that 105mm to full affect against the Communist Soviet
    Union’s tanks! And those x4 20mm Hispano-Suiza cannons to eliminate the
    Soviet jet aircraft!
    Please use the Swedish Air Force Roundel on both the Centurion (European
    camo and roundel on the Centurion) and the Vampire! hope you enjoy this
    combo!! love from Sweden! ;)


  62. Phly I would recommend flying the Russian Fw190 D-9 in SIM mode with the
    htc vive!

  63. Sietse Van Overstraeten

    Can you show us more British planes like the Hunter or something else?

  64. Fly out the BF-109 f-4. MID TIER HYPEEEEE

  65. Phly whats your pc setup?Pls reply mate

  66. wesland wyvern and comet

  67. +PhlyDaily take out the Hetzer with the German il-2 !!!

  68. Daniel_ Carabott

    I know 4 :PPP

  69. I was anticipating the intro with the good trumpet music ?

  70. Saffle_Fox || Gaming, Tutorials & more

    I keep seeing MooseTheSyrupMan on YouTube, lol

  71. I like your German grammar

  72. Plane request: ki-43 III op, show the Murica how to turnfight

  73. Vessel Grenlund

    M22 Locust to quickly kick enemy’s ass with the 37mm and combine it with
    F6F-3 air strike with 2x 1000lb and 6x rockets.
    I call it; Faster than Freedom.

  74. the new halifak and rocketcrowell rain terror on them

  75. That intro :D

  76. bière petzouille

    really good and interesting video

  77. Helldiver plz……I’ve begged forever…

  78. Restart the plane request series with something laid back and fun: any tier
    1 plane (A5M4 would be cool)

  79. Idea for planes series:

    You start with a 1.0 reserve aircraft. Everytime you get shot down you fly
    out the plane that shot you down. Wonder how fast you get to tier V. Once
    you reached tier V you can stop the series or you do it reversed: everytime
    you kill someone you will fly that plane(first kill in the game).

  80. Ducsai Barnabás

    For more *FUNNY* editing: we need you to take out the *T-92* for some
    *SNEAK* action with the *AD-2* to clean up the mess you’ve left behind on
    the ground.

  81. How many languages you can have in school ? Because here in Poland we have
    to learn at least three … Polish, English, German or French

  82. Justin Solorzano

    You should do a challenge were you take any tank of your choice with only 6
    shells and you can’t restock the ammo at a cap

  83. Jahsan Miller-Liggon

    Fly the me 410a-1/u2 next!!!!!

  84. T-54’s against Tigers,Everything is A-Ok in War Thunder today.

  85. Everybody ?

  86. hey phly your so cool

  87. “no es bueno*” phly :d

  88. PLANE REQUEST – Hurricane Mk 2 for the King

  89. Jack Haldopoulos

    Hey phly protect Ze Fatherland, in the Fw190 D9

  90. Phly!!! Please fly out the XP-55 Ascender! I want to see if it’s still
    super OP and I just like the plane itself. Pls upvote guys!

  91. thnaks for the tips bro. keep them going

  92. Thinking of M4A3E8 (76) HVSS and P-47M-RE or P-51D if you don’t have the
    P-47.Show the Jerrys some freedoms.

  93. Please dogfight with a b25

  94. The noob is here

    Holy fuck that intro music blew my ears!

  95. No good intro music

  96. Nice vid phly BTW just wanna ask if there’s a fix to the zigzag shadow when
    playing Groundforce?

  97. LeaderofChickens

    f6f and any high tier Sherman of your choice!

  98. B17 plz

  99. i didnt even know that this tank exicist in the game :D

  100. f84 plane request that is a beast if t fly rigth shout out form dutchh!!

  101. M41a1 and plane if your choice

  102. Play the F3F-2 plane request

  103. Hey Phly, please take out Ho 229 for your next plane video. Thanks for the
    awesome videos Phly!

  104. pls any me262

  105. Can you do a n00b level tank, us low lvl needs guidance

  106. give t-34-54 and I-153P chaika

  107. Franky Fjmsrotondi@att.net

    Shooting star

  108. Midget mad man O1


  109. Phly where the Hell is WoWs?

  110. You’re such a good player!

  111. T. Maximilian Waechter

    That is a surprisingly well pronounced “Bundeswehr” from you Phly.

  112. fly the Bf-109 E-3 and be the ultimate Croatian Ace

  113. Beautiful tiger 2 skin.

  114. gasdorfic muncher

    drive the tiger H and fight is3 and t10, is4 dont puss out philly

  115. Mig -9 in sim. mod !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. m551 sheridan

  117. Black Widow and M103

  118. for the planes the me 262

  119. PanzerKampfwagen 3 Ausführung m with the Junker 87 g-2

  120. Play T32 and F8F 1B i like this combo

  121. maus and mig 17!!!

  122. Joel Cerednicenco

    Next do the Wyvern S. 4 and the Conqueror

  123. Lucas Shimomura

    T-10M or the IS-4 and the IL-28


    Nah just kidding that sounds nice

  125. Lol anyone else here who knows 3 laguages? :D

  126. WW2 1946 COMBO!!It is 1946, and you must continue the push into Berlin. You
    are equipped with the T25 and the F7F Tigercat. Good Luck soldier!!!!!!

  127. Geometry Dash Electroman


  128. Phly, how about the Ferdinand and the Me 262 A-1/U4 (Same br)

  129. Why its say outdated the skin?

  130. It’s super ez to win when ur playing german tanks in US server. just like
    playing russian tanks in russian server. Only in RB.

  131. Kire Ristomanov

    Play the the T-34-100 with the YAK-3p the Russian Pew pew pew. (if it
    doesn´t work with the BR then make it a Plane request and play the Yak-3p.

  132. the snooping man

    kanonenjagdpanzer and ARADO!!!!

  133. Christian Rümker

    Phly you pronounced Bundeswehr correct. Hello from Germany.

  134. t95 plus saber with bombs hahahahah like

  135. i think the tiger 2 is one of the most reliable tanks in this game with the

  136. Pls play the f-80

  137. cl-14 with golden Hawks skin

  138. Phly the 2nd tip you told us does it work on ps4??

  139. For plane request please take out the focke wolfe A4

  140. Phly, try to fly the p400 in rb, the plane I enjoy the most.

  141. dat intro tho

  142. Take out the fw 190 a5/u2 with the additional 4 20 mm gun pods (6 20 mm in
    total) and show ivan some real firepower.

  143. Phly, you still haven’t taken out the SB2C-1 Avenger, and Japan is taking
    the Pacific back! You need to strap on that oversized torpedo and show
    those cruisers some explosive American fury

  144. it looks a-mei-zing

  145. the chaika and the t 26 i think it will be fun


    Best Skin ?

  147. please show us your graphics settings for war thunder!! btw keep up the
    great vids !!! :–)

  148. Panzer Optional

    Mein Kommandant Phly, Ze Reich ist in a very bad situation. Ze yanks und ze
    Brits are closing from ze West, und ze Russisches are closing on ze East.
    Take ze Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a Schwalbe und ze Panzerkampfwagen VIII
    Maus. Gut luck!

  149. Someone You dont know

    You reached 300,000 subs. Congrats man!

  150. Phly the mig30

  151. Versuchskonstruktion 45 01 P

    Bfw Tiger P and Fw 190 F-8 the mighty reverse and the mk 103 carrier 190

  152. the mighty pickle

    please take out yak-30 on dev sever for plane request.

  153. P63C-5! The unloved wonder. Ive been trying forever and just when i get
    close the plane request series ends.

  154. #GermanBiasIsReal

  155. Hans just doesn’t get it, does he?
    Shoot first, extinguish feur later.

  156. take out the T25

  157. Phly fly out the mig17 or the mig15bis

  158. bring back the f2HIV. Infect the community with the memes

  159. Christiaan Kleijhorst

    Take out the talented kids that are least used, the Wirraway and the M3A1.
    Plz give me a thumb up to support if you want to see Phly take out these
    uncommon machines.

  160. Like to see ya fly under the railroad bridge!

  161. LennieThePolarBear

    One small thing- “feuer” generally means “shoot.” Instead of “wir haben
    feuer,” “wir flammen” worms better

  162. Fly out the Ki-44-II otsu with the 40mm potato cannons. Slowest velocity
    guns in game.

  163. The Almighty Tiddles

    That hard-bass scared the shite out of me

  164. what a pun “come on tiger”

  165. plz the german F2 with the bf 109 f1

  166. PBJ- 75mm auto cannon!!

  167. fly the a6m2 mod 11. For the Emperor!

  168. Brother Ptolemaios

    F3F American bi-plane for the Plane Request series.

  169. Guillermo piñero

    Charioteer and mosquito with 57mm

  170. and how do you get it to show all the information for your plane in the top
    left. mine never shows that much

  171. #kittypower

  172. What computer do you use phly

  173. Evelyn Villahermosa

    tiger h1 and Hinkle h 6 show the Russian who is the boss

  174. Time for the .50 cal spam, no not the double Mustang, the B-25j with 3
    1000lbs! Arguably one of the most versatile low-teir planes there is!

  175. Tak the british challenger & Tempest V

  176. the airbornepotato

    I love the Tiger II P’s turret… very sleek…

  177. Jagdtiger and Me 410 A WUNDERBARRR COMBO!!!

  178. What’s up with the bad quality?(not talking about 360p i’m on 1080p and it
    looks kind of bad)

  179. Phly
    take out the F4F-4 and the M10 Gmc a blast in the past!!!

  180. the maus and the ho 229

  181. bomb nerf? when did gaijin nerf bombs

  182. Fly a p 51

  183. Cheftain Mk2 & hunter!for the royal!

  184. Next Challenge! Take the M46 Patton but use a M22 locust, it can kill a
    tigerII! May speedy Gonzales be with you

  185. schwerer saurus

    Play the mini marder with the 47 mm and the mini duck, the ju 87 r-2 with
    1000 lbs bomb, also bring g-50 frecca for air support with air target ammo,
    it’s op as fuck.

  186. Take out the Sea Venom or the Venom with the Centurion or the Charioteer
    hueheu for the Queen!


  188. Phly, take out the mc202 for italia

  189. The Americans created an experimental beast only known as…… the XP-50

  190. Jagdtiger & 262 Narwhal

  191. Use the MAUS and the He 51 with the 10kg bombs!! Time to prove your bomber

  192. Maus and Me-262s

  193. Daddys little girl


  194. what are the country insignias under that Tigers name mean?

  195. Brendan Fatheree

    M4A3E2 and P-51D-30

  196. Brendan Fatheree


  197. Brendan Fatheree

    Wait wait wait. The two combo! The KV-2 and the IL2!

  198. How about a Fw-190 A1 (or any ‘A’ series of the Focke Wulf). Das Vaterland
    wird gedeihen !

  199. best part, “SHUT THE FUCK HANS!”

  200. вот чел нормальные видео делает .нащи обзорщики зажрались уже.одному пиццу
    – другому на кипр .охерели.флай тащи

  201. I-16 m-28 and t-34 100 2 VERY DERPY VEHICLES FOR THE

  202. Hey Phly, nice choice for intro.
    Can you play one of the Yak-9s? There are just too much of them with 45mms,
    37mms and 20mms. Chose whatever you want and can you make more like a, uh,
    “Yak 101”?
    That’s all, peace bro!

  203. Mitchell Jenkins

    Hey Phly daily congrats on 300,000 subs can you do this American op combo
    the doom turtle and the Death Star b-29 bomber thanks and congrats again
    bro see you at 500,000 and then 1 million

  204. F8f Bearcat and Super hellcat

  205. Εμμανουήλ Καραμπουρνιώτης

    Play the AD-2 and the Super Persing

  206. Plz do the German p47

  207. The paper army, Maus or E100 and the HO 229. The super weapons that never

  208. Hey phly, you should fly out the F4U 1C

  209. Typhoon with cannons

  210. ToastedPancakes

    T-54 and B-17

  211. Brandon Stinson

    The Mosquito with the 57mm and the br equivalent UK tank.

  212. King tiger will always be the best 6.7 tank no matter what gaijin adding
    more tanks to the Russians t44 100 t44 122 t34 100. This thing is a beast!!

  213. Das war nice gemacht

  214. u and baron should make a channel for the two of you, i would sub even if
    it was one vid every 2 weeks

  215. Nikos Zaharioudakis

    the freedom on speed lodout
    give the european dictators something to cry about

  216. Paule von Fieper

    Haha i understand everything (im German)

  217. everyone complaining about russian bias, when in truth a properly-used
    german is almost unstoppale… Only nation that i find underpowered is US,
    due to the really low pen of their guns and the permanent over-tiering that
    this game features…

  218. wow congrats 300.000 subs awsome. by the way can you do IL2

  219. Phly take out the – Maus and A Arado ! Op combo !

  220. trainfreak14 143

    pls. play ze Jagdpanzer 1 and the HS123. That will be interesting!

  221. Elias Gouatarbès

    +PhlyDaily Take out the mig 17

  222. Fly The russian premium p47-d27, there is barely any vids on YouTube of it

  223. il-1 all the way

  224. Wessel Verstelle

    how do you switch to bino`s in sniper mode?

  225. Faris Filipović

    play the freedom plane itself the p-51 d-5

  226. The intro music made me want to do a skid up a mountain.

  227. Vanquisher109 The Commie

    Comrade phly, use the T-10m and IL-28. Rain Stalinium on those Americans.

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